Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Aye-Myat flying drone recount

Excitedly some kids from the block walked outside into the bay for an exciting activity that was a surprise for some kids.
That  activity was going to happen on the field in the afternoon.
The reason why we flew the drone is so
number 1.we can learn how to fly it.
Number 2.we can learn something new.
On Tuesday afternoon Mr Moran took 19 kids from the block those 19 kids got to fly a drone. If you don’t know what a drone is it’s a GPS stands for global positioning system which is a tracking device you can control with a phone. Anyways we went down onto the bike track when Mr Moran told everyone to go back to class and get there hat. After that almost everyone got a turn of flying it  when we flew it we heard humming sounds and it flew like superman.sadly I didn’t get a turn but after that we went back to class and made a recount about it.

Aye-Myat Finau and Ema Christmas decorating