Wednesday, 28 June 2017

My amazing diorama about Tamarereti

Last week room fifteen made spectacular dioramas about a Maori legend called tamarereti at school. First we chose our shoe box that was empty and wrote our names on them. Next we picked if we wanted a day time or nighttime scene. Then we added detail and stuff  on our black or blue paper I chose black paper for my night scene and I added a moon and a whare for Tamarereti to live in. I also got dark green paper and cut grassy hills out. I added trees and a flower. After that I asked miss Eadie if I can glue my stuff all together with moj poj glue. Finally I stuck my scene on my box and created a taniwha out of stiff cardboard and I also created Tamarereti out of stiff cardboard too. I coloured them both in miss Eadie stappled my Tamarereti and taniwha on my shoe box. 

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