Friday, 16 February 2018

omaru creek

Omaru creek has an awful stench. With overwhelming pollution.  It’s destroying our environment with discarded rubbish. Use teamwork respect our environment. Make a difference to restore nature to it’s best. Omaru creek is clean enough to swim with pristine sparkling an abundance of animals surrounding it.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

All About Me

Hello i’m Aye myat im 7 years old i go to pt england school i’m a year 4.i’m burmese i like pizza and donuts i like running my favourite game is hide’n’seek. my favourite singer is jojo siwa.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Rosie's Christmas adventure

Once upon a time there lived a Christmas elf and her name was Rosie because she had the rosiest cheeks Rosie lived in a tiny cottage near santas house at the North Pole.

One day santa wanted Rosie to make huge boxes full of toys so Rosie got her furry coat and went to the elf factory but while Rosie was making toys Rosie looked on the clock and Rosie realised she needed to hurry up the toys so Rosie called the helper fairy to help and the fairy came straight away and helped Rosie.

Then santa came to check on Rosie and santa saw that Rosie did amazing so santa asked Rosie if she wants a ride in his sleigh and Rosie says  "yes please santa!"

After that Rosie and santa were riding in santas sleigh with santas reindeers.