Friday, 28 September 2018

Cross Country

As soon as the bell rang everyone went to class. Every single teacher was very early. Once the block and pt England school lined up outside on the concrete there was a bunch of people talking about cross country. Everyone was wearing there house colours. Mr Burt did stop looking and listening to get every ones attention. All eyes were on him. Mr Burt explained the instructions very clearly. First up year ones boys. 2nd up year one girls Catherine  my besties little sister was first out of the girls. a few minutes later it was the year four girls. I was super duper nervous. Settling in the line "clap" went the wooden clapper. I bolted as fast as I could. I went past Miss King all the way to the finish line. I finished the race and I was gasping for air. As I grabbed a water bottle I started getting dizzy and weak so I couldn't open my water bottle. So I gave it to my bestie Finau to open it for me. I gulped a bunch of water and then I closed my lid. 1 hour or 2 later cross country was finished. I was relived. Finally I went home.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Thank you Roots

Dear Roots
Thank you for teaching us the importance of water it was a pleasure to have you here.
 Thank you for teaching us how long till its gone and for letting us design the water tanks and i’m so happy that you guys choose my design.
And also thanks for giving us a Maori stone a Roots t-shirt and a certificate.Water for life and hopefully you can come next time.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Elimination tag with a twist

With excitement the Block went to the playground to play elimination tag but little did we know it had a twist to it. The twist was that there were also going to be Dodge ball throwers on the edges of the playground.Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to play because of my arm but i didn't really mind. Once the game began I saw almost everyone running as fast as a cheetah and I saw a bunch of people climbing up on stuff just so they didn't get tagged. And there were lots of honest people that came down onto the  grass because they were tug. "2 minutes left" Mr Moran said. Everyone was cheering for Marius because he was the winner. Marius was a bit excited for himself so he bolted across the playground and he had a bad accident. I was worried for him. I hope my arm stays broken forever so I don't get hurt like Marius.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

My brand new Duffy book

this is my fantastic new duffy book.
it is called INFINITY RING Book 8 and the author is MATT DE LA PENA. thank you Dominian Construction for donating this book im very very thankful. and I choose this book because it had a guide and game secreatly hidden in the book.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Aye myat my fun day at the YMCA pools

Yesterday after school my mum told me and my sisters that my family and I would go to the YMCA pools. Excitement ran through me and my sisters. Once I arrived home I took my lunchbox ad my water bottle out of my bag then I put my bag away. My mum then told me to sit on the floor so we can eat some rice. When I was done eating with my family I went to put my swim togs on with my sisters. After me and my sisters got changed my dad then got changed into his swimming shorts. Everyone was ready to go swimming my mum thought since it was a sunny day we should walk to the pools. We walked and walked and finally reached the pools. We got to the front desk and payed money. Straight away without wasting any time I went and swam in the pools with my sisters. At the afternoon i had to go back home. That is my fun day at the pools.

Aye myat word cline activity - sentences

Copy your sentences from your book into the boxes below.


On a nice sunny day i was boiling hot.


Yesterday it was hailing and it was absolutely chilly.


I rarely eat pizza because it’s a treat.

Feelings - Sad

I felt miserable when I broke my arm.

Feelings - Happy

I always feel ecstatic when I get to go to the pools.


I always gallop to school  because it is fun.


My neighbour owns a huge chocolate bunny i saw it in their house.


I  whisperd a secret into my besties ear making sure that no other person heard.