Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Stonks Guy, Robert and Greg's Fart Fail

Morning ;)

This is my narrative from a few weeks ago that I finished! We had to think up 3 different characters and we ended up with Stonks Guy, Robert and Greg! I hope you like this crack piece of writing that I call a story, haha.


NOTE: This is a crack piece of writing, Gen Z humour may be featured in this and also memes but if you know, you know, *does the Debby Ryan*. If confirmation is needed search up the line in the story to understand. If you don’t understand this humour, you may just have to be accepting the fact that you may be a boomer :) Otherwise, welcome to my extraordinary piece of writing!


Featuring: Stonks Guy, Robert and Craig. The KFC toilet’s and workers are paid actors.


~ Introduction ~

“Stonks, you up for a challenge *smirks devilishly*” Robert asked while finger combing his imaginary long goatee with his hands. Robert is a very.. Hmm.. Interesting man let’s just say and Greg too, his best friend.

“Yes sir! ;)” Winked Stonks Guy while doing the Debby Ryan, (if you know, you know). Stonks Guy is a living Meme man if i’m being honest.  He wears a tuxedo with a blue bowtie. He looks a bit creepy in real life as he has a meme man head.

They met Stonks Guy in a party and ever since then, they became inseparable!

“Craig, you up for a challenge too?” Asked Robert again as he dramatically shot his towards Craig’s direction while yet again, finger combing his imaginary long goatee.

“Yessss sirrrrr!” Exclaimed Greg while dice rolling.

“The competition is a farting challenge! Whoever wins gets whatever they want on the KFC menu and no limits..!” Said Robert as he grinned sheepishly.

~ Beginning ~

“Don’t you reckon we go in separate stalls?” Asked Greg to Robert.

“Pshhh no.” Said Stonks Guy and Robert in unison.

“Alright, if you say so. In this stall we go..” Said Greg walking into an empty stall with Stonks Guy and Robert closely followed behind.

“Ready..” Robert started.

“Steady..” Greg continued.

“GO!” Stonks Guy yelled.

And this is where the fun, no scratch that, CHAOS begins..


Honestly, anybody else who was in the bathroom would have to go outside. The. bathroom. smelt. AWFUL. Literally a 6 year old girl entered the bathroom just to be met with a horrible smell and noise. Poor girl carried her Barbie Doll inside, (a brand new one mind you), and it caused her Barbie to be so smelly that she would have to throw it in a plastic bag, tie that plastic bag, put another plastic bag on top of the previous one, tie that plastic bag then bury the bag deep down underground. The poor girl was so traumatized she broke down in tears when she exited the bathroom.

I wonder how Robert, Greg and Stonks Guy are coping with all the disgusting smell they are creating, let’s see. Oh.. OH- So they were just wearing 5 masks each! No wonder why they can cope with it.

~ Stonks Guy POV ~

EW! It smells HORRID in here, I was trying to get them to stop but I don’t think they can hear me with all the noise that we are creating. Suddenly I heard the largest fart from all of us yet…

“Uh oh…” We all exclaimed at the same time. This is when we knew, we messed up..

~ Greg POV ~

“Did w-we j-just d-do t-that?” I asked with fear in my voice.

“*Gulps*... Yes..” Said Stonks Guy.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” We all yelled at the same time.

“Shoot, shoot, SHOOT!” Yelled Robert as he paced around the now brown, green and chunky poo on the floor of the bathroom stall.

“You might wanna watch out you might sl-” Stonks Guy tried to say but Robert already slipped, on his back, landed on his head, on the poo and was just knocked out unconscious.

“He’s gonna kill us when he finds out that the poo went in his hair!” I said.

“Let’s get cleaned up!” Said Stonks Guy before gagging.

~ Narrator POV ~

The pair got cleaned up, how? Well simple, crawl back through the secret tunnel in the bathroom that they made all the way back to their homes. Shower then return! Unfortunately for them though, by the time they came back Robert was outside the tunnel waiting for them, arms crossed, foot tapping the floor impatiently and the most scariest and angriest frown. Well their done for.

“Tell my mum I love her before I die!” Stonks Guy exclaimed dramatically while clutching his heart.


“GOSH CALM DOWN JAMOLE, DON’T PULL OUT THE 9, AHAHAHHAH” Laughed Stonks Guy trying to lighten up the mood.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA” Laughed Greg trying to backup Stonks Guy. Robert just glared and walked up to the duo with his fists clenched. 

“Okay, okay sorry sorry!” Stonks Guy yelled with his hands up in the air in defeat.

“Wait so who won?” Asked Robert.

“ME!” Yelled Stonks Guy, Greg and Robert at the same time. This led to a fist fight..

“I WIN!” Yelled Robert.

“NO I DID YOU FOUL LOATHSOME EVIL LITTLE COCKROACH!” Yelled Stonks Guy while tackling Robert. Greg was on top of Stonks Guy yelling,


~ Fast Forward Since Nobody Wants To Be Listening To Their Little Fist Fight ~

If i’m being completely honest, they were fighting like little toddlers. They just smacked their hands up and down on the others and yelled. Long story short, Robert won and now they are ordering whatever he wants at the KFC counter.

“Yeah I would like 4 Rugby All Stars please and thank you.” Said Robert to the KFC worker.

“Alright. You’re total is $48.” Said the KFC worker.

“Robert, the money?” Nudged Robert to Stonks Guy. Stonks Guy scoffed before reluctantly handing him $50 dollars.

“Oh and, keep the change!” Winked Robert to the worker.

“Wha- YOU! ARGH! Cut the cameras, deada-” Yelled Stonks Guy and with that he smacked the camera’s out of the camera guys' hands.

“And that’s when he knew that he fricked up.” Said the KFC worker.

“Go rObeRt gO! RuN lIke tHe wInd!” Yelled Greg to Robert.

In conclusion, don’t have a farting competition and who even wants to do that stuff? If i’m being honest, if you do want to have a farting competition, your last three brain cells are; Stonks Guy, Robert and Greg.

~ Special interview with Stonks Guy afterwards ~

Narrator: “What were you thinking when Robert said, ‘Keep the change.’?”

Stonks Guy: “I remember thinking, i’m about to beat this bleep up.”

~ THE END :> ~

The Legend of The Golden Snail

Morning ;)

And welcome or welcome back to my blog! This is my reading task from yesterday that I wanted to finish. Me, Nadia and Nina worked together on this! Basically, we had to read the story, "The Legend of The Golden Snail". We were then given a checklist which we had to tick off if the story had those things. E.g: "The characters are introduced and described" and "The sequence of the event's is described". 


The story summarised as much as I can since it's a long story:

A long time ago in Indonesia, there lived a prince called Raden who was married to a princess named Dewi. They lived in an ornate palace with lot's of pretty flowers in the gardens.

One day when Dewi was walking in the palace gardens, she spotted a snail among her flowers. Her being over dramatic, (in my opinion), asked one of her servants to pick it up and also throw it away. The snail was actually a really old witch who disguised herself, (I don't even know why either). The witch became very angry, (ma'am, calm down), with Dewi so she put a curse on her and turned her into a golden snail, (at least she's golden). Then she threw the snail into the river, which carried her away from the palace and into the forest.

In the forest lived a poor widow who made her living catching fish. On this day, she had been trying unsuccessfully to catch fish in her net. Finally, she pulled her net out of the water to go home. There, in the bottom of her net was a snail with a shell that shone like gold. She took it home and placed it in a clay pot.

The next morning when she woke up, her floors were swept and there was a meal placed on her table! This continued happening for many days until the day she decided to figure out who was helping her.

One day, she pretended to go out but she was actually hiding. Soon she saw the snail crawl out of the pot. A pretty young woman exited out from the shell. She then cleaned the house and cooked a meal. The old woman realised that she was under a spell and she was determined to break the curse. She took the empty shell and she quickly threw it away into the river. Then the young woman told the old woman her story and continued to live with her.

Some years passed and the kind tried to persuade the Prince Raden that he needed a new wife. Raden was determined not to marry anybody unless she looked exactly like his former wife, (Princess Dewi, i'm guessing). So, he travelled town to town with his servant searching for a new wife.

One day, Prince Raden and his servant came upon the hut near the river. They asked the old woman for food and drinks. After eating and drinking, Raden wanted to thank the person who made the meal. The old woman brought out her "daughter", who was actually Princess Dewi.

As soon as Raden saw her he knew that she was the bride that he wished to have. Dewi refused to marry him, (um ma'am, isn't that your husband anyways?). Anyway, Dewi refused to marry him until he went to heaven and collected the holy gamelan, a special Javanese instrument which played music without needing to be touched. Raden agreed. For one hundred days, he fasted and meditated in the forest until the God's decided to grant his wish. On their wedding day, the holy gamelan played the beautiful music and Dewi was able to tell her husband the story about the witch's curse and the golden snail.

The old woman lived happily ever after in the palace with them and had everything she could possibly want.



We had to then underline the main characters. I underlined Prince Raden, Princess Dewi, The Witch (because without her this story wouldn't have happened, would it?), the servant (#underrated) and the poor widow.

Then we had to connect a line from under the main characters and described them.

Prince Raden: "Prince that lost his wife, (lonely)".

Princess Dewi: "Princess, (got karma)". Which by the way, is completely true after all, she did order her servant to throw it away.

The Witch: "Snail maker".

Servant: "Underrated and unbothered queen/king" and I decided to do it that because the princess turned into a snail and the servant was there, weren't they? So they're unbothered kings/queens.

Poor Widow: "Nice lady that's poor".


I hope you like this task, sorry that it's so long but I hope you enjoyed! :)

Friday, 26 March 2021

Silhouette Art

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

This is my silhouette art. I chose a Hogwarts themed silhouette with a purplish background! :)


Purple Epilepsy Day

 Today is a mufti day at Pt England where we wear purple, (if we have any purple clothes) to raise awareness for the medical condition that affects the brain called Epilepsy. Epilepsy is where you have seizures and it all starts from your brain. Mr Vogt is affected by this condition. I personally don't have many purple clothes so I just wore a top and black shorts with a purple sweatshirt. 

Here is picture of an insight of some people in the team 5 space that were wearing purple! :)

Streets 4 Everyone Project

 The year 7 and 8 extension group have been working with an amazing company called Open Fort and they are working with the Tāmaki Regeneration Company on a project that's in Point England called Streets for Everyone. For this project we had to brainstorm about what would be some fun activities in the local area. There were different topics on what type of theme the games/activities would be. They were, connect the dots, treasure/scavenger hunt and some others! 

I worked with Finau and we chose to do a scavenger hunt with food and we chose to name it, "Spot Your Favourite Food"! We wanted to use some paint that only reveals when it gets wet so it's like, "look for your favourite food without knowing where it is..!". Then on top could be question marks with paint that disappears when it get's wet to reveal the food. On the top with visible paint that doesn't disappear there will be 4 different main food types; Dessert, Sea Food, Proper Food and Healthy Food (Veggies and Fruits).

Although its's quite a big idea, we hope to make it work! This is a bit of an insight on Learn, Create, Share in our school and we really enjoy this and the opportunities we are given because of this! :)

Visual Ratio

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Today we did some maths on Ratio and let me tell you that it was so fun because we used none other than.. M&M's! First we had to rearrange them into a mathematical way. I arranged mine into a line in the order of the rainbow which makes a pictograph! 

Then we made a 3 different Ratios with the same M&M's. Here is mine:

(Sorry for the bad picture). Anyways, the first Ratio is 3:4, second: 1:4 and the third: 1:3!

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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Ratio Reconcilliation

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This is my maths Ratio task. It might be wrong as I am quite new to Ratio, please correct me if I am! 


Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Digital Noho

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Today Team 5 did a Digital Noho which is basically a practise lock down. We basically is where we take our devices home and go on a Google Meet just in case we ever go into another lock down! We played Kahoot since it's not school work that we would do since we just came back from school. :)

Monday, 22 March 2021

Ratio Practice

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This is my maths task about Ratio Practise. It wasn't that hard and it was quite fun! 

Let me know if I got any wrong :)

The Past Beneath our Feet Level 4

 Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

This is one of my literacy tasks about fossils. Read the text on the first page to understand about this task!

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Friday, 19 March 2021

Attitude w/ Jana

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Today Jana came over to our space and talked about personality's. It was really fun and she was really funny. She showed us 4 different animals that were based on 4 different main personality traits; Peacemaker, Leader, Hardworking and Fun. 

Peacemaker= Golden Retriever 

Leader: Lion

Hardworking: Beaver

Fun: Otter

I reckon after doing the official personality test: that I am either most likely an Otter or a Beaver!

What do you think you will be? :)

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Doubling and Halving

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This is my maths task for today and it was a bit hard. Enjoy :)

Silhouette Art Plan

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This is my silhouette planning for my art. I hope you like it :)

Monday, 15 March 2021

My Next Step

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This is my maths task for today. I had to do 2 slides for this task!

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Lockdown 4.0

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This was a task from during Lock down I didn't get to post. It's about lock down!

Divine Division

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This is my maths task from yesterday that I couldn't finish since I did Class on Air. Anyways, this is all about division and multiplication. I hope you enjoy!  

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Is it ever okay to steal?

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Today, me, Nadia, Kiarah, Angelica, Norah Jade and Cherish did a little argumentation board for our first group Class onAir episode! We did it on a Google Meet just in case if we went to another lockdown then we would know how to do it on there. The topic was stealing and we split into 2 groups, why stealing is OK and why stealing is wrong. I was on team OK with Angelica and Norah Jade and against was Nadia, Kiarah and also Cherish.

It was really fun and each person got to say one topic from their point of the argument. Mine was..

If you steal something from a dairy and it's only like, a dollar, I don't consider that stealing, at least not VERY bad. It's not like stealing an iPhone or expensive item.

   ^ The world won’t end love, it’s just a dollar.

Exactly those words but anyways, overall I really would like to do it again with the girls, it was so much fun!


Tuesday, 9 March 2021

How To be a Good Son/Daughter/Child

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This is my writing task for today. I started it yesterday and finished it today. It is a explanation structure on how to be a good son/daughter/child to your parents!

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Being a good son/daughter/child is essential so your parents adore you so, here are some ways on how to be a good child to your parents.


Help around the house. 

This means cleaning the house, washing the dishes, setting up the table or wherever you eat. Do those things even if your parents didn’t ask you to because it really helps them. You don’t want to rely on them to clean up the house, you have to help out and do things for them when they can’t do them! Also, clean things up after yourself, don't make your parents do it.


Look after your younger siblings (if you have any). 

This helps your parent’s because then they can rely that their younger child(ren) is/are getting taken care of and it helps your parent’s especially when their busy!


Using your manners and obeying them. 

Using your manners is essential because you can’t be rude to your parents that just straight up rude and not good. Obeying them is also good because they just want to help and if they ask you to do something, just do it.


In conclusion, please follow these tips and be a good child to your parents and look out for them! :)

Monday, 8 March 2021

How To have a successful Movie Marathon

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This is my literacy task. It is some instructions on how to have a successful movie marathon! I suggest you watch Harry Potter!

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Today I will be giving you some tips on how to have a successful movie marathon! A movie marathon is where you watch a lot of movies in a row, one after one. I suggest that you watch something like Harry Potter that has multiple movies in the franchise.

Anyways, here are some tips for a movie marathon...


1. Snacks! 

Snacks are an VERY essential bit of a successful movie marathon because you need to have popcorn and stuff for all the juicy bits.. Like drama… ANYWAYS, also you’d probably be hungry during a marathon since you would watch a LOT of movies and they are all around 1, 2 or 3 hours long!


2. Blankets and Pillows! 

You NEED to be comfy for a movie marathon because HELLO, you are going to be watching more then 3 movies! That way you can also fall asleep during the movie while being comfy.


3. The Movies! 

I don’t really need to explain this because well, if you’re gonna have a movie marathon you basically need the movies otherwise.. It’s not a movie marathon! I personally suggest Harry Potter, start from the first movie to the last (Philosophers Stone and Deathly Hallows Part 2)!


4. Friend’s or Family! 

This is optional if you want to have the marathon with friends or family. I recommend friends because it would be a lot of fun to have their company but of course you can watch it by yourself!


In conclusion, I hope you use this tips for a successful and fun movie marathon! :)

Sensational Subtraction

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This is one of the Math tasks from during the most recent lockdown that I didn't post. It's mostly subtraction!

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Delicious Division

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This is my maths task for today. It was a bit hard but at the same time it was quite fun! I hope you enjoy and learn something new maybe?

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Explanation Structure

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

This is my literacy writing of how to be a good son/daughter/child. Use these tips, they are helpful and always be kind to your parent's because they do a lot of things for you!

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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Adjectives Are Amazing

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Sorry I haven't been posting on my blog, recently I got deleted for being able to edit my blog on accident and just gained access like 2 days ago? I finished some of my work and I am still working on some of it!

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