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The Midnight Killer – 07.

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This is part 7 to The Midnight Killer. This is kind of a filler chapter but there's a very important moment in this chapter so please read it!

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 ❛ I wanna ruin our friendship,
   - Jenny by Studio Killers
   We should be lovers instead

DAYS PASSED AND YET there was no physical contact shared between Sadie and Payton. However Anna, Aurora, and Cerlia were talking with Sadie again. “Can we talk about Payton, if that’s okay Sadie?” Anna asks her. “Uh, I guess.” Sadie shrugs. “Do you like him?” Anna asks her, getting straight to the point. “I got asked this question yesterday.” Sadie chuckles. “I don’t know.” She answers. “Are you sure? Because friends don’t look at friends that way.” Aurora asks her. “I don’t know if I like him. I mean, I don’t even know if he likes me.” Sadie replies, gesturing towards herself. The three other girls glance at each other, asking each other the same question with their facial expressions. Should we tell her?

“Um, sorry Sadie, excuse us for a bit.” Cerlia kindly smiles at her before walking away with Anna and Aurora. “Well okay then.” Sadie says to herself once they were out of earshot, quite confuzzled. “Should we tell her, about, y’know, Payton?” They all ask each other at the same time. They laugh before getting back to the point. “I wouldn’t want to do that to Payton but then again, maybe us confirming he likes her could make her figure out if she likes him.” Aurora says. “If I were Payton, I wouldn’t want my friends telling the person I like that I like them.” Cerlia says, Anna and Aurora nod. 


As the girls went over to a corner to discuss something, I started picking the grass, having nothing else better to do. It was starting to get quite windy and I started getting goosebumps. “Here.” I hear a familiar voice says from behind me. The next thing I know I’m wearing somebody's hoodie. I turn around to make eye contact with none other than Payton. “Thanks.” I mutter quietly. I wanted to get thrown off a cliff at this exact moment. My gosh was it awkward. 

“No problem uh, look, I’m sorry for what I said. I really didn’t mean it. I was being a stupid idiot and if anything, you aren’t a jealous loner. You’re an amazing, kind, loving, fun, funny, adorable, and beautiful person. What I said was dumb and I hope you can forgive me.” Payton suddenly blurts, his wavy hair slightly moving with the wind. Not gonna lie, that made my stomach do summersaults. “I forgive you. What I said wasn’t very nice either and I’m sorry. You guys are free to be able to sit, talk, and hang out with whoever you want to hang out with. It was wrong of me to feel jealous because I don’t own you guys.” I respond, smiling. “That’s okay. I’m glad we could forgive each other.” He smiles softly, taking a seat next to me against the massive willow tree which leaves were almost blocking us from the world.


At this moment, the two made eye contact. They slowly but surely leaned in and just before their lips met, Aurora, Cerlia, and Anna made their way underneath the willow tree’s shade. “HOLY GUACAMOLE, WERE YOU GUYS ABOUT TO KISS?!” Aurora exclaims, her eyes wide. “BRUH, THEY COULD’VE GOTTEN THEIR MOMENT BUT NO, YOU DECIDED TO STORM IN HERE.” Anna exclaims, pointing at Aurora. “Shut up you two.” Cerlia exclaims before turning her head towards Payton and Sadie who were now both awkwardly staring at the girls and each other. “Okay, you guys may continue now.” Anna grins, staring straight into their souls. Aurora began doing the same. “Oh for fricks sake, they’re not gonna kiss if you guys are acting as if your their sleep paralysis demon watching them sleep.” Cerlia sighs, rolling her eyes.

aye speaks!
the way i'm suffering thru major writers block :')
sadie's mind during the almost kiss bit: ARE WE ABOUT TO KISS RN?
it's a meme lol
anyway, i hope u have enjoyed this quite short chapter.
i wanna make a prom chapter but i don't think universities have proms but eh oh well
this is a fictional world anyway so there's no harm in that, hehe.
okay, i'll see u in the next chapter!! (if i'm not still going thru writers block then)
bye <3 

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