Friday, 4 August 2017

Mele's Adventure to the universe of Zola

Once upon a time an astronaut gir called mele lived on Earth. One night Mele was called on a mission to the universe of Zola. Mele had a mission to stop aliens abducting planet Earth and hurting people. First Mele grabbed her astronaut suit and went to the rocket  mission place. Meles name was 2nd on the leader board that means her mission is next in the next 3 more seconds until her mission was 1st on the leader board Mele was nervous. Mele hopped in the rocket ship. The boosters engaged 5 4 3 2 1 blast off. After that when Mele landed she saw humanoids and Evil queen aliens. Mele said " I can't land here" so she didn't land there. All of a Sudden Mele saw a rainbow city.  She landed there instead. Suddenly one of the Evil queen aliens locked Mele up in jail. Mele was terrified and afraid. Then some flat foots that lived on the mongy moon got a rope and pulled Mele onto it and Mele managed to escape. Then Mele went to the humanoids and pressed a red button on her suit to shoot out lazers and Mele got four of them and went to the Evil queen aliens and did the same thing to all of them. Finally Mele said "thanks flat foots for saving me" the flat foots said "any time" and then Mele blasted off to Earth the end.

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