Thursday, 10 June 2021

Topic 3- Testing out Laboratory Equipment

 Aim or Purpose: 

Measure an exact amount of sugar (10 grams) and dissolve in water to make a solution. 


- Weighing Machine 

- Stop Watch 

- Spatula 

- Pipette 


Measure the cold water and time how long it takes for the sugar to dissolve in the cold water. Then we measured the hot water’s temperature and timed how long it takes the sugar to be dissolved in the hot water. 

Temperatures and times- the results:

Cold water temperature- 23 to 24s

Time salt dissolves- 1:20

Hot water temperature: 80

Time salt dissolves: 15 to 16s


  1. Hi Aye!

    It's me Finau. Science was really fun and interesting. I was really surprised when the sugar dissolved really quickly with the hot water. What did you enjoy and find interesting in our science class? Keep up the great work Aye!

    From Finau:)

    1. Hi Finau!

      I expected the sugar to dissolve quite fast as the water temperature was around 50-60 degrees but it was not expected when it dissolved after like, 20 seconds! I dunno, it's only been 3 classes so far but I think I'm going to enjoy this class.

      Aye :)