Thursday, 26 July 2018

Aye myat healthy kids lifestyle

                                                          Healthy kids lifestyle
All kids should always sleep at 8:00 so they get lots of sleep and wake up early.
Kids like me should normally wake up at 7:30 because then they have lots of time to get ready for school.
 Every day children need to brush their teeth twice a daily they need to brush their teeth once in the morning and once at night.
 When children finish brushing their teeth if they need to they can take a shower.
 Childrens breakfast should be healthy cereal is 1 of the healthy breakfasts because it can contain milk but fruit and vegetables are also healthy.
 After breakfast kids need to change into their school uniform
 After changing kids get their lunchbox full of food their water bottle and last but not least their backpack then they put their lunchbox and their water bottle inside their bag.
 When children arrive back home they can eat a quick snack change their clothes and then play outside for 60 (sixty) minutes daily.

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