Thursday, 5 April 2018

Peter rabbit and Benjamin rabbit

Peter rabbit and Benjamin found an path to the garden and slid down the roof onto the washing line. They were balancing on the line. Then Benjamin suddenly fell but peter grabbed him by the ears and pulled him up to safety. Soon unexpectedly Peter was to heavy for Benjamin so Benjamin couldent carry him and so peter fell. In a while Benjamin and Peter both fell into Mr Migreger’s pants when they fell. Benjamin and Peter hopped out of the pants. When they got out of the pants Peter bragged ‘’ Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’’. But out of nowhere Mr Migreger himself appeared ‘’rats’’ hissed mr migreger ‘’ah’’ screamed Peter and Benjamin. Still whatever Benjamin and Peter tried to do so they can both escape from Mr Migreger because as soon as they ran anywhere Mr Migreger kept on appearing. Benjamin and Peter kept running but again Mr Migreger appeared and said ‘’hello’’ and of Benjamin and Peter ran into the house while benjamin said ‘’this guy is so much faster then the old one’’.

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