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Translating phrases into Tuvaluan

 Hi; I hope you have had/are having an amazing day :)

This is one of my literacy tasks and it was to translate some phrases into Tuvaluan because it is
Tuvaluan language week!

The Midnight Killer – 15.

Hi; I hope you have had/are having an amazing day :)

This is part/chapter 15 to The Midnight Killer! I wrote most of this last night so
I'm very proud of myself for basically finishing this all beforehand. The next chapter will be coming very soon so stay tuned for that if you want.

If you're new to this series, check out the first part here: the midnight killer teaser/prologue.
Otherwise you can search up, 'the midnight killer' on the search bar on my blog :)

Okay, that's all!
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 ❛ I was doing fine without you ‘til
   - The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala
    I saw your face, now I can’t erase

SPENDING THE NIGHT AT Elena’s house was surprisingly fun. Not that she didn’t expect to have fun with her friends, but Sadie never really necessarily felt comfortable whilst at somebody’s house. Elena and Sadie weren’t very close but they definitely connected during the ‘sleepover’ you could call it. They spent until around 1AM, talking, showing each other TikToks and overall, just having a good time. 

It was now 7 in the morning. Everybody was now awake. After getting ready and doing her skincare routine and other necessities, Sadie was now picking out an outfit to wear to school. She picked out a white crop top that was short sleeved, paired that up with some baggy jeans, a black belt to go with it, and a warm and slightly oversized black zip-up hoodie. Perfect. She thinks to herself before making her way down Elena’s stairs. Aurora was still changing into her clothes.

Sadie pulled out her phone, checking through every new text and notification she had received. It was only when a hot liquid seeped through her shirt that she got snapped back into reality. Sadie slightly winced, it stung quite a bit and hurt her stomach area, (where the liquid was spilt) and she shot her head up to identify who was behind the spillage. Immediately she makes eye contact with a boy. The boy who was in the family portraits. He looked, how do you explain it; More.. real now? He had greyish-green eyes that were, at this moment, full of concern. “Are you okay? I am so sorry it’s stained your top and it’s really hot, should I get you an ice pack?” He exclaims. “Yeah, it hurts but I’ll be fine. An ice pack would be nice.” She responds, clutching her stomach.

“Stay right here.” He tells her before putting the cup he was holding, (which previously contained the liquid), down onto the nearest table. In all honesty, Sadie thought it was quite adorable how concerned he was about this small little mishap. I just got freaking burned by boiling hot liquid, I can’t be getting flustered now. Not too long after, the boy returned and this time, with an ice pack in his hand. 

He handed Sadie the ice pack and she muttered a ‘thanks’. “You should sit down.” He suggests, she nods. He leads her to the couch. “Where is everybody else?” Sadie asks him, placing the ice pack on her burn. “My mom, Cerlia, Anna, and my sister?” He asks. Sadie nods before lifting the ice pack slightly and peaking at the burn before placing the ice pack back down. “Oh. They went to Starbucks.” He shrugs. Sadie mutters an, ‘oh’. The boy nods and looks away before shooting his head towards Sadie’s direction again, “You don’t want anything from Starbucks or anything to eat or drink in general, do you? I can go make or buy something for you?” He asks her, doing a thumbs up with his hand but tilting it to the side and pointing it towards the kitchen.

“No it’s fine but making some pancakes would be nice. I can join you.” Sadie lightly smiles, revealing her burn again and seeing it stop being red but instead a pink shade. “That’d be nice.” He smiles, “But first, you should probably get a new top on. Sorry again for the incident.” He apologises. “Don’t worry about it.” She smiles as he nods and takes the ice pack from her hand as she no longer needed it, (a/n: she put her hand out with it on her hand so he could take it and put it away)

She got up from the couch and made her way up the stairs, carrying a smile on her face. She was quite surprised to find Aurora leaning on the staircase. “Ooooo~” Aurora teases Sadie. “You witnessed that all?!” Sadie whisper-yells. “Well yeah. I don’t take an hour to change into a pair of paints, t-shirt and a sweater.” She sarcastically responds. “Whatever.” Sadie rolls her eyes, (sarcastically) before making her way up the stairs.


Sadie decided to wear a whole other outfit. A black and white plaid skirt, a white collared shirt with a slightly oversized, black sweater on top, white socks with some black sneakers, and two simple yet pretty necklaces to top it off.


She made her way back down the stairs, this time with her backpack slung over her right shoulder. “I like your outfit.” Elena’s brother compliments her, looking up from his little ‘set-up’. He had prepared all of the ingredients and items needed to make some pancakes. Sadie slowly placed her bag down. “Now, before we begin, you’ll need to wear this.” He smiles, handing her an apron as well as taking one himself. “Okay..?” She responds, a little confused. She ties her apron and Elena’s brother ties his own. “Now let’s begin cooking.” He smiles which makes her lightly chuckle.


Making pancakes with, who Sadie now knew as Jayden, was actually insanely fun. It took her mind off of a lot of other things like the night before, to be specific. It was now 7:21AM when Elena’s mom, Cerlia, and Anna returned from Starbucks. As soon as they entered, Cerlia and Anna began talking but stopped when Elena’s mom made them stop walking into the living room any further and made a gesture for them to be quiet, (in a respectful way though, of course). 

The girls were confused but they started hearing laughs coming from the kitchen. The three of them peeked their head around the corner. Cerlia and Anna now knew why they needed to be quiet. Elena’s brother and Sadie were getting the pancake batter and having a little food fight where they put streaks of it on each others cheeks and noses. It was actually really cute and heartwarming. The three of them smiled at the sight. 

“Shh.” Sadie whispered to Jayden, placing her index finger on his lips. She looked around, she had a feeling they were being watched. “Everything okay?” He asked as Sadie removed her finger from his lips. “Yeah, I just felt like somebody is-” She got cut off by the noise of a notification that came from somewhere around the corner. She shoots her head towards the sounds direction and just in time, spots Mrs Coleman, Cerlia, and Anna’s heads peaking at them. “You guys scared me. What are you guys doing there?” Sadie asks, lightly chuckling. “Us? We’re, uh, just tying our shoelaces.” Elena’s mom clears her throat, scratching her neck awkwardly. There was an awkward silence before they burst out into laughter.

“Wait where is Aurora?” Cerlia asks, massaging her neck which was now a bit sore from leaning to the side. “She went to the library to do some studying.” Sadie shrugs. Cerlia mutters an ‘oh’ before nodding. “What about Elena? Where is she?” Sadie asks them. “Elena went to the library as well. She wanted to borrow a few books to help her for the history test you all have soon, I believe?” Mrs Coleman says unsurely. They all nod, including Jayden. “You go to Huntsville uni?” Anna asks him. He nods as a response. 

“Oh. I must’ve never seen you around.” Anna shrugs. “I’m sure he’d love to explain the reason why.” His mom sarcastically responds, hinting there was something the girls didn’t know of. “I guess I’ve just been skipping school on purpose for a while now.” He looks down and begins fiddling with his fingers. “Oh, okay. There was a dance last night, did you know?” Cerlia asks him, looking up from her phone. He lightly chuckles, “Yup. Isn’t that the reason you girls are here?” He asks. He didn’t know the full story and he surely was not going to ask about it unless they told him about it or were okay with him asking about it. All he knew was that something happened which resulted them staying over at their house.

Sadie looks down, “Yeah.” she mutters. She didn’t like getting reminded about the night before. Especially when she had just begun to forget about it. Jayden easily noticed this and looked up at Sadie, “Everything okay?” he whispers so the others can’t hear. “Mhm.” She lies, “We should probably clean up.” she chuckles, looking at the small mess they made. “Yeah, your right.” He laughs. Mrs Coleman, Cerlia, and Anna were basically 3rd, 4th, and 5th wheeling them in their eyes although, the bond that Jayden and Sadie shared was very cute.


The school day had come to an end. Nothing special happened. Payton was confused on why the girls weren’t at their apartment last night and asked Aurora about it. 

Flashback: “We were just staying over at Elena’s house, dude.” Aurora answers, but doesn’t tell him the full story. “We don’t need permission from you to do that, do we?” She snaps. “No, that’s not what I meant. I was just a little worried because you guys didn’t call or text me.” He explained. “Okay then. Well, we’re gonna stay over at Elena’s house for a while so don’t expect us to be at our apartment anytime very soon.” Aurora says, ending the conversation. 

He figured something was wrong and this added up to what the other boys were saying last night and just let it go. The girls were communicating with Dylan, Louis, and Cameron though as they did nothing wrong.

The girls were now walking to Elena’s house. Sadie was texting Jayden on her phone and had a stupidly big smile plastered on her face. “Damn bro, who’s got you smiling like that?” Elena teases. “Your brother.” Cerlia chuckles. Sadie jokingly lightly pushes her. “My what now?!” Elena exclaimed, doing a double take. “Yeah. This morning when you guys were all off at Starbucks, your brother spilled his tea all over Sadie and it was probably boiling hot so your brother panicked and got her an ice pack and they were basically flirting ever since then.” Aurora explains, jokingly rolling her eyes during the ‘flirting ever since then’ part.

“Was not.” Sadie shot. “Was too.” Aurora shot back. “Whatever.” Sadie rolled her eyes jokingly. “Yeah and then later on when we came back, your mom, Anna, and I caught them making pancakes and having a little food fight were they were putting streaks of the pancake batter on each others faces.” Anna grinned, the vision coming back into mind. “Now I wish I hadn’t gone to the library, that sounds so cute.” Elena jokingly pouts.


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aye speaks!
cheesy as heck
but it's lowk rlly cute
anyway i'm envisioning jayden to look like payton moormeier
and as for sadie, i honestly don't know. maybe olivia rodrigo?
and not bc she's my bias but because i think olivia is how i'm
envisioning the character sadie. but anyway, it'll be olivia for now.
that's basically all i say for this chapter and we finally met the brother ayyy
okay, bye now! <3

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The Midnight Killer – 14.

Hi; I hope you have had/are having a good day :)

This is part 14 to The Midnight Killer! It's sort of short, I guess.
Anyway, not much to say about this chapter besides thank you for reading!
If you're new to this series, you can view the first part here: the midnight killer teaser/prologue.

Okay, that's all!
Have a wonderful (rest of your) day/night <3



 ❛ Tell me we weren’t just friends,
    - Friends by Chase Atlantic
    This doesn’t make much sense

THE MAIN REASON THE whole situation hurt so much was because, Sadie thought that they were more than just ‘friends’. Friends don’t lean in to kiss and friends sure as hell don’t get jealous of the other hanging out with another person.

“We can’t go back to our apartment, not when Payton’s going to probably be there at the end of the dance.” Anna announces to the girls. “That’s fine, you guys can come over to my house. I’m sure my mom won’t mind.” Elena smiles. “Really?” Cerlia asks, sliding the makeup wipe across the smudged mascara that was running down Sadie’s face. “Of course. I’ll text her and give her some context about the situation,” Elena shrugs before turning to Sadie, “if that’s okay with you?” she asks. Sadie nods for an answer. Elena gives her a smile before pulling out her phone to text her mom.

mom <3

hi mom
a good friend of mine, (sadie) basically just got her heart broken :(
she saw the boy she liked kissing his date to the dance
(she can explain why they had dates other than each other
if she wants) and she was rlly upset
and the boy and her and her 3 other friends (anna included)
live in an apartment together so that won’t work for a bit
is it okay if they stay with us for a while?

Aw, poor girl.
Yes of course they can, darling.
Just get them to pack a few clothes and necessities
in case they might not be comfy wearing the clothing style
you wear. I’ll set up the sleeping part though, okay?

okay, thanks mom! <3

Of course!
See you all later.
Drive home safely <3

“Your mom is really sweet.” Anna smiles as she nears their apartment. “She is. I can’t wait for you guys to meet her.” Elena smiles. “Are you feeling any better, Sads?” She asks her. “A little.” She shrugs lightly. Elena nods, spotting the girls’ apartment come into view. “All you guys need to do is just pack a few clothes and stuff you wanna bring.” Elena explains. They nod as they exit the car, leaving Elena alone. 

Elena felt great pity for Sadie. She knew what it was like to have your heart broken and wear your heart on your sleeve, (which means to basically express your emotions). If only she had a group of friends or even just a friend to comfort her during the time but, she didn’t. Which is why she was looking out for Sadie because she never wants anybody else to go through what she went through.

Not too long after, the girls returned with backpacks that contained their clothes and school work/supplies as it was only Tuesday. “I’ll drive.” Elena exclaims, making her way into the drivers seat. “You sure?” Anna asks. “Positive.” She responds.


As soon as the girls entered Elena’s house, they were greeted with the warm heater that heated up the air which immediately calmed down the goosebumps they had from outside. Sadie felt anxious about staying in somebody else’s house. She liked the comfort of her own home but she knew this was for the better. A tall and slim woman with short, neck length ginger hair, wearing a gray robe made her way down the stairs. “Hi mom.” Elena exclaims going in for a hug, to which, her mom happily gives. 

“Hi darlings. Come, let’s enjoy some hot chocolate in the living room, shall we?” She smiles, leading them to the living room where many portraits and school certificates and awards were hung. There was pictures of baby Elena, her mom, what looked like could be her dad and a boy which Sadie assumed was her brother. “You have a brother?” Sadie whispers to Elena as they all take a seat on the couch. “Mhm. He’s 19, just a year older than me.” She answers. Unlike Elena and her mom, both the dad and her brother had blackish hair.

“Here you are, darlings.” Her mom smiles, handing them all a cup full of hot chocolate and some small marshmallows. They all thanked her as they began taking small sips of the warm liquid. “Now, let’s get to introductions, shall we?” Her mom announces, grabbing her own cup of hot chocolate and making herself comfortable on a separate single chair. They all introduce themselves one by one. “My names Aurora Salvatore.”, “My name is Cerlia Summers.”, “I’m Anna Brown.”, “Sadie Banks.”

“Sadie, the one who got her heart broken, I believe?” Her mom asks with a look of pity. Sadie feels slightly embarrassed and nervous being put on the spot like this but nonetheless, she nods. “By who exactly?” Elena’s mom asks her daughter. “Payton Kingwell.” Elena answers. “Kingwell.. My sister married somebody with the last name ‘Kingwell’.” Her mom responds. “Would you mind giving us the first name of whom she married, please?” Cerlia asks. 

“Dylan. Dylan Kingwell.” Elena’s mom replies. Sadie almost chokes on her drink. “That’s Payton’s brother.” Sadie says, confused. “Wait, then mom, are you Payton’s sister-in-law?” Elena asks, now confused as well. “Well yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.” Her mom sarcastically responded which made them all laugh. “So then Payton is your brother-in-law..” Elena says. “Welp, we learn something new everyday I guess.” Aurora shrugs. “Okay we’re getting side tracked now. Tell me love, what exactly happened?” Her mom asks Sadie.

“Um well, I guess I was having a lot of fun with my date to the dance and then I just saw Payton and his date kissing, and then I thanked my date for the night because it was really fun spending time with him and then I guess I was just really upset and left before calling Anna and the girls.” Sadie responds, looking down at her mug. “That honestly sucks. You shouldn’t have your night ruined over a silly boy.” Elena’s mom responds. 

Elena’s mom gave Sadie a lot of advice and reassurance which made Sadie feel very comforted but it was already getting very late and they were getting sleepy and so they all made the mutual decision to go to bed.


It wasn’t too long after when Payton realised that none of his friends were in sight. “Friends” referring to Anna, Cerlia, Aurora, and Sadie. In fact, all of the girls’ dates, (besides Elena) were now hanging out with each other. “I’m gonna go hang out with my friends for a bit, see you.” Diana informs Payton. He nods, taking this as a chance to catch up with his own friends as well. “Hey guys, whats up?” He asks them, joining in on their conversation. 

“Nothing much. We’re just talking about how all of our dates basically ran off.” Dylan explains, expressing his confusion with the tone of his voice. “I think it was something to do with Sadie.” Cedric says, worried. “And why would you think that?” Payton asks, now intrigued. “Well, we were having fun dancing and stuff and she saw something that made her upset, if I’m correct. But then she thanked me for the night and gave me a kiss on my- wait no, you guys don’t need to know about that bit because it’s not really necessary for you guys to know, crap I’m rambling now but yeah, she basically just exited the building.” Cedric explained. “Kiss on your?” Payton asks, wanting him to finish the sentence. “If you must know, it was on my cheek.” Cedric said. Besides, Payton had no room to talk as he kissed somebody.

“Then after Sadie left, not too long after, Cerlia and Aurora both got calls from Anna and then they also left along with Anna.” Cedric finishes explaining. “Dang, I wonder what would’ve happened to make her that upset.” Payton responds. “Yeah. I messaged her and she told me that they were safe and sound and that we have nothing to worry about. There was just a situation that happened but I didn’t ask her about it, I don’t want to invade her privacy.” Cedric adds. 

Flashback: around 8 minutes after Sadie left.

sadie :)

hey, u alright?

mhm, i’m fine thanks.
everything alright back at the dance?

yeah, everythings fine.
how are you?

not the best :/
but i’ll get better soon

missing u :(

aw i miss u too :(
i’m sorry we couldn’t spend the
whole of the night together
it’s just that something happened.

i know and, it’s okay.
dw about me, as long as ur safe now
and get better soon then everything is fine :)

thank u sm
and i will

ok good.
see u @ school tmrw?

mhm, see u there :))


“Well, we have to respect their boundaries and we’ll see them at school tomorrow, hopefully.” Louis said. They all nod to symbolise their agreement.

aye speaks!
let's appreciate cedric and the way he cares about sadie for a bit, shall we?
also the little plot twist where payton is actually elena's moms brother-in-law
wait is that how it works, if ur sibling marrys somebody, the person they marrieds siblings
become ur siblings in law right? i'm pretty sure they do but if not lmk cuz otherwise
i will look like a big fool
anyway, not much to say about this chapter except thank you for reading!

The Midnight Killer – 13.

Hi; I hope you have had a good day :)

This is part 13 to The Midnight Killer and I can definitely label this as a chapter. It's quite long and I'm so proud of myself because I wrote most of this on Friday night and wrote another chapter which I will post later!

Okay, that's all.
Have a lovely, (rest of your) day/night <3



 ❛ I’m sitting here, crying in my prom dress
   - prom dress by mxmtoon
   I’d be the prom queen if crying was a contest

THE FEW HOURS THEY had left before it was time to make their way to the dance was chaotic. Payton was getting ready with some of his guy friends, hanging out with them for a bit too. Aurora, Sadie, Cerlia, and Anna however, were quite nervous. They had never really done anything like this before. They were helping each other curl, braid, straighten and/or style their hairs.

They were getting major butterflies- the nervous type ones and flustered type ones. This night could go 2 ways: Happy and ends well, or happy then bad and ends terrible. They were hoping that it’d be more of the first one then the second. This was going to be a special night so they wanted it to end on a high note.

“Are you guys excited to see other peoples’ outfits?” Cerlia asks them, doing her makeup whilst Sadie curled her hair for her. “Hell yeah. I can’t wait to see what our date’s will be wearing.” Sadie responds. “Dylan? In a suit? A dream come true.” Aurora gushes, clasping her hands together and placing them on the right side of her jaw. “I can’t wait to see Elena’s outfit. Her style is crazily amazing.” Anna exclaims, patting down her gorgeous silver suit. “Agreed. I love all of her outfits she wears to school.” Sadie adds. “What about you, Miss Banks?” Cerlia jokes, “Who’s outfit are you excited to see?”. “Honestly everybodys. I just honestly can’t believe Cedric asked me.” Sadie answers, starting to finish with Cerlia’s curls.

“Girl, so many people at our school are, like, obsessed with you.” Aurora jokingly exaggerates, “You’re both such total heartthrobs. You guys are meant for each other.” She finishes, sending a smirk towards Sadie’s way to which, Sadie sarcastically rolls her eyes. “Yeah, whatever. How is Miss Salvatore doing- I mean.. Mrs Hemsworth,” Sadie smirks, “doing now that you guys are going to the dance together?” she finishes.

“Don’t you dare call me that Sadie Pattinson.” Aurora teases back. “Sadie Pattinson. Hm, has quite a ring to it, don’t you think?” Cerlia, (partly) jokes. “Oh shut it, you two. We’re going as just friends.” Sadie says, debunking their theories. “That’s what they all say~” Aurora grins in a sing-song voice. “I hate you.” Sadie says to Aurora with a smile on her face. “You love me.” Aurora smirks. “Do I know that? Yes, yes I do.” Sadie replies which causes them all to laugh. This was such a memorable moment and one to never forget. Boy where they already having the time of their lives and they weren’t even at the dance yet.


“You guys excited for the dance?” Payton asks his friends. They all nod. “Totally. Just a bit.. Nervous, I guess.” Louis responds, shrugging. “Nervous because?” Payton asks, in an attempt to tease him. “It’s because he’s going to be drooling over Cerlia.” Cameron smirks. “Speak for yourself. You’re gonna be drooling over Sadie.” Payton smiles as he pokes Cameron jokingly. Oh how he wanted to just tell Cameron about how he felt. Cameron did a double take, “I’m sorry?” he asks, “Sadie?” Cameron asks once more, confused. “She’s an amazing girl, I love her to pieces but not like that.” Cameron chuckles, confused yet at the same time, trying to diffuse the tension to make this less awkward.

“What do you mean? I thought you asked her to the dance?” Payton asks confused. Cameron chuckles awkwardly, “No, I actually asked her for advice on how to ask Lili to the dance. I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression or anything.”. Immediately Payton’s heart sinks. He couldn’t help but think that he had, had a chance to ask her to the dance all this time but he was mislead and jumped to conclusions which made him think she was already asked to the dance by somebody else. This night could’ve gone exactly how he wanted it to go but he let it all slip through his fingertips. All he could think was that this was his fault. Now she was going to be dancing with somebody else and it wasn’t going to be him.

Dylan gives Payton an apologetic look. He knew that he was the one who suggested the idea of asking somebody else. He thinks that maybe if he hadn’t done that, Payton could’ve asked Sadie if she already had a date to the dance and then asked her but no, he made the decision that Payton should’ve asked somebody else without even getting to know the whole story. Payton however, felt that it wasn’t Dylan’s fault and that it was his own. He was the one who noticed Cameron and Sadie and jumped to conclusions. Dylan was only just being a good friend and helped Payton. This was exactly how Payton didn’t want the night to go.

“Is there something we should know?” Cameron asks, gesturing at Louis and himself as he saw the looks being exchanged between Dylan and Payton. “Uhh no. Everything’s fine I just assumed you,” He fakes a chuckle, “asked Sadie to the dance but I guess not.”. “You sure your alright?” Louis asks him, just to be sure. “Yeah I’m- I’m fine.” He lightly smiles. Louis and Cameron unsurely nod before starting to create a conversation against themselves. But fine wasn’t enough. He wasn’t even feeling ‘fine’. He felt stupid. Only if he had not assumed things, he could’ve been living this moment in a whole other emotion. Dylan pulls out his phone to text Payton in case Louis or Cameron would hear.

soggy chicken nugget worm

u don’t think sadie doesn’t
have a date do u?

no, she deff has a date by now :/

im sorry man
i shouldn’t have made u ask diana

no dw, it was mainly my fault
but i forgot about diana.
how am i supposed to spend a good
night with diana if im too busy worrying ab

focus on diana for the night.
i don’t want u to hurt diana’s
feelings over something she doesn’t even know
ur going thru
but look bro, i’m really sorry this happened to u
it really sucks but u have me?!

thanks :)
hey u reckon louis
and/or cameron should know ab

only if u want to

it’s not that i don’t trust them
it’s just.. this is a crush
i can’t tell all of my friends ab it

ik what u mean
but whatev u choose, we’re here for u
cameron, louis, me, aurora, cerlia, anna, sadie
well maybe not sadie for this scenario but yk

thank you, it means a lot :))

no problem :))


They both looked up from their phones at the same time, sending each other a smile. Payton couldn’t have been anymore grateful for a great friend like Dylan and Dylan, he couldn’t have been more grateful for somebody like Payton. They were both glad they had each other through times like this. It was relieving to know somebody has your back and in this case, it was each other. 

Instagram: sadiebedumb just made a new post!

The notification sprung up on all of the boys’ phones, (as they all followed her) but only Payton and Dylan had their phones on so they checked it out. Dylan was hoping to see Aurora and Payton was hoping to see Sadie herself, in the post.

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sadiebedumb: school dance !!
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Whether Sadie liked Payton back or not, he knew that he would always be one of Sadie’s greatest friends and the same would go for her. But would he want to remain just friends? No, of course not but he’s not one to control how Sadie feels towards him and he has to learn to accept that.


“I’m so freaking nervous.” Sadie says, slightly shivering from the wind as she made her way into the passenger seat. The sky looked grey and very cloudy, it was definitely going to rain sometime soon. “I’m sure everything will be just fine.” Anna assures her, smiling as she starts the engine. Ding. “There goes your phone.” Aurora lightly chuckles, putting her seatbelt on. Sadie grabs it before opening the notification.

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Little did Sadie know, Aurora and Cerlia were peaking over her shoulder, pretty much spying on her conversation with Cedric. “”Just friends”, you say?” Cerlia grins, leaning back into her seat. Sadie quickly closed her phone and faced it away from them. “You guys were spying on my conversation?!” she exclaimed. “Y’know, I always thought you’d end up with Payton or something but now that Cedric, your knight in shining armour is here, I dunno.” Aurora shrugs. Sadie didn’t know what to think about this. “Dude, I’m just trying to enjoy my night, quite bringing up my date every 2.5 seconds.” Sadie jokingly rolls her eyes, (which she does quite a lot).

“Yeah, yeah.” Aurora smirks. “We’re here!” Anna exclaims in a sing-song voice. Sadie didn’t know about the others but now, major nerves and butterflies were kicking in. How was this going to go? Will she make a big fool of herself? Is she an idiot to think that Cedric would actually ask her to accompany him at the dance? Or maybe she’s just slightly overreacting? Sadie sighs, her heart now beating like crazy. “Hey,” Anna places her hand on top of Sadie’s hand, “you’re gonna be alright. Call me if you need anything, okay?” she smiles. “Thanks.” Sadie smiles, now feeling better. They hug and begin the exit the car.

“See you guys later.” Sadie says as they share a group hug. They nod. Sadie takes a deep breath in before making her way inside the school. As soon as she enters, all of the decorating that the her and the others in the 2021 school dance committee did looked.. Alive. It was magical, just like how she envisioned it. The silver disco ball was like the moon in the sky. It shone brightly but it was still quite dark. The decorations glistened as the disco ball spun and reflected it’s light onto them. The red carpet on the floor was an amazing touch. She felt like a real celebrity attending an actual red carpet.

Before she could walk any further, she was greeted by Cedric’s tall and charming presence. He looked awfully good in a suit. Way too good. Gosh was he perfect. “For you, m’lady.” He smiles, slipping on a corsage made up of beautiful red roses onto her wrist. She smiled, “It's so pretty.”. “Just like the girl I’m talking to right now.” He grins. She never knew he was this flirty but she quite enjoyed it. “Thank you. You look very ravishing as well yourself.” She smiles. “And how did you match the corsage with my dress?” She asks. “Aurora told me what the color of your dress would be when I asked her.” He answers truthfully. “Well, there’s no time to waste. We have a dance to attend.” He says, talking in a ‘fancy’ accent. He put’s his hand out for Sadie and she happily takes it.

Much to Payton’s dismay, he witnessed it from the start to the finish. Did he make it obvious he was jealous? Of course not as Diana was right in front of him, enjoying herself with him. He didn’t want to let her down so he was going to make it his goal to focus on her for the night and not Sadie. Focusing on Sadie would be Cedric’s priority tonight.


As soon as I walked in to the school building, I was amazed at how beautiful everything was. Sadie, Cerlia, Cameron, and Dylan did an amazing job. Speaking of Dylan, there he was. “Hi stranger.” He greets her, smiling cheekily. “And who are you?” Aurora jokes. Dylan fakes a gasp and places his hand on his heart, “Your date of course.” he said, trying his best to look offended. I chuckle, “Why of course.”. “Now come on, dance party time.” He said, shaking his hips in sync with his hands side to side. It was quite the sight. He looked very silly but it was adorable. I laugh before joining him in his little party.


“There you are.” Louis smiles. “You look beautiful as always.” He adds which makes me blush like a maniac. Luckily he couldn’t really see this as it was a bit dark. “Thank you, you look amazing as well.” I smile. “C’mon, let’s go dance.” He says, giving me his hand. It was like a dream come true as he lead me to the dance floor. Even if we weren’t the best at dance, we were definitely the best at having fun.


“Elena!” I smile as we go in for a hug. “How are you?” She asks me, looking my outfit up and down. “I’m good, thanks. What about you?” I ask, admiring her perfect facial features. “That’s good, and I’m good thanks. You look amazing!” She exclaims, I lightly blush. “As do you.” I compliment her back. She was wearing a black spaghetti strap dress that was poofy from her waist area down to over her knees. She paired that with some black fishnets and slightly tall black boots type of shoes. She looked breathtaking. “Well come on now, we’ve got a dance to attend.” She chuckles, holding my hand as she takes me to the dance floor. This was going to be an amazing night.


The track for ‘brutal’ by Olivia Rodrigo was now playing. Let’s just say, Sadie was a major Olivia stan and loved this song. Surprisingly, Cedric knew this song as well and they both begin jamming their hearts out, singing along as well. “All I did was try my best, this the kinda thanks I get?” They sing. “Unrelentlessly upset.” They continue, taking each others hand and doing a ‘ring around the rosy’ type of dance. “They say these are the golden years, but I wish I could disappear, ego crush is so severe.” They exclaim, along with everybody else who knew the song. “God! It’s brutal out here.” Cedric and Sadie exclaim in unison. This night was so far, so good.


(SPOILER: some cheesy stuff is about to happen like a kiss. no i’m not gonna write about the kiss with detail but if u don’t wanna read it then don’t read it ig.)

It was nearing the end of the night and this dance was going amazing for Payton and everybody else. Diana was actually a really fun girl to hang out with. As he spun her around, there was this feeling in his stomach that he never really felt towards her before.. Butterflies. Was he falling for Diana now? Diana’s eyes locked with his, he took this as a chance to admire her facial features. His eyes went straight to her lips. They both slowly but surely begin to lean in. Flashback: Underneath the willow tree’s shade, Sadie and Paytons lips were going to connect. The moment he could only dream of. But before they even got the chance for their lips to meet, Aurora, Cerlia, and Anna interrupted. He was getting deja vu from this moment. It made him wonder if he liked Sadie or Diana. But the choice was made as Payton’s lips met Diana’s. It felt so wrong yet at the same time, so right.


Sadie was having the time of her life with Cedric. They were pretty much best friends now and cleared up the confusion they both shared about what they were going to the dance as, which was mutually decided as just friends. Sadie was laughing at his stupid jokes, her hands around his neck and his around her waist. 

However, her smile dropped in less than a second as the image of Payton and Diana kissing each other in the back came into view. She squinted her eyes, not believing it. It was probably somebody else. But that was false as she could see their lips disconnect and both Payton and Diana’s faces smiling. “Uh,” she says, attempting to blink away tears. She removed her hands from his neck which makes Cedric awfully confused. “Are you okay? Is there anything I can get you?” He asks immediately, worried. 

“No, it’s fine. I just.. Need to go. I had the time of my life with you so thank you for tonight.” She kissed him on the cheek, (as a friendly gesture). He nods, understanding that she wanted space. He just didn’t know why. “Call me if you need anything.” He smiles softly. “I will, thanks.” She smiles lightly before pulling her dress up a bit so she could run outside of the school. She makes her way into their car and closes the door before pulling up her phone to text Anna like Anna told her to.

elsa’s sister

i’m so sorry if ur having a rlly
good time rn but i want to go home please

what happened?
i’m omw rn.

okay, thank u.
i’ll explain later.

i’m gonna call the girls, mk?

no, don’t.
they should be having fun rn
not worrying about me

too late.
besides, our best friends are
always our number 1 priority.

thank u anna.
do u mind if u call elena
to hang out with us please?

i’m coming to the car now.


Mascara was now running down her face and rubbing it wasn’t any help either. It only made it smudge to the side. Just as Anna had said, she, along with Elena, Aurora, and Cerlia made their way into the car. “Oh my god, are you okay?” Aurora exclaims immediately, hugging Sadie which only made her cry quietly. “Tell us what happened, Sads, (a/n: pronounced: sayds).” Elena comforts her by softly rubbing her back. 

“PaytonandDianawerekissingandithurtsbecauseIcametotheconclusionthatIlikePaytonandIwould’vethoughthewouldlikemebackbecauseofthatonetimewealmostkissedormaybewewerejustgoingtoleaninfornothingallIknowisthatIhatethisIhateallofthis.” Sadie says, way to quickly for them to answer. “I’m sorry, come again?” Cerlia asks. Sadie slows down her breathing and calms down as much as she could before opening her mouth to speak again. “Payton and Diana were kissing and it hurts because I came to the conclusion that I like Payton, I really do, and I would’ve thought he would like me back because of that one time we almost kissed or maybe we were just going to lean in for nothing but all I know is that I hate this, I hate all of this.” She exclaims, feeling the urge to cry again.

The girls all give her a look of pity. “I’m gonna kill him.” Aurora mutters under her breath whilst giving Sadie a hug.

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wait watch this: most viral reactions to getting accepted into harvard college for 2025
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The Midnight Killer – 12.

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This is part 12 to The Midnight Killer. It's mostly a filler but contains some important information.
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❛ But oh my god, I
   - Sofia by Clairo
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STUDENTS WERE NOW MORE nervous then ever.
Cameron had asked Lili and she accepted! Anna was going with Elena, Payton with Diana, Aurora with Dylan, Cerlia with Louis, and Sadie, much to her surprise, got asked to the dance by Huntsville Universities heartthrob. None other than Cedric Pattinson. But of course, he isn’t the only heartthrob there is at Huntsville University, no. Payton, Cameron, Sadie and a few others were also considered the schools’ heartthrobs.

Cedric Pattinson | 18 going onto 19 in August.

Cedric is one of the most athletic boys at Huntsville University. He spends most of his free time playing basketball or soccer with his friends. He is also quite into skateboarding which is something he continues to improve in, having he hasn’t mastered loads of tricks. The subject Cedric shines at the most is mathematics but he is generally very smart. He takes his education quite seriously which is what makes him a ‘teachers pet’ if you will but, he’s not one to brag/show off or be suck up. He’s quite humble about those things and has quite a long temper.

Now, how did they ask each other to the dance? Let me break it down. For Cameron, he was actually going to chicken out saying, “What if she rejects me?!”, “She’s gonna reject me!”, “What do I say again?”. It’s only because of Sadie that he had the courage to go and ask her because he actually started looking a bit like an idiot pacing around the hallways and walking towards Lili’s area before running straight back to Sadie multiple times. Especially with some flowers in his hand. Lili happily said yes and she was actually planning to ask him to the dance but was too nervous to.

Anna and Elena both wanted to meet up and talk with each other and when they did, they both said the same thing in unison, “I was wondering if you’d like to go to the dance with me?”. And so they both laughed before replying, once more in unison, “Yes, of course.”.

Aurora actually asked Dylan out instead of it going the other way around which surprised herself as she would’ve never in a million years think she’d not be scared of rejection. Just kidding, she was scared for her life but played it off quite smoothly and Dylan happily accepted. Which for some reason, was a big shocker to Aurora. She did a double take when he said, “Yeah, I’d love to.”.

Now, Cerlia and Louis: Both of them were planning to ask the other one to the dance but Cerlia got to tell him first. She actually wasn’t very nervous. It was just the fear of rejection that was slightly worrying her. But of course, she had nothing to worry about as Louis was quite the simp for her. He didn’t express it very clearly, no, but he was definitely one for her.

Last but not least, Sadie and Cedric: Sadie would describe the way he asked her to the dance, “cute” and “sweet”. They were in class and Cedric actually passed her a folded paper, she assumed it was a note and yes, indeed that is what it was.

hi <3
be my date to the dance?
- ced :)

It was simple yet effective. She quickly scribbled down an answer: i’d love to :)
She folded the paper up neatly before quietly and carefully handing it back to him. He smiled when he opened the note to reveal what she had written. Now, the only thing about Cedric and Sadie was that, they didn’t know if they necessarily had a crush on each other or were just really good friends. What they also didn’t know was if they were going as friends or a bit more than friends. Sadie was leaning towards the ‘friends’ side as they never mutually agreed to be more than that so it would only be right if they were only going as friends.


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cedric asked me to the dance

sleeping beauty πŸ‘Έ
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im happy :)

cerlia <3
lmk if he hurts u in any
way, shape, or form

elsa’s sister
if he breaks ur heart
we’ll break his nose xoxo

sadie sink 2.0
whoa calm down jamol
don’t pull out the nine
but dw guys, i doubt he’d do smth like that
and if he does, ik u guys have my back so thank u <3

cerlia <3
of course girlie !!
we’re here for u 24/7 <3

sleeping beauty πŸ‘Έ

elsa’s sister
bruh how did u manage
to get on a squirrels nerve

sleeping beauty πŸ‘Έ

sadie sink 2.0
lesson learned: don’t touch a squirrel

cerlia <3
good luck dealing with the
squirrel lmao
u did it to urself tbh

sleeping beauty πŸ‘Έ

sadie sink 2.0
have fun u dummy

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 and then the last name was based of the characters
actor, robert pattinson
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anyway aurora gives off golden retriever energy tbh
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The Midnight Killer – 11.

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This is the 11th part to The Midnight Killer. This chapter is so freaking lame and short I can't even call this a chapter. Anyway, I'll be editing this part tomorrow when I actually have motivation and am not going through a major writers block.

Okay, that's all!
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 ❛ Are ya falling in love?
   - A New Kind of Love by Frou Frou
   I’ve a feeling you are

“SHE SEEMED TO HAVE been murdered last night.” Hopper explains. The group were absolutely astonished. Not too long ago, she was in court for being a suspect of murder and now she was the one who got murdered. “I gathered you all here because I wanted to inform you all in person in case any suspects are discovered and need to be interrogated or anything of the sort, okay?” Hopper continues. They nod, understanding. “Great. Now I best be on my way, I have to start collecting suspects and you kids need to focus on your education.” Hopper finishes, getting up from his chair.

It was a total shocker. The murder happened out of nowhere, not only that, but the evidence has yet to be discovered. But the main question was, who did it?


LED lights were hung on the top of his simple, plain white walls and on a purple colour. A gaming chair with 2 computers could be seen on her right. It was quite cosy for being renovated not too long ago. Underneath her was the softest duvet ever. But of course, she was a bit awkward and shy due to the fact that Cameron and her weren’t very close and this was her first time over. What is Sadie doing in Cameron’s room? You might ask. It was honestly them just wanting to hang out. That and Sadie basically being Camerons wingwoman.

“Cool room you got.” Sadie compliments, her eyes scanning every inch of the room. “Thanks.” Cameron smiles, making himself comfy in his chair. “Now, let’s get to business.” Sadie says in a jokingly manner, (sorta). He clears his throat, “Yes, yes.”. “Do you have any idea on how your going to ask her?” Sadie asks. “Kinda?” Cameron unsurely answered, running a hand through his hand. Sadie raised her eyebrow but because it was slightly dark, Cameron didn’t realise it. She sighs, “It’s a yes or a no.” she sarcastically rolls her eyes. “Uh.. yes.” Cameron answers. “Okay, that’s a start so tell me, Mr Holland, how do you plan on asking her?” Sadie asks. “Take her somewhere private, give her flowers, and ask her.” Cameron states, mostly confident. Damn why is everybody so cheesy. 

By the end of the time they hung out, Sadie had provided him with information about Lili and made him somewhat less nervous.

꒰⚘݄꒱ aye speaks!
i absolutely adore the fact
i took around 2 days off and returned with this
and called it 'a chapter'.

but i'll be editing this when i have motivation cuz rn
i honestly don't know what the heck i should write so help
btw cameron and sadies friendship is BESTIE VIBES ONLY.
just thought i'd make that clear

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( 23.9.21 ) [ 8:47AM ]
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long story short idk what to write so next part will just be the
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btw why is this aye speaks thing longer than the chapter itself LMAOO
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i need to calm down with these
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anyway, i'll see u in the next chapter!! <3

[ update ]
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anyway i never added anything to this part so apologies for that
but chapter 12/part 12 is up now !!
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about me – likes, hobbies, etc

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This is a presentation that contains facts about me because my about me on my blog
is the most cringe thing ever. Also because I feel like I have changed a bit as a person from then
to now so yeah, that's part of the reason I made this presentation.

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The Midnight Killer – 10.

Hello; I hope you have had an amazing day so far :)

This is part 10 to The Midnight Killer. It's quite short so apologies for that. This chapter is mostly a filler but towards the ending there is quite an essential part to the story.

Anyway, have an amazing rest of your day/night! <3


 ❛ God I wish that you had thought this through
    - traitor by Olivia Rodrigo
    before I went and fell in love with you

JUNE 30TH, WEDNESDAY. By now, pupils of Huntsville University were planning out how they were going to ask another student to be their date to the school dance, which also, was right around the corner. Decorations had been ordered to fit the theme of the dance. Everything was going according to plan and everybody was ecstatic for the dance to come. 

Cameron had made his way towards Sadie. “Sorry, can I talk to Sadie for a bit?” Cameron asks the other girls, as they were all conversing. “Sure.” Cerlia smiles. “Great, thanks.” Cameron smiles as he grabs Sadie’s hands lightly, directing her towards a corner. “What did you wanna talk about?” Sadie asks, a bit confused. “Uh, y’know how the dance is right around the corner?” Sadie nods. “I know your friends with Lili so I was wondering if you have any advice on how to ask her to the dance?” He asks, slightly nervous about what’d she say. “Yeah, of course!” Sadie exclaims, happily which made Cameron smile. Not only because he was going to get good advice but also because Sadie was very nice and happy about it. 

Little did they know, Payton was watching them the whole time and he assumed the worst of the worst- Cameron asked Sadie to the dance and she said yes.


“Yeah, of course!” Payton sees Sadie excitedly exclaim over in the area where her and Cameron are talking by themselves. Automatically, his brain goes to think that Cameron asked her to the dance which made him feel not only upset, but jealous. He was going to ask her to the dance. He had prepared flowers, chocolate, and a cute teddy bear all to ask her to the dance. 

“Did Cameron just ask Sadie to the dance?” Dylan asks Payton. He nods, sadly. “Look, you can’t be upset over a stupid little dance. There are plenty of other people you could ask.” Dylan says, looking at the bright side of things. “It’s not stupid for your information. I’ve had dreams about this crap. This was my chance to make a move or something at least.” Payton exclaims, gesturing towards his chest every time he mentioned himself in a way.

“Look man, you have to focus on yourself, okay? I get it, Sadie is an amazing girl and you wanted to ask her to the dance but this is just university. You have yet to meet tons of other new people. Sadie might not even be who you end up with.” Dylan tells him. That’s the problem, Payton says in his mind. I want to end up with her. “Fine but then who would I ask?” Payton gives in, (he deep down didn’t). “Uh, you’re good friends with Diana, aren’t you?” Dylan asks. “Yeah..” Payton answers, knowing where this was going. “Then ask her.” Dylan suggests. Payton sighs, “I really don’t have a choice, do I?” Dylan shakes his head indicating, ‘nope’. 

So, Payton pulls out his phone and scrolls through his contacts, searching for her name. “You’re gonna ask her to the dance over text?” Dylan asks. This was definitely not the most romantic move ever. “I don’t even think she’s at school today.” Payton shrugs.


hey i was wondering if you’d like to
go to the dance with me?

yeah, of course !

great !
see you there

bye !

Payton sighs, “Happy now?”. “No, that was pathetic.” Dylan answers, truthfully. Payton sarcastically rolls his eyes.


Sadie, Payton, Anna, Aurora, and Cerlia’s apartment
[ 5:32PM ]


Are you with the rest of the JCT?
(a/n: jct = junior crime team)


Florence Villar has been murdered.
We have linked some cases and we need
you guys to head over to the office ASAP please.

we’ll be on our way

Great, thank you.

 ꒰⚘݄꒱ aye speaks!
 super duper short part :/
but i hope this part was somewhat decent
idk what to write in this series but i don't wanna
discontinue it
anyway, i'll see u in the next chapter?! bye <3

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The Midnight Killer – 09.

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This is the 9th part to the writing series! It has come to my attention that the story is not going along with the plot in the last few chapters but obviously I'm not gonna have Sadie murder people every night of every day. And this is a story with teenagers so it's only gonna be somewhat realistic if there are chapters outside of the plot so we can also get to experience the type of friendship they have and all of the extra moments, yk?

Okay, that's all for today!
Have a wonderful rest of your day and I'll see you in the next one (?) <3 



You ain’t my boyfriend, (boyfriend)
  - boyfriend by Ariana Grande, Social House
   And I ain’t your girlfriend, (girlfriend) ❜

“AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. God, his laugh was so charming.” Aurora rambled on about the events that took place with Dylan and her last night. “And you still think and say you two are just friends?” Sadie raised her eyebrow at her. “Obviously I like him more than in a friend way but I can’t say the same for him.” Aurora answers. “Fair point.” Sadie replies. “Moving on, do you guys have any idea on what the theme will be?” Anna asks Cerlia and Sadie. “Glad you asked.” Sadie smiles excitedly.

“We were thinking about a red carpet theme. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but something of the sort.” Cerlia responds. “What about something like a Met Gala? And we could interview people about their outfits?! That’d be a magical experience.” Sadie asks. “Both of those idea’s sound awesome! But Met Gala’s have themes every time they take place, what if you guys merge the two ideas and make the theme ‘red carpet’.” Aurora suggests. Cerlia and Sadie’s jaws drop. That was one of the best ideas ever. “That is an amazing idea, oh my gosh, thank you!” Cerlia thanks Aurora.


school dance committee πŸ’ƒ




have u guys ever heard of the
met gala?

yea, i have

same here

awesome, so, yk how we were thinking
about a red carpet theme? well 2day i thought
of maybe doing something like a met gala with an (outfit) theme
and aurora had the most brilliant idea and suggested to merge the two
it would be met gala themed and the theme for the met gala would be ‘a red carpet’


that’s actually an insanely 
good idea.

u sure u ain’t just saying that bc it was aurora
who came up with the idea 🀨🀨
message deleted

^^ i totally agree with what dylan said

we’ll have to get in touch w/ mrs jolie and let her know

virtual high five everybody ✋




sadie and i will get in touch w/ her
bye guys

bye !!

bye :))


“How are my favorite people doing?” Payton smiles, placing his hands over Sadie and Cerlia’s shoulders, (but he was talking to Anna and Aurora as well). “The only favorite person of yours here is Sadie.” Aurora snarked under her breath. “We’re doing good, thanks. What about you?” Sadie says, speaking for all of them.  “That’s good, and I’m doing quite well. Any other ideas for the school dance yet?” He asks, continuing the conversation. 

“Actually, yes.” Cerlia answers him.  “We were thinking about doing a red carpet sort of theme yesterday but today Sadie suggested doing something around a Met Gala and we could also do interviews about peoples outfits and have a theme for the fashion like a real Met Gala.” Cerlia explains.  “And Aurora had the fantastic idea to merge the two and make the fashion theme ‘red carpet’ for The Met Gala themed dance.” Sadie finishes. 

“That sounds excellent. A red carpet as the theme would be really interesting because it basically gives you the freedom to wear anything and everything.” Payton comments, he envisioned how beautiful everybody and everything would be on the night. “Any idea on what you guys are planning to wear yet?” He asks them. “Not exactly but there’s a few ideas coming into mind.” Aurora answers. “Probably a dress for me.” Cerlia shrugs, visions of many different and beautiful outfits in her head. “I honestly don’t know yet either. I don’t wanna wear a dress though, maybe a suit would be cool and a bit of a change.” Anna answers. “A suit would be such a power move.” Sadie comments. “You’d look so good in a suit.” Payton adds. “Sadie?” Payton asks. “Uh, I don’t know yet. Maybe a dress? But not too long, that’s all I know.” She answers.


“I gotta go now, I’m gonna be hanging out with Dylan and our friends and his house. Text me if you need anything.” Payton smiles before tucking his phone into his pocket. They nod as he was already almost out of their sight. “Well, now that we have some time without Payton, would you guys fancy going dress and suit shopping?” Cerlia smirks excitedly. “Of course.” They all respond to her happily.


The girls were in Aunt Millicents, pretty much grabbing anything that attracted them for their huge try-on in the dressing room later. Sadie was having a bit of a hard time choosing which one’s she’d like to try on. Con’s of being indecisive, I guess. Her hands skimmed the dresses along the middle and every once in a few dresses, she would stop and take a look at one of the dresses before either taking it into her little “dump” piled on her left arm, or continue looking. “You ready yet?” Aurora asks, as the rest of the girls begin to go into the changing room. Sadie looks down at her small pile, “This’ll do for now.” she shrugs.


“What do you guys think of this?” Cerlia asks, walking out of the dressing room for the 3rd or 4th time now. She walked out with the most gorgeous dress ever. It had small white jewels embroidered on the waist area and a few slightly on the chest area and the straps were styled to be coming down the sides of her shoulders, (a/n: idk if there’s a word for that). It was long but just the right length to be able to walk in.

“It looks stunning and you look beautiful, as per usual of course, but this dress looks amazing on you!” Sadie exclaimed. “Exactly what Sadie said. I love the jewels, it’s like the finishing touch.” Anna says, gesturing towards the jewels. “It’s elegant and fancy. I honestly love it.” Aurora adds. “Thank you guys! I quite love it too. It’s very comfy so that’s a plus. I think this is the one I’m buying.” She smiles, slightly twirling around ad watching the dress spin along slightly as she twirled.

“Okay Aurora, your turn.” Sadie smiles as Cerlia finishes changing out of her dress and back into her normal clothes. Cerlia laid her dress on the couch they were sitting on where all of their final choices would be. As Aurora made her way into the changing room with her pile of clothes, the rest of the girls began talking. “So any particular dress and suit you guys are looking forward to trying on?” Cerlia asks them. “I already know which suit I’m wearing.” Anna responds. Cerlia nods before turning to Sadie. “I don’t know. I didn’t really choose many outfits.” Sadie shrugs. Just then, Aurora comes out of the dressing room in her first dress. It was plain black yet it made Aurora look stunning. The dress was long enough for a short trail to be behind her but it was still easy to walk in. 

She did a small twirl, “I really like this. What do you guys think?” she asks. “I think it’s simple yet very elegant.” Sadie says. “Yeah, and you like beautiful.” Anna adds, Cerlia nods enthusiastically. “Aw, thank you! Y’know, I think I might not try the other ones on. I really like this one.” Aurora says, holding the sides of her dress and turning to the left and right. “Okay, cool!” Cerlia smiles. Aurora doesn’t take too long before she was back in her normal clothes.


The girls all loved each and every one of the dresses Sadie tried on but Sadie didn’t like them as much. So here she was, after they all helped her look for a few more dresses, she came out of the dressing room for the 10th time. She walked out with a blood red, silk, skin-tight dress that had a slit that went up to her lower thigh. The spaghetti straps lay elegantly on her shoulders. Her dress went slightly past her ankles. 

“Thoughts?” She asked them. She was really feeling herself in this dress which was definitely a really good thing. Cerlia, Aurora, and Anna’s jaws drop. “You look insanely pretty.” Aurora manages to spit out. “It looks really good on you.” Anna nods, agreeing with Aurora. “We love it, what do you think?” Cerlia asks Sadie. “I think it’s really pretty.” Sadie smiles, happily.


kool kids

pay 😎

where r you guys @?

sadie sink 2.0
aunt millicents !!

pay 😎

cerlia <3
indeed we are

pay 😎
without me?? πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€

sleeping beauty πŸ‘Έ
ur fault
u wanted to hang out w/ dylan and them

sadie sink 2.0
dylan 😏😏😏

sleeping beauty πŸ‘Έ

elsa’s sister
that’s an odd way to type ‘yes’

sleeping beauty πŸ‘Έ has left the group chat.

pay 😎
wow u guys are bullies πŸ™€

sadie sink 2.0 has added sleeping beauty πŸ‘Έ to the group chat.

sadie sink 2.0
no we’re not

pay 😎
crap i gtg now
bye guys !! <3

sadie sink 2.0
bye <3

aye speaks!
somebody slap me i'm losing motivation for this series
but then again i have sooo many plot ideas hehe
anyway, i wanna change sadie's faceclaim to this:

and i changed payton's cuz his old faceclaim lowkey reminded me
of 1d (one direction) harry styles :sob:

^ new faceclaim
btw idc if u don't like it, stay pressed :l
i'm jk, but i won't change it bc i like the new faceclaims too much

okay, bye now!! <3

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

The Midnight Killer – 08.

Hello; I hope you have had an amazing day so far :)

This is the 8th part of my writing series! I was too busy finding out The Met Gala 2021 was today and watching videos about it to remember to post this chapter LOL. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Because this is a fictional universe, I made them have a prom sort of school dance in university.
Okay, that's all! Have a wonderful rest of your day/night <3



 ❛ But I wanna feel all that love and emotion,
- People Watching by Conan Gray
be that attached to the person I’m holdin’

HUNTSVILLE UNIVERSITY WAS FULL of excited students since the moment their headmaster had announced there was going to be a school dance held at the school on July 13th from 7:40PM to 10:50PM. It was going to be somewhat similar to a prom but at the same time, not really. Many pupils were already discussing what type of outfit’s they’d be wearing on the night. To say the least, everybody was quite ecstatic for the day to come. Today was June 27 meaning 16 days, (2 weeks) until the dance. 

However, there was a twist. Instead of the traditional ‘boys ask the girls’ to be their date to the dance, it’d be the other way around. Of course, the feminine didn’t have to ask a masculine person, they could ask whoever but it was just the way the headmistress announced it to be depending on what you’re attracted to. But of course, there was also the option of not having a date at all if that’s what you’d prefer. So here many of the girls were, quite the nervous wreck. “What if he rejects me?” Sadie could hear somebody say to their friends as she walked pass them. Dang it, she thinks in her mind. I forgot that you could get rejected. This makes this whole thing even harder.

“So, who are you ladies planning to ask?” Payton smirks at them. He definitely knew who Aurora and Cerlia would ask. Anna and Sadie however, were a mystery for him. “And why are you interested?” Cerlia asks him. “Just because.” Payton shrugs, still grinning. “Well I’m not telling you.” Aurora says. “No need to. I already know who it is.” Payton smiles as he puts his left hand on her shoulder lightly, the right one pointing towards a darkish light brown haired boy with dark blue-brown eyes. “How do you know?!” Aurora whisper yells, turning her head so she’s facing Payton. “You totally didn’t drool over him for like the whole of kindergarten through to now.” Payton smiles. “Plus, I saw how red you got when he helped you pick up your books that you dropped from bumping into him.” He continues.

Dylan March Hemsworth | 19

“I did not become red!” Aurora replies, crossing her arms. “Whatever gets you to sleep at night.” Payton says in a sing-song voice, causing the other girls to laugh. “Well then, I best be on my way and let you four discuss the love of your lives.” Payton teases, making his was towards Dylan and his other friends.


“Yo Dylan.” Payton says, Dylan smiles as they do their special handshake. “What’s up?” Dylan asks. “Nothing much. Just came over to ask you guys who you hope asks you out to the dance.” Payton smirks. “Erm..” Dylan blushes. “Ooo, somebodys got a crush.” Payton teases in a sing-song voice yet again. Dylan hides his face in his hand so they wouldn’t see how red he had gotten by now. “C’mon, you can trust me.” Payton assures him. “Fine.” Dylan lightly sighs. 

“It’s Aurora.” He mutters ever so quietly but just loud enough for Payton to hear it. Payton makes this face that screams, “I know something relating to what you just said but I’m not gonna tell you because your gonna find out for yourself eventually”. Oddly specific, I know, but Dylan's other friends that were there understood what he meant. All of the boys point at Dylan then Aurora who was quite far away and made a love heart without neither of them knowing.

“Well, don’t think you guys are off the hook yet.” Payton says, looking at the two other boys: Louis and Cameron.

Louis Cole Partridge | 19

Louis is a smart, goofy, kind, and athletic boy. His grades meant almost everything to him. No good grades, means at least 10 minutes worth of a lecture from his parents. Even the smallest of a B+ was going to earn him at least a 5 minute lecture. Thankfully for him, he is a dedicated student and one of the smartest in the whole of Huntsville University which was an advantage for him. His average mark would be an A, if not, an A+. His deep brown, fluffy, and wavy hair is always kept messy due to his many basketball games and practises/trainings. He’s viewed as quite charming and many people admired his smartness.

Cameron Holland | 19

Cameron however, wasn’t the brainiest but he has his moments in specific subjects. (Like art, and english). He’s not very open towards many people. Sometimes not even his closest friends. But this doesn’t mean anything about his personality. He’s one of the sweetest boys you’ll probably ever meet. A total gentlemen, if you will. His jet black hair is always styled neatly and his style of fashion was not simple, but not too fancy. He knows his fashion to sum it up.

The two boys’ eyes widen as they were caught off guard. “Uhhh..” Cameron begins. “Tell me, Mr Holland, who are you awaiting to ask you to be their date for the dance?” Payton jokes in a ‘posh’ and ‘fancy’ accent. “I don’t really know. I mean, I think Sadie’s a pretty girl and she’s really nice.” Cameron answers. What Cameron didn’t know was that, that simple sentence was enough to make Payton’s heart sink. Dylan looked straight at Payton in the eye. He knew about Payton’s crush on Sadie but stuck to his word, and never tod anybody else so how were they gonna break it to Cameron that Payton likes Sadie?

Payton didn’t express this feeling on the outside though because Sadie isn’t an object so she doesn’t belong to him or anybody else. And even though jealousy for these sort of scenarios was normal and natural, Payton didn’t want to feel controlling over Sadie. 

So, he puts on a fake smile and turns to Louis, “What about you?”. Louis shrugs. “I don’t mind. Pretty much everybody here are equally amazing.” He answers. “But you don’t fancy every single person in our school, do you? There is definitely one person you have special feelings for.” Dylan smirks along with Payton. “Maybe..” Louis mutters, looking down at his shoes. “Cerlia, am I correct?” Payton smirks even more, (if that’s even possible). “I swear- how do you always know these things?!” Louis exclaims, surprised. “All I’m gonna say is that you get flustered way~ too easily.” Payton answers, dragging out the ‘way’.


“So Cerlia is planning to ask Louis, Aurora wants to ask Dylan, and Anna wants to ask *Elena, am I correct?” Sadie says after their, roughly around 20 minutes of discussing how they’d ask the person. “Correct.” They all say at the same time. “You never told us who your asking though.” Aurora says to Sadie. “I don’t know yet.” Sadie replies nonchalantly as she shrugs. “Not even, y’know, Payton?” Anna asks her. Sadie shrugs once more, “I don’t know. Plus, what if somebody asks me. Mrs Jolie did say that it was going to be mainly the girls ask people but what if somebody decides to ask me?”.

“Well then you’d be quite lucky and not have to worry about rejection.” Cerlia comments. “True but what if I have to reject them? I hate doing that sort of stuff.” Sadie asks. “I get what you mean but rejection is normal. If they get angry at you for your decision, then rejecting them was the correct choice because you need to find somebody who can handle and respect your choice.” Anna assures Sadie. Sadie nods, appreciating her advice. “Sadie, Dylan, Cerlia, and Cameron, please make your way to the headmistress’ office right now, please.” They hear from the speaker. The girls immediately look at each other, “Did I do something?” Sadie panics. “No, you definitely didn’t. Don’t worry, it’s probably something to do with the dance. Maybe you guys are in charge of it, oooo!” Aurora smiles.

“Are you guys okay with us leaving you?” Cerlia asks them. “Yeah, no worries. Have fun!” Anna smiles. However, Aurora was worried. Cerlia and Sadie were going to be able to hang out with Dylan. But Aurora knew that she could trust them, after all, Cerlia liked somebody else and Sadie, she wasn’t sure about Sadie but she knew that Sadie would never do anything to cause Aurora to be upset intentionally.


“Good afternoon Sadie, Cameron, Cerlia, and Dylan.” Mrs Jolie, (the headmistress) smiled. “Good afternoon, Mrs Jolie.” They smiled back. “I’ve gathered you all because I find you all are responsible children and can handle the responsibility of being in charge of a big event. Which is why, I have chosen you four to be the organizers of the school dance in two weeks time.” She explains. They nod, confirming they were to be trusted. 

“Party Palace has sponsored us for this dance and we are able to buy the decorations from them for a very cheap price.” She continued. “The decorations will be coming in when you guys come up with the dance theme.” Mrs Jolie informs them. “You guys have two days to discuss the theme, understood?” She asks them, to which, they all nod. “Good, you may be dismissed. Have a lovely day, darlings.” She smiles. “You too, Mrs Jolie.” They all say in unison, kindly smiling back.

Sadie created small talk as they walked outside of Mrs Jolie’s office. “So any ideas for the theme in mind yet?” She asks them. “Maybe something like a red carpet.” Cerlia suggests. “Ooo, yeah! And maybe we could have a red carpet and you can walk in on the carpet just like a real red carpet.” Dylan adds. “For sure but it should be optional for any of those who prefer not to.” Sadie comments. “Definitely. Maybe we could have a photobooth so we can take pictures for memories, y’know?” Cameron agrees. “You guys have awesome ideas, not gonna lie.” Cerlia smiles at them, surprised at how easy this was going so far.



i’m gonna give u one of my friends’
numbers, mk?

022 342 123
(a/n: i just made a random number LOL)
do i know this person?

oh ok
i’ll add them lol


Sadie had just given me one of her friends’ numbers. To be honest, I was kinda scared to add them. What if it turned out to be some creepy old man?

022 342 123

yo who this
can i kidnap you?
if ur a 50 year old man then no
good thing i’m a 51 year old man πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
not today satan
oh no u don’t
πŸƒπŸ’¨  πŸš—πŸ’¨
well crap
okay but who are you??
fair point
well, wyd?
washing my tv πŸ‘½
sick !!
wbu m’lady







wbu m’lady

walking my fish, good sir
what an excellent thing to be doing


For the rest of the night, they went on facetime together and played many video games until 1AM. They were pretty much flirting the whole time but if you asked them, they’d say it was just them joking around.

aye speaks!
okay miss aurora, get ur mans queen
LOL but fr there is gonna be some major drama and heartbreaks coming up
that i have plotted in my head mwahahaha
(blame it on my odd obsession for listening to sad edit audios)
so stick around for that ig

and just a little note, having a fictional universe where
you can write anything and everything happen in it, of course i'm not gonna make
every single character straight. it will be so unrealistic of a world if every character is only attracted
to the opposite gender which is why i have mixed things up a bit.

*elena's faceclaim and a bit about her!

elena coleman is a 18 year old girl.
she loves music, and drawing (specifically painting or doodling).
she's not exactly popular but she's very well known amongst the students of huntsville university.
she also loves to read.

this isn't a very detailed description like cameron and louis' one but idk what to write :sob:
ngl her faceclaim is giving sadie sink vibes and i'm living for it
and cameron's faceclaim looks like v (taehyung) from bts DJKBDENJDN
like, they look so similar-

n e way, see u in the next part!
bye <3