Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Once upon a time two girls called Evie and Mel were callled on a mission to explore the planet if it was cold or hot. First they wored there grey fabulous suits then they hopped in there colourful rocket ship and it went 3 2  1 blast off!. Then they orbited earth and went to Saturn. Next they landed safely. Suddenly when Mel and Evie took there first step on Saturn, Mel got dizzy of Saturn spinning that she fell off but Evie caught Mel by her hand and Mel was back on Saturn walking taking steps after that they hopped back in there colourful rocket and went back to earth and Mel said "lets explore Saturn next time" "of course" said Evie. Finally Mel and Evie went to there own rooms and took a long nap the end.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Aye Myat

    What an exciting tale. How lucky that Evie was able to catch dizzy Mel. She may still be floating around in space.

    Keep up the great story telling, Aye Myat.

    From Miss T.A