Wednesday, 28 June 2017

My Story of Tamarereti

My amazing diorama about Tamarereti

Last week room fifteen made spectacular dioramas about a Maori legend called tamarereti at school. First we chose our shoe box that was empty and wrote our names on them. Next we picked if we wanted a day time or nighttime scene. Then we added detail and stuff  on our black or blue paper I chose black paper for my night scene and I added a moon and a whare for Tamarereti to live in. I also got dark green paper and cut grassy hills out. I added trees and a flower. After that I asked miss Eadie if I can glue my stuff all together with moj poj glue. Finally I stuck my scene on my box and created a taniwha out of stiff cardboard and I also created Tamarereti out of stiff cardboard too. I coloured them both in miss Eadie stappled my Tamarereti and taniwha on my shoe box. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Last week at school in room 15 we made incredible kites. First we took some straws and connected them then we put cellotape on the straws. And then we made a frame with the straws. Next we connected some plastic paper and also we cellotaped  the plastic paper on the straw frame. After that we all went to the mat then miss Myers gave us some string.then we went to our partner and put the string on the kites. After that we put some ribbons on the kite. Lastly there was no wind.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Laura and Ella

Once upon a time there was a princess called Laura and her pet unicorn called Ella. Princess Laura lived in a beautiful mansion  in a glorious flower garden and Ellas pet unicorn lived on a grassy field. One day princess Laura went to feed Ella but something was a little weird because usually Laura here's Ella nhew when Laura comes but she did'nt this time. All of a sudden Laura was counfused ??. Laura decided to go to different grassy fields because Laura knows how munch Ella loves grassy fields. Next Laura searchs everywhere. Then Laura sees rainbow hair from a secret passage way Laura knew it was Ella Laura was suspicious and delighted Laura said to Ella "I was looking for you everywhere" Ella said "me too hehehe".After that Ella and Laura went back to the mansion. Finally Laura and Ella had an picnic with wonderfull food that was delious and yummy all in there belly. And cool saytisfying smoothies.

Laura and Ella