Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Dame Valerie Adams Info graphic

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Today, my home class and I watched 2 videos about Valerie Adams. After watching them, we had to go off and create an info graphic about her. Specifically a value of hers, what we already knew about her, what we want to know, and some things we learnt. Oh and also, when I wrote 'plays shot put', I meant 'does shot put' :) 

Monday, 26 July 2021

The Olympics

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My class and I watched a short video about the Olympics. We went off and had to make our own presentation about what we learnt, knew before, and found out :)

Versatile Volume P1

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This is my maths task for today. It's about volume. I didn't get to finish it because we focused on volume only during the maths time. I'll try to edit it and do the maths at home :)

Term 3: Healthy Me, Healthy You

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Today is the first day back at school and it is now officially Term 3! This term's inquiry theme is, 'Healthy Me, Healthy You'. We are focusing on our health both mentally and physically. This inquiry theme was also probably inspired by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

An immersion assembly was held this morning and we were able to see each teams' movies and play.
I personally enjoyed Team 5's one, (which was a play of the Olympics), because it was quite entertaining. Miss Hall even did a cartwheel!

However I also quite enjoyed Team 3's movie. Miss Scanlan was the main character who was basically in a game. In the first round, she stayed up late playing games, didn't eat breakfast, and didn't have a healthy lunch. This resulted in her losing hearts, which sort of resembles her health.
But there was round 2 and in that round, she managed to earn hearts back by making the correct, (and better) choices.

It's been a great start to Term 3 so far. I can't wait to see what this term has in store for us :)

Team 3:

Team 5:

Friday, 9 July 2021

Watch This Space animation

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This is my Watch This Space animation for this term. It's kinda short so sorry about that but I still hope you enjoy! :)

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

1.7 E hia enei?

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This is my te reo task for te reo for rotations. Finau and I worked on it together. It's about how many there are. Check out Finau's blog here: here!

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Friday, 2 July 2021

Practical Percentages

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This is my maths task about percentages. I did just level one for this because the questions were kinda hard.

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The Moon

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This is my moon artwork I made along with Nadia, Rae Jae, and Madi. We all made our own moons though. You might wanna check out their moon's as well. We made them out of tissue paper, pva glue and paint.

Anyways, here are some of my favourite facts about the moon:

The space between the earth and the moon can fit around 30, (I think) earth sized planets!
The moon is earth's natural satellite meaning it orbits the earth.
The moon is also responsible for the tides/waves
The moon isn't made out of cheese, it's made out of a piece of the earth that broke off millions of years ago.
The moon is covered in craters caused by asteroids, some are kilometres deep.