Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Aye myat matariki

In a valley that was healthy and strong with gorgeous plants and trees, there lived seven sisters. Every year at harvest time, the seven sisters made spectacular kites and flew them.

 Once the next harvest came around the seven sisters made their kites.

 The eldest sister made a grassy green kite out of the harakeke bush.

 Then the second sister made a shimmery orange kite out of the raupo bush.

 third sister made a luscious pink kite from the manuka tree.

 The fourth sister made a red kite from the puriri tree, Fifth sister made a blue kite that was the colour of the beautiful rivers.

The sixth sister made an white kite from the toetoe bush.

 the seventh cleverest smartest and most gorgeous out of all the sisters her name was Matariki, she made a rainbow coloured kite.

 The seven sisters took their kites onto the top of a beautiful hill at the top of the valley to fly them But sadly for the sisters there was no breezy wind blowing so the sisters tied their kites onto a tall tree and fell asleep under the tree.

 During the night the wind was blowing so hard that the sisters’ kites flew away.

Matariki the youngest sister awoke and saw that the kites were gone.

 She cried and cried, until her sisters woke up from the sound of her crying. They also saw that their kites were gone.

But Matariki, the smartest sister, looked up in the sky and saw the kites.

 The kites danced among the stars.

 The sisters were so pleased that the kites were shining brighter thAn the stars.

 Each morning Matariki rose up in the morning sky signalling the start of new year.

Friday, 1 June 2018

the zoo trip

As soon as my class arrived at the zoo I heard squeaking squealing and screaming in soft little voices i could tell everyone was excited.

 When my class and i entered the zoo we made two lines with Kirsty that was one of the zookeepers and Kirsty led us to the center of the zoo (morning tea and lunchtime place) and taught us a bit about what to do at the animals to keep safe from the animals and what not to do to the animals to keep us away from danger.

 As soon as we finished discussing about animals my class and i got into our groups and explored the zoo. The first thing my group and i explored were some cheetahs and one cheetah tried to bite my group or tried to scratch us because i saw a scratch in the inside of the glass.

 Anyways after the cheetah my group went to go explore the Te Wao Nui (New Zealand) area and saw a few New Zealand animals including the kiwis yes actual kiwis.

my class then had morning tea, After morning tea my class and my group went to Bug Lab.

 Once we entered bug lab everyone in my class and my group that had an backpack had to put it down at the entrance to Bug Lab and the inside of the Bug Lab was brilliant there was an bee rub game and my friend finau was crying because she was scared of the game anyways there was an fake telephone that lets you ask questions about bugs and people learn stuff from them.

 Next my class and i saw some incredible eels (fun fact when eels are very old they need fresh water so the old eels have to swim all the way to tonga) after the eels my class had leave but it was an great experience but i felt amazed and i learnt that eels have to swim from New Zealand all the way to tonga and my favourite animal was the flamaingos.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Rube Goldberg

My Rube Goldberg machine uses 5 of the 6 machines i named it the Domino Server its supposed to serve you a domino let me explain.This stuff is on top of an Ramp So the ball (wheel) knocks Dominos (lever).The last Domino at the end of the Ramp falls into the bucket with the  Pulley, the Pulley hits Dominos (lever).On another ramp the last Domino (lever) on the end of that ramp falls down and slides on an ramp and into another ramp (inclined plane) and comes out of the inclined plane and serves you an Domino.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Mufti and wheels day

A great way to raise money is to hold a mufti and wheels day at school because at my school we had had mufti and wheels day on friday at school to raise money for the year 8 camp.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              In the beginning everyone had to come into their classroom and give their teacher 1 dollar or 2 dollars i gave my teacher Mr moran 2 dollars. Next after learning every classroom finally gets their morning tea but the only thing is that at morning tea every student can’t get there wheels yet. After the bell rings everyone rush’s back to class and do numeracy. Next the whole of Pt England school gets excited for lunchtime so they get to ride their wheels like skateboards hoverboards a bike and scooters and roller skates. Finally after a big hot day we finally go home.