Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Aye myat matariki

In a valley that was healthy and strong with gorgeous plants and trees, there lived seven sisters. Every year at harvest time, the seven sisters made spectacular kites and flew them.

 Once the next harvest came around the seven sisters made their kites.

 The eldest sister made a grassy green kite out of the harakeke bush.

 Then the second sister made a shimmery orange kite out of the raupo bush.

 third sister made a luscious pink kite from the manuka tree.

 The fourth sister made a red kite from the puriri tree, Fifth sister made a blue kite that was the colour of the beautiful rivers.

The sixth sister made an white kite from the toetoe bush.

 the seventh cleverest smartest and most gorgeous out of all the sisters her name was Matariki, she made a rainbow coloured kite.

 The seven sisters took their kites onto the top of a beautiful hill at the top of the valley to fly them But sadly for the sisters there was no breezy wind blowing so the sisters tied their kites onto a tall tree and fell asleep under the tree.

 During the night the wind was blowing so hard that the sisters’ kites flew away.

Matariki the youngest sister awoke and saw that the kites were gone.

 She cried and cried, until her sisters woke up from the sound of her crying. They also saw that their kites were gone.

But Matariki, the smartest sister, looked up in the sky and saw the kites.

 The kites danced among the stars.

 The sisters were so pleased that the kites were shining brighter thAn the stars.

 Each morning Matariki rose up in the morning sky signalling the start of new year.

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