Thursday, 30 April 2020

Write your own Mystery story V2

Ah, another day of mysteries. Yesterday I solved more than 10 cases, now I have about 4,606. I am just casually waiting for the 4,607th case. Not long from now somebody would bust through the door. In fact, as soon as I finished thinking that, Mrs Nua came inside.

“Hey Mrs Nua, do you have a case that I have to solve?” I asked.

“Yes, a VERY serious one!” She replied with seriousness in her voice.

That’s when I remembered Mr Burt’s case from yesterday.

“Just before I take a look at your mysterie, please confirm there is no coffee spilled, squashed bananas and most importantly may I ask you, is this case important?”

“Yes! VERY. I don’t know why you're asking me about squashed bananas and stuff but I promise you that this case has nothing to do with it and also is VERY, SUPER important” Her voice sounded sure and plus, either way I'd have to solve the case because I am a detective after all.

“Ok, then please show me where this mysterie took place,” I said, bringing my notebook and pencil with me as I went out the door with her.

“This mysterie actually didn’t take place anywhere.” Mrs Nua told me.

“What? What type of mysterie is this then?”

“You see, one of the teachers faked being sick. There is only one clue I have so far and that is that the Pt England School discount was used.” She said with a worry in her words.

“Can’t you just tell who exactly did it? I mean, wouldn’t the teacher call the office saying that they're sick and can’t make it? It’s pretty simple” I said confused.

“No, most teachers are still doing online learning sessions with their teachers. The person who seems to have ‘faked being sick’ has left NO trace. They didn’t even tell the office. Yet-it could just mean it was very important and they had no time to call OR that they didn’t want any traces.” Mrs Nua confirmed to me.

“Well, do you know who called you to say they were sick?” I asked Mrs Nua.

“Well, Miss Parrant called and hmmm, nobody else.” Mrs Nua replied.

“Weird, well do you know any of the online learning teachers who are sick today?” I questioned.

“Huh? What does it have to do with them? They are at home and plus there's no reason for them to call. Even if they are sick they can still make it to online lessons, can’t they?” Mrs Nua said, she was really confused.

By the way she asked, it seemed as if she didn’t understand. Plus she had a point but this is what I meant,

“Well, basically they can still use the Pt England School discount. So it’s safe to call them, right;” I explained.

“Oh and, can’t you just SEE who used the Pt England School discount. Unless they're a hacker or something?” I questioned.

“Yes, I tried that and like what a hacker would do I saw nothing in the name area. It was VERY strange so the account is at risk unless it’s just a teacher playing a prank or something. Or they could ACTUALLY be using the money” Mrs Nua said scared.

So we went over to her computer. Mrs Nua said that the person that used some money spent it at the movies! I mean really? Out of all the things from food to clothes and jewellery and cars, they choose the movies? Well it is a pretty good thing to spend money on. So we went to the movies and guess who we found there?

The one and only…..drum roll please…..Miss Tuia!!

“Oh, Hey Miss Tuia! Fancy seeing you here!” I said surprisingly.

“Oh hey, I am even more surprised you're here!” Miss Tuia’s voice seemed, uh, a bit off?

I don’t know how to explain but it seemed different. I assumed she was sick and just came to the movies for some nice popcorn and an entertaining movie. It was a coinkydink how we were looking for any clues about the teacher who spent money on the movies from the Pt England School discount and we ran into her here, in the movies. I didn't think much of it but I obviously had to get some clue’s so I decided to ask her some questions.

“Miss Tuia, Did you perhaps see any Pt England School teachers here in the movies, by any chance?” I quizzed.

“Yes I saw yes these two teachers actually not just one two and they went there were here at the movies not too long ago and I was kind of surprised that they were here because I thought I was going to be the only one here and it was very exciting and surprising and then they, a, left and I'm still here so yeah I didn't see any others though but I definitely saw two teachers. Yeah it's not even like making this up I like go” Miss Tuia said oddly rather quickly. I thought it was just another part of her cold or sickness symptoms.

“OK….well I hope you feel better, you seem like you are sick or something. Well we’ll see you around and thanks for telling us some information we really, really needed it. Well thanks, bye!” Mrs Nua thanked.

Then it hit me. I asked Mrs Nua to call some of the online learning teachers. Yes I know, we should have done it earlier but we had to discover some clues before we did because we didn't want to blame people without any evidence. Mrs Nua called Mr Goodwin, Miss Davis, And all the other online learning teachers from Pt England school.

Once we went back the path we came, we stumbled across Miss Tuia again. Miss Tuia said she needed a ride back home because she walked here and we did think she was sick so we gave her a ride home. Miss Tuia brang her popcorn and drinks that she bought.

When we arrived back at school we got out of the car and we went into my office because we called the online learning teachers over to my office. Most of the teacher's were already arriving in my office. We welcome Miss Tuia along with us because we were starting to get suspicious of her and we were trying to figure out a case why shouldn't we call her in?

When I got into my comfortable chair, Mrs Nua leaned against the wall near the door, making sure no one was going to exit the room without being allowed to. That's when I got my computer ready to write down any information I would receive from each and everyone of the teachers.

“This is your second time being a suspect of a crime. Tell me Mr Goodwin. Do you happen to have stumbled across the movies today?” I questioned as I wrote the question down.

“The movie’s? Why would I go to the movies? I've been busy teaching my precious room 6 and room 8 today. I have no time to go to the movies!” Mr Goodwin said.

His voice definitely sounded confident and very sure. He didn't seem like he was a suspect really so I just let him go to the side but I wasn't going to let him go JUST yet.

One after one, I interviewed each and everyone of the online learning teacher’s. None of them except for Mr Goodwin stayed. All the rest had REAL good reasons and they were allowed to exit the room.

I also called in Miss Parrant because she was at school that same day. Everybody left the room one by one and only Mr Goodwin, Miss Tuia and Miss Parrant were left. It was up to me to solve the rest of this mystery.

“Miss Parrant, Mr Goodwin and Miss Tuia. You guys are the last three suspects all the rest of the teachers seem to have really, really good reasons and I let them go, but I don't think you guys are able to go.” I said as I looked every one of the 3 teachers in the eye.

“So tell me, did you really not go to the crime scene at the movie theatres, Mr Goodwin?” I said as I escaped off Miss Tuia’s eyes onto his.

“I said I was busy teaching my beautiful really amazing, smart, talented students from both room 6 and room 8. I don't have enough time to go to the movie theatres and even if I did have enough time, I don't think I would.” Mr Goodwin confirmed.

His voice, the tone-everything about him, he seemed trust-worthy. I didn’t want to look like a bad detective so I kept him there just-in-case he’s a REALLY good liar.

“Miss Parrant, So you're telling me you were at school the whole time teaching your lovely year five and six students?” I asked.

“Yes, why would I be lying if? If it was me then what would my students be doing now? Wouldn’t they figure out I was gone?” Miss Parrant made a really good, strong point. It was up to Miss Tuia, that’s when it hit me.

“Miss Tuia! You're the one who used the Pt England School discount and you're the one who went to the movies! We saw you in the movie theatre and you tried to lead me and Mrs Nua off track by taking us to a whole different area. You were nervous and you were the only teacher from Pt England School at the movies, and you were the only teacher from this school to go to the movies and at the exact same time that this case started.” I confronted him.

“You caught me! I am SO, SO, SO,SO, SO, SO sorry!” Miss Tuia went on and on.

“Look, we are not going to punish you or anything. Just don’t do this stuff again ESPECIALLY using the school discount on the movies!” I said.

Well that was basically the end. See ya in my next case maybe??


Wednesday, 29 April 2020

My Own Mystery story

I’m sitting in my office ready for the 4,522nd case to solve.

Yes, me, a child that's only turned 10 this year solved 4,522 mysteries like I have been doing it since I was 3.

You see ever since I was 7 I got online and watched some YouTube. Not just any old videos or cartoons but riddles. Specifically, 7 Second Riddles. By-the-way, 7 Second Riddles is an actual YouTube channel that I actually did watch ever since I was 7. That's what got me into riddles and mysteries. Basically on the channel, there was a scenario and you had 7 seconds to solve it. I didn’t get EVERYTHING right..but..I did get most of them right. Sometimes I got it wrong but realized my answer could have made more sense other then the real answer.

Anyway back to the office. I am sitting down in my chair expecting anybody or anything to come in and inform me of a case I have to solve. Whether it’s an old lady, old man, young man, young lady, a baby, a cat, a dog ANYTHING, I am ready! But nobody comes in. I go to fetch myself a cup of water and that's when Mr Burt (the principal) comes inside my office.
“Detective Aye, I need you now!” He said while gasping for breath.

“Woah, it seems like you ran here, pretty fast.” I said.

“Yes, definitely” Mr Burt replied, panting even louder.

“Well, before I check out the case. Tell me, how important is it to you?” I questioned.

“What type of case is this? Murder, lost and missing, robbery…” I went on, listing all the types of cases.

“Robbery! But a VERY, VERY serious case of robbery!” Mr Burt said.
It seemed like by the tone of his voice that he couldn’t wait any longer so I just stood up with my cup and told him to show me where the robbery took place. He leadeth me to the staffroom, the teachers vacation area where they can take a break from their students. Suspiciously, I looked around, examining the room but there wasn’t much but coffee spilled everywhere.
“Look, I have no time for some tricks and games. If this isn’t a REAL robbery then I better get going” I said confused about the sight.
“This isn't a real robbery? If this is not a robbery then what is it!” Once again, by the tone of his voice he seemed serious so I said,
“Fine, but all I see is “coffee spill island”. Anyway, do you perhaps know like EXACTLY what the thief took?” I asked with my notebook and pencil out.
“Yes, they drank all my coffee! So now it’s in their belly and I can’t get it back anyway (sniff, sniff) but I HAVE to know who could commit such crime!” Mr Burt said dramatically.

“Mhm, yep. ok, noted. Well now all I gotta do is check for any clues.” I said while writing every word he said before.
I went over to the chairs that the teachers and staff sit on, and there it was. The first HUGE clue. Miss Tuia’s keys!

“Ah, here is one clue already. Miss Tuia’s keys. This could be a real clue or it could be a red herring.” I said, then I asked Mr Burt this,

“Do you know if Miss Tuia possibly left her keys before or not? Meaning did you see it get left there before this case or did you not notice at all?”

“Yes, I was going to give it back but then I went to do something really important and then I came back and saw this mess! I totally forgot about the keys, but yes Miss Tuia did leave them.” I noted all of this down so I wouldn’t make a wrong turn.

“Hmmm, this means the criminal did this VERY fast. Could you make a rough guess of how long you were gone?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know but probably around 10 minutes or so?” Mr Burt replied not confidently.

“That's alright, I don’t expect you to time yourself on how long you're gone.” I replied as I noted in BOLD, big words “Mr Burt was gone for 10 minutes!”.
Then we both moved on from there and looked around the rest of the room. I went over to around the middle row of chairs and saw...a….squashed...banana? Really? This wasn’t going to help me one bit. Unless there was going to be a device for a bottom print. Either way a squashed banana wasn’t going to help so I just left it there.

I was just about to move on when Mr Burt stopped me,
“Wait there, Mrs Sio sat there maybe she squashed a banana? Like who wouldn’t if they didn’t realize there was a banana and accidently sat on it.” Mr Burt claimed.

“Oh ok, good job. Noted, well now you check the kitchen and I will check the back of the staff room.” I told him.
“OK, sure,” He replied.
Mr Burt found Mr Goodwin's favorite mug laying on its side on top of the counter!

“AHA! Mr Goodwin's favourite mug, I should’ve known! I am going to keep it right there and look for some more evidence.” Mr Burt said shockingly.

I could hear him from the back of the room and I wrote it down.

“Looks like our number 1 subject is Mr Goodwin,” I successfully said.

“But it could be red herring so then Mr Goodwin can be blamed but it wasn’t him. Somebody must have done it but we will get to that later for now, let's say that he's the number 1 suspect.” I added.

I then kept checking the back and I saw it, bundled up just squished in the corner, Mr Somervilles jumper. I know this because he normally wears a black jumper but most of the time he wears a top and up-to-knee shorts.

“Yes, the next suspect.” I said as I triple checked extra carefully of the rest of the staffroom.

“I don’t see anything else in the kitchen anymore, what about you, detective Aye?”

“Hm, don’t see anything either. Looks like there's no more clues. All we have to do is go to my office\lab and test to make sure that these fingerprints belong to the right person we think it belongs to.” I told him.

So we made our way for the lab. I got out the machine and I tested the finger prints. First I tried Mr Goodwin's mug, but I expected his finger prints on their cause it’s his favourite mug! So I got my machine to make a call out.
“Mr Goodwin, Mr Goodwin please report to detective Ayes office. We need you NOW!” I said.
Meanwhile Mr Goodwin’s reaction was like this,

“Mr Goodwin, Mr Goodwin please report to detective Ayes office. We need you NOW!”
“HUH? M-m-m-m-me? Oh no, what have I done! I am going to Ayes office? But who knows it could be a good thing?” He tried to assure himself.
“Class it won’t take too long, just do your work please and be sensible.”
Mr Goodwin made his way along the classroom, out the door, into the foyer and into detective Ayes office.
“So, long-story-short. Mr Burt came to me to report a crime, a robbery and a thief who stole, well drank all of his coffee. We found your favorite mug laying on the counter and it’s full of coffee. What do you have to say?”

“That’s strange, I didn’t have coffee, well I did in the morning but then I swear I washed my mug clean and I haven’t had coffee today ever since!” Mr Goodwin said bringing up his alibi.

“Hmm, Mr Burt? Do you say this could be true?”

“Hm, yes. I did see him in the staff room drinking coffee and I did see him wash it. I didn’t see him after that so I think that's true” Mr Burt replied.

“This means somebody set you up, or you could be lying. You are going to stay here until the case is solved.”

Then I took out Mr Somervilles jumper. I didn’t need to even think so I called him to my office.

Once he came, this is what he said,

“Hi, um, I am so sorry but I don’t remember doing anything wrong.” He said with a shiver in his voice.

“Well I don’t know if that's true that's why I called you here. Mr Burt reported a case of robbery. Somebody drank all his coffee. I found your jacket in the crime scene. Did you forget it or what?”

“Oh! My jacket! I totally forgot and I barely realized. Well no, I don’t remember going to the staffroom for coffee. Well actually I did but I went straight out with my coffee cup to my office so it couldn’t have been me!” He replied.

“HM, true, true. You always do bring your cup to your office. Ok, but you're still staying here just-in-case.”

Next was Miss Tuia’s keys.

“Miss Tuia, Mr Burt has reported a robbery this late morning. He has said that somebody drank all his coffee and now it’s gone. We found your keys in the chair you sat on. Luckily, Mr Burt declaimed that you forgot about them. But did you purposely forget about them and wait for Mr Burt to exit the room so you could enjoy coffee?” I asked suspiciously.
“My keys, oh I forgot them? That’s unlike me. Well good thing nothings wrong with them. Oh and no. I just went to the staffroom for some biscuits to start my day off.” Miss Tuia replied pretty surely. Because of that I let her go and join Mr Goodwin and Mr Somerville. But now it was up to the last, final and weirdest piece of evidence. The squashed banana.

I brang up Mrs Sio because Mr Burt said that Mrs Sio sat on the exact chair we found the banana on.

“No, that wasn’t me. Like why would it be me?” Mrs Sio replied quickly and nervously. This could be genuine nervousness or because she got nervous now because I was onto her. The most unlikely piece of evidence could just do the job.
I asked her,

“Are you sure you didn’t enter the crime scene?”

“Positive, yeah” She replied.

That's when I could tell it was her!

“It’s you! You entered the staffroom, sat on the banana to make me go on the wrong path! You then drank all the coffee and put some in Mr Goodwin’s cup to get it to look like he did it! Then you were in a rush and just left the cup lying on its side, making it look like it was Mr Goodwin even more!” I confronted.

“(gulp) Ok! It w-w-w-was me. I’m sorry but Mr Burt would NEVER let me drink all the coffee so I just drank it all.” She blurted out.
“Well now that you know who did it Mr Burt you guys may be on your way.”

“Wait, and me too?” Asked Mrs Sio.


“But, but isn’t she going to get punished?” Mr Burt said.

“No, why?”

“She drank all the c-c-coffee!”
“Oh, remember you said this, the coffees in their belly now, so I can't get it back anyway. But please just figure out who did it. So I did and now you know so you may exit the room because if you take a look outside there is a whole line of people waiting for me.” I said correctly. 

"What? It is right though, If you were paying attention you would also have known."

So all of them, even Mrs Sio left my room and I welcomed the next guest.

“Santa claus?”
“Yes, I am here to inform you that somebody smashed up my workshop. There is an elf hat, reindeers footprints, cookie crumbs and a broken window”....

Text Messages Clues : Miss Parrant is missing??

Friday, 24 April 2020

Today my number is...

Tortoise Fact Sheet

Monster - Wanted Poster


Hey Guys! So I was curious and hopped onto Mr Goodwin's class site. As you all probably know, I am apart of Miss Parrant's class. Mr Goodwin is the team leader for team 4. I was just bored and wanted to do this task that I saw on his site. It looked fun so I tried it. Hope you guys enjoy!


Hey guys! So today my class is learning how to use descriptive language in our writing. We had to act like we were soldiers and we had a diary and wrote 4 pages of what happens. It was super hard to act like I was a soldier even though I wasn't. Try this yourself and act like a soldier or something else.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Today my number is

Poppy Facts

ANZAC Letter Writing

Hey guys, so for today my class and I are learning to write a formal letter. In this task we had to act as if we were soldiers and send a letter to somebody we would miss if we were soldiers. I, of course would send a letter to my family. I think most people would do this too. I tried my best but I have never really thought as a soldier from a perspective. It was kind of hard but I tried. Try make your own letter at home and blog it if you have a blog!

Monday, 20 April 2020

ANZAC Biscuit Batch

Hey Guys, So for my tasks today it is all based on ANZAC biscuits! It was so much fun doing all of these tasks but my favourite was the recipe one. This is my last task for today and I had to draw a batch (which means 12) ANZAC biscuits! The oval shaped lines on the biscuit is actually oats, because in ANZAC biscuits there are oats in it and you can see the oats. The colour is also pretty realistic to the real colour! I hope you enjoy, please leave me a positive comment on my blog :)

Problem Solving

5 Facts ANZAC Biscuits and ANZAC

ANZAC Biscuits Recipe

  • 1 cup of flour 
  • 1 cup of caster sugar
  • 1 cup of rolled oats
  • 1 cup of dessicated coconut
  • 1\4 cup of golden syrup
  • 125 grams of butter
  • 1\2 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon of boiling water.

  1. First preheat your oven on to 180 degrees so that it’s ready to go when you need it.

  1. Greece and line your baking tray with baking paper so it’s all ready to go. You don’t have to get it exactly all around the tray.

  1. Start by mixing the dry ingredients. Pour 1 cup of flour in first.

  1. Stir in the cup of caster sugar. Then a cup of rolled oats.

  1. After that your going to pour in the cup of dessicated coconut and then mix it all together.

  1. Once your done mixing put that bowl to the side for now.

  1. Now put your 125 grams of butter into a saucepan along with your golden syrup. 

  1. Set the heat to low heat. 

  1. Start mixing it until all the butter has melted. While your at that boil a jug of water.

  1. Your going to pour some of the hot water you boiled into the baking soda cup. Stir it until you can tell that the baking soda has dissolved into the water.

  1. You are then going to pour all of that liquid into the saucepan as well.

  1. Now mix the ingredients that are inside of the saucepan together.

  1. After you’ve mixed it well you are going to get back to your dry mixture you created at the start.

  1. Then what your going to do is pour in all of the butter mixture into the dry mixture you created in the start.

  1. Once you’ve poured it in mix it well.

  1. Also just make sure you’ve cleaned your hands before baking :)

  1. After  a few minutes of mixing, get as much batter as you can off the spoon and then start mixing with your hands!

  1. Once you feel like you have mixed it enough, wash your hands.

  1.  Now once you have finished washing your hands you are going to get your baking tray and start getting chunks of the batter to shape the biscuits.

  1.  You have to get some batter, roll it up into a ball then place it in the tray. Do this step many times until you run out of batter.

  1. Make sure you put the balls spreaded out from each other and not close to the edges of the tray or else you will get biscuit on the sides.

  1.  Afterwards, get a cup and use the bottom of the cup to flatten the balls to make some flat circle shapes like a biscuit or cookie.

  1. Then once your done place the tray(s) into the oven. If you haven’t already set the oven to 180 degrees. Then set a timer for 20 minutes and let the biscuits do their thing. You can time it on your phone, a timer or on the timer thats on the oven (if you know how to use it).

  1. Some ovens aren’t the same so just in case keep checking on your biscuits to see if it’s ready or not, even if the timers still going please check.

  1. Maybe check after 15 minutes to make sure your biscuits are going good.

  1.  If you think your biscuits are looking good take them out of the oven (even if the timer hasn’t stopped yet).

  1. Let the biscuits cool for around 5 minutes.

  1.  Wash your hands before the 5 minutes are over and you touch the biscuits again.

  1. Put your biscuits one by one on a rack to let it cool.

  1.  Then let the biscuits cool down on the rack for a bit and then you can enjoy!

 If you baked these ANZAC biscuits with my instructions comment down below, how did they taste? Did my instructions work; I hope they did. Please leave me a positive comment even if you didn’t bake these biscuits.

Friday, 17 April 2020


So there was a challenge on the school sports site. Miss Va’afusuaga has made a sort of code. You have to look through the code and do all the exercises from the letters that are in your name. You have to do it in the correct order. My name is Aye which is really short so I am going to also be doing my other known name Aye Myat. I chose to do that so I can get 30 points for my house colour team. My experience was that it was super fun. It was kind of hard to film it all but it was still very interesting. I can't wait to earn some points for my house team as well as be fit. If you want to do it here is the code. Note: The code changes every week so next week there will be a different code.


Problem Solving

Friday Interview w\ Captain Tom Moore

5 Facts About Captain Tom Moore

The real story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Yes, as you can see by the title I am doing another one of the “my version fairy tales”. This time it’s Goldilocks and the three bears. We all HAVE to know the story otherwise your living under a rock! If you don’t know well its a girl who wonders into 3 bears home etc, etc. Well like always here is my version of Goldilocks...

Once upon a time, a young blonde haired sweet girl was walking amongst the woods, she was actually lost. Everyone knows that in a childhood being lost is a pretty scary but for Goldilocks it seemed like she was living her life and she was totally fine!

She walked over this path and then over that path until she reached the three bears house. The three bears only just got out of their houses to wait for their pizzas to cool down. Goldilocks said,

“Oh look, a house. (sniff) Mmm, pizza. I am going to go in”

Wow a little girl is breaking and entering, well technically entering but still! She got inside and she went straight to the dining table where the pizzas lay on shinny glass plates.

“Don’t mind if I do” Goldilocks said as she grabbed ahold of the pizzas.

She grabbed Papa bears pizza,
“Mmm, nice, hot and delicious!” She said as she ate the whole thing up.

Then she picked up Mama bears pizza,

“Yum, this is super good” She said as she stuffed it all in her mouth.

Last but not least she grabbed Baby bears pizza,

“MmmM” As she gobbled it all in one single go.

She then wanted to sit down on a chair after eating so she went into the living room.

“Ow, this ones a bit hard” Goldilocks complained as she sat on Papa bears chair.

“Ohhh, this ones nice and soft, oh no a bit too soft!” she said while dissolving into Mama bears chair.

“Oh this ones just right” Goldilocks said while making herself comfy in Baby bears chair.

All of a sudden, “crack” went the sound of the chair as it broke into hundreds of pieces. You know about that part, I’m surprised a BABY BEAR has been sitting on that chair longer than Goldilocks and he hasn’t broken it but a young girl broke it!

Anywho, after the incident Goldilocks completely ignored it and just headed upstairs to the bedroom. Yep, three beds and you guessed it. Papa bears bed was to hard, Mama bears bed was too soft and baby bears bed was just right. She slept for like 20 minutes until she woke up by a sore back (not surprised). She got up and got out of the house.

Just in time, the bears only just arrived as soon as Goldi left. Yes of course, they noticed that the pizzas they left to cool down (for like how long) had disappeared, they noticed that baby bears chair was destroyed and they didn’t notice anything in the bedroom expect for messy cushions, blankets etc.

There you have it the amazing version of Goldilocks and the three bears. Let me know what you think of this story?

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Thursday, 16 April 2020

Thursday Week 1 Ordering Numbers

5 Facts UK Queen Elizabeth ||

The real story of the Little Red Riding Hood

We have all heard the tale of little red riding hood. The story sounds completely fake, as it is. First of all wolves can’t talk and if they did then why was little red riding hood talking back? Of course its a story and its for children and children don’t think of those things. So I added a few twists and turns to the story as if what I would do if I was little red riding hood….

Once upon a time, there was a lovely girl named Little Red Riding Hood. Of course her name wasn’t really that, it was a nickname because she ALWAYS wore a red hood\cape.

I’m surprised she hasn’t worn a blue cape or a purple cape or no cape at all yet! Does she not put it in the laundry or something?

Anyways, she had silky, thin strands of light blonde hair. Luxury, blue, crystal ocean eyes. But her looks weren’t everything because Little Red Riding Hood was kind, smart, sweet, funny and filled with personality.

One day, her mother made her get a basket of muffins and deliver them to her sick granny. Her granny was feeling ill and tired. Muffins were her energy because when she ate them she was happy again.

In the forest there was a wolf, he could smell her from a mile away.

“A little girl happening to stumble across this empty forset I sense. With (sniff, sniff) a bunch of muffins according to my nose” The wolf said.

He waited for the perfect chance to jump at her and grab the muffins. But he didn’t want to blow his cover and he was waiting to just have a conversation with her and convince her for the muffins.

“Hello young one” said the wolf.

“What do you want?” replied little red riding hood. She wasn’t stupid to have a real conversation with a wolf.
“I want your scrumptious muffins” answered the wolf.

“Last time I checked my grandma wasn’t a wolf” she said as she put down the muffins and wrestled him down.
“AHH! What are you doing? I just want some muffins” Cried the wolf.

“To bad, to sad” She said as she jumped on him.

“Oww! Get off, I won’t annoy you again!” Shouted the wolf in pain.
“Hmph, okay” little red riding hood said as she hoped off.

“If you annoy me again, get ready for the pain” she said as she grabbed her basket of muffins and went off.
“Man that hurt, what is she made of, stone, bricks?” He said straightening his back.

Little red riding hood had taken 2 years of karate lessons! You can probably NEVER beat her. Even if you had 3, 4, 5, 6… years of practise you just can’t beat her. Not even if your older 20, 30, 40, 23. NOBODY can beat her.

She skipped along all the way to her granny's house.

“Thank you my dear. It is very brave of you to go through those woods by yourself!” Her granny said as she took a bite.

All of a sudden, her granny received her energy again and started jumping on the bed. Little red riding hood also joined and jumped.

So the moral of the story, or morals of the stories are,

NEVER talk to a wolf, bear etc. If you do then defeat him\her with karate.
Always bring muffins to your sick granny.
And last but not least, don’t mess with girls who, know karate and wear capes. I am talking about you wolf.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Shapes At Home

Ordering Numbers

Today My Number Is

5 Facts About Scott McLaughlin

Interviewing Scott McLaughlin

Hey guys! So this is the 1st day of term 2.  We are still doing remote learning. For this task I had to think of some questions to ask Scott McLaughlin. He won the virtual Indy Car race. I had to think from his perspective and answer the questions. Some of the questions aren't interesting etc because I didn't know any :). Enjoy!

The Three Little..Pizzas?

You probably have heard of the “Three Little Pigs”. Well I don’t think the story is going quite right or maybe my version is just better. Don’t believe me? Take a look. Presenting to you, My version of the three little pigs.

Once upon a time, there were three delicious, amazing, spectacular..Pizzas! There mom (momma pizza) decided that the pizzas were ready to live their live and move out.

Before we get into that, let me introduce you to them.

The three pizzas were triplets. I will introduce you to the youngest pizza first.

The youngest pizza’s name was crust. He was named that because he had the crustiest crust than the others. He is a boy. He is very shy.

Now let me tell you about the middle pizza. Life was easy and hard for the middle one at time’s. Yes, both youngest and middle were boys and the eldest was a girl!. His name is Cheesy because he has the most cheese. He is 2nd responsible other then the oldest.
Last but not least, the eldest. Her name is Pepperoni. Yes you guessed it, because she had the most pepperonis. She was the most responsible and she was VERY smart.

Now, the three little pizzas moved into Deliciouso avenue. It was where food used to live. When I say “used to live” it means this.

Before all pizzas, burgers, french fries, chocolates etc lived there. Not until a girl named Aye came along and ate them! Most of them escaped but some went into her belly.

The three pizzas were only young when the food used to live their so they don't know. Momma pizza forgot to warn them as well!

Anyway, they built their houses. The youngest built it out of crusts. It seemed stable to the little pizza so he was satisfied. The middle pizza made his house out of cheese. LOTS and LOTS of it. He thought it was comfy so he was happy. Then came Pepperoni, the eldest. She built her house out of pepperoni. Now I know your probably like, “I thought she was smart!” Well she is but she didn’t know what would happen. After all they didn’t expect anyone but them on the avenue.

One day, Aye came along and spotted the crusty crust house. She was VERY hungry so she grabbed it and took a bite.

“Ahhh! A girl is eating my whole house! The walls are gone, even the roof has vanished into her stomach!” Cried the youngest pizza. Crust ran and ran, all the way to Cheesy’s house.

“You got to help me! A girl just came along, picked my whole house up and ate it. Let me in please!” Shouted Crust while knocking on the cheesy door.
The door opened and he rushed in.
“Don’t worry, you will be safe in here.” Said Cheesy.

Suddenly poof went the whole cheese house!
“Ahhh! Run lets go to Pepperoni’s house!” Screamed Cheesy.
So they ran, and they ran all the way.

“Let us come in! Theres a girl and she ate up every single crumb of our houses!” Cried Crust.

The pepperoni door opened,

“Come on in. You will be safe in here!” Said Pepperoni.

They waited for the sound of Aye (the little girl). Once they heard the sound of her coming and when she lifted the roof and was about to gobble it up, Pepperoni shouted,

“Hey, little girl! Please don’t eat this house. It is MY house. I really would appreciate it if you left us alone. We can be friends!”

“Huh? WOAH! Talking pizzas cool.” Aye said while putting the house back down.

Soon they all became best of best friends. They introduced each other and then Aye helped them build stable, pretty, comfortable apartment for them so they can all live together.

Then they lived happily ever after.

What did you think about my story? Was it good, bad, weird, entertaining? I hope you enjoyed! See you guys next time!

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

What My Siblings And I Have Been Doing

Adrian And Batgirl: The More The Merrier

Hello Everybody! So tomorrow, yes tomorrow my school will be starting remote learning again! I am so excited because I LOVE school, even if we can't see each other in person or if its online I still am stoked. Since there are no more new holiday blogging tasks or much things for me to do, I decided to write part:4 of Adrian And Batgirl series! You will definitely have to read part 1, part 2 and part 3 to understand the contents of this story. So please enjoy part 4 of Adrian And Batgirl!

The girls sprang out of that building and ran all the way to Adrian's "*own little roof".

*Just encase you didn't read part 1 (which the link is up there) "Adrian's own little roof" means a VERY tall building which was once for workers until people were going to crush it down and build something else. But they didn't have any orders of what to build so they ended up not smashing down the building.

Batgirl flew up while Adrian climbed up. The 2 girls chilled while admiring the sparkly night sky.

"Hey Adrian" Said Batgirl.

"Yeah" Adrian replied.

"How did you manage to get out of your house without getting noticed? Wouldn't your mother go into your room realising your not there?" Batgirl asked.

"Oh, I hid a pillow under my blanket so it looked liked I was sleeping" Adrian said confidently.

"Smart thinking. But if your mother thinks your sleeping then how are you going to get inside? The doors would probably be locked and you can't just knock on the door" Batgirl said.

Adrian then realised that she made a VERY smart point.

"Oh no, I didn't think that bit out! The time I got out of the house was around early afternoon. I didn't think it would take THIS long! What am I going to do?" Adrian said while rushing through her words.

"Wait did you leave your bedroom window at least a little bit open?" Batgirl asked.

"Yes, why?" Adrian said.

"Well you can sneak in through there!" Batgirl said proudly.

"Good idea, but we will need a plan b JUST encase. By the way not saying your idea might fail, but just encase you know like in the movies?" Adrian pronounced.

"Oh yeah excellent thinking, hmm. I could distract your parents at the door then you can sneak in!" Batgirl confirmed.

" are you going to distract them?" Adrian smartly said.

"Well, your parents like superheros, right?"

"No....They LOVE them!" Adrian shouted out.

"Perfect, now come on before it gets too dark and we can't see."

So they arrived at Mr and Mrs Kims house. The bedroom window was completely open! It was perfect so Adrian sneaked in and crawled into her sheet.

"See you next time Batgirl" Adrian softly whispered.

"I will call you next time theres a supervillan to defeat. Your going to become a superhero soon!"

"What do you mean?" Adrian said.

"You'll find out, gotta go!"


Monday, 13 April 2020

Adrian And Batgirl: Defeat accepted

Hey Guys! So my school is going to be starting remote learning in 2 more days! I noticed I didn’t post a “Adrian And Batgirl” writing episode for a LONG time, so here's the 3rd episode! To understand the contents in this story read part 1 and then part 2. Lets get onto it!

Adrian could see his HUGE, bulky, undefeatable muscles.

“WHAT! How am I supposed to defeat that guy! If Batgirl, a superhero, got trapped by him how am I, a normal girl going to save her or defeat that man myself?” Adrian panicked.

“Mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha! You can’t count on your stupid little Adrian friend shes not even here yet! Once I am done with you and those other pooper heros then I will take over the world!” The evil hearted villain said.

“You just wait! Once she comes you will wish you never tried to mess with us. Your going to look so dumb at that time.” Batgirl said, defending herself.

“That time will NEVER come. Ha, ha, ha!” He said while laughing and laughing.

Adrian didn’t like this. She REALLY wanted to help her new friend Batgirl, but on the other hand how was she going to defeat that big old man in front of Batgirl. Adrian decided to sneak up behind him.

She tippy-toed over to him. But then he spotted her…

Meanwhile back at Adrians home, her mother called her for dinner. Since she put a pillow under her blanket it made her look like she was sleeping. Her mother didn’t check on her nor her father, so both of them didn’t know she was “sleeping”. Her mother called her for dinner, like a MILLION times. Because she didn’t receive a reply from Adrian or didn’t see her coming she went inside her room…

“Adrian?” Her mother said.

Then her mother spotted her bed.

“She's sleeping, already? It's only late afternoon. Oh well she must be tired or something. She did technically get grounded. Well, she's going to have to eat leftovers tomorrow.” Her mother said while leaving the room.

The reason why her mother didn’t check under the blankets or something is because sometimes she does fall asleep during late afternoon and ends up eating leftovers. You probably didn’t know this but Adrian HATES leftovers. Her parents eat ALL the good bits of dinner and then the next day she's left with all the yucky bits.

“HA, you're trying to save your matgirl friend, aren’t you? Well too bad you're too weak for me!” The evil man spotted Adrian.

“What’s your name anyways?” Adrian asked.

“Finally SOMEONE asked,” He said.

“My name is Dark-Owl. The most POWERFUL supervillain name. It is strong…” He went on and on and because of that he didn’t notice that Adrian already was behind him and untied Batgirl!

“The name Dark-Owl represents EVILNESS to me.” He was still going on.

“Aham” Batgirl cleared her throat.

“What! How did you..get..over there?” He questioned.

“Why do you need to know? C’mon Adrian” Batgirl said as she held onto Adrians hand and sprang out of there.

“NO!” He shouted.

“Fine I accept this defeat, but next time I will be even more powerful. Once I get Thanos out of jail and the other supervillains to come alive we will form a group and defeat not only those 2…”

Little did he know, Adrian set up a little tracking device on him. It connected to both Batgirl and Adrian's phones.


Sunday, 12 April 2020

What to do when your bored

Hey Guys, sorry this is a bit of a late post. This is my weekend series for today! I hope you guys enjoy. I will be giving you 3 things to do when your bored specifically while we are in our bubbles. I have been bored lately and that's what gave me the inspiration for this series episode. Hope you enjoy and if you are bored try some of my tips. Comment down below if you like any of my tips or have some more tips. I will add it onto my post in the future!

Friday, 10 April 2020

Part 2 Slide Animation

My Uncle is a sailor Narritive T4HB


My Uncle is a sailor. Like pretty much a real life Pirate. He doesn’t have a house, or a car, or even a job. He lives on his boat, sleeps on his boat, and travels on his boat. He doesn’t need a job because he catches his food from the sea. Sometimes he does need to trade some of his catch for various supplies to keep his boat afloat, but most of the time he just sails around on the water living his best life.

One time he took me out on his ship. We sailed right up North along the East coast. One night we were sitting up late fishing off the boat when we heard this beautiful singing. It sounded like an angel. We looked out to see and there she was, sitting out on a rock singing up to the stars. A mermaid….

He saw it first so when he showed me a I was GOBSMACKED! He was running up and down, round and round with joy. The mermaid however didn’t see her side f things this way.

The mermaid was actually terrified and scared. She tried getting herself out of the net but with my uncle dancing from here to there it was impossible for her to even get her tail out!

The mermaid however was brave she didn’t cry or anything. I told my uncle this,

“Hey uncle, I think that you should let go of this mermaid” I said.

“Let go of this mermaid? That would be the last thing I do now! I can make billions, millions, trillions of money!” My uncle said while imagining money was showering over his head.

I couldn’t talk back, that would be even ruder then burping or farting in public. I had to keep my cool and plan something out.
The next day, my uncle kept the mermaid in a HUGE container filled with water and decor that he bought straight away yesterday. Everyone in the store looked at him like he was crazy. At the checkout the woman asked why he needed this, and if he was opening an aquarium or something. My uncle just laughed, making himself not look crazy but look like a PSYCHOPATH! I got to admit he made me embarrassed, so when the lady looked at me I shrugged my shoulders.

In the morning well actually 4am I woke up to help th mermaid. I wen to the container. She was still inside swimming. Then this is how the conversation went.

“Hey, um I am so sorry my uncle captured you. I didn’t expect a mermaid to be caught. I want to set you free-” I said before getting cut off by the mermaid.

“Oh great, thanks so much set me free please!” The mermaid said excitedly.

“Like I was saying, I want to set you free but I can’t do it just like that” I said clearing myself up.
“Why not? It would be much more quicker and you would get it done and we can pretend nothing ever happened.” The mermaid said without thinking of the consequences.

“Well number 1: I have to get to know you better. Number 2: I have to make a plan to get you free. Number 3: I need to also plan a backup plan. Number 4: I need to think of a lot of excuses so he doesn’t know I set you free!” I said.

The mermaid now understood why I couldn’t do it now. So I asked her if she can introduce herself. But I needed to remember everything so I grabbed my notebook and a pencil. SO this is what I wrote down.

Her name is Mintisia but her nickname is Minti. I knew that made sense because her mermaid tail was a minty green.

She had 1 older sister who was ALWAYS on her shellphone a.k.a cellphone in mermaid code. Speaking of mermaid code I will tell you some words I learnt from her.

Her favorite color is minty green (of course).

She wanted to be a photographer when she was older. In mermaid fantasy photographers take photos of famous artists, mermaids etc. They also take photos of what they think is art or cool new creatures that they spotted.

Her mothers tail color is a beautiful faint yellow with some blue and white. Her fathers is a fantastic blue and white tail. So combine all of those colors equals minty green!

Thats all the facts I can write on here there are much, much more! Anywho we talked about each others lives and compared similarities and differences.

2 weeks passed of getting to know each other and making the plan. It was the day to set her free tomorrow.

It was the next day I woke up at 2am to sneak up and get Minti out of here! I grabbed her out of the container. She sat down and waddled all the way to where she first got caught by my uncle. We made a lot of noise. We were so glad that my uncle didn’t wake up, there were a few false alarms that scared us.

We arrived at the seaside and we said our goodbyes. The end.

JUST KIDDING you really think this would end sad and stuff, nope! We told each other to meet the day after tomorrow. So then we could hang out and then plan next times hangout. So NOW it’s the end.

Magic Tricks

Hello you guys, so since today the blogging task has not been put up yet I have decided to do some blog commenting. I was commenting on my friend Finaus blog and she made a presentation of some magic tricks. I loved the idea and so I decided to do it myself! Here it is. Inspired by Finau. Click on her name on the front page to see her blog!

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Google Slide Animation

Hey Guys, welcome back to my blog! For today's holiday blogging task I had to make a animation out of a google slide! It may sound weird but it's really fun! Here is what I ended up making. It's not long but it features my classmate Adriana. I hope you enjoy ts pretty short. If you want to try it out and want a tutorial, comment down below! I would love to make one!

Crazy Braided Hair!

Hey Guys,  yesterday I asked my mum if she could braid  my hair into little braids and she did! The reason why little braids is because my hair is too short for long braids. I literally blog everything so I HAD to blog about this! I for reals planned it out yesterday:) !

Holiday Blogging day:9


My little cousin is an evil genius. Yes, evil. Not in the ‘they’re so annoying’ kinda cute evil way, but in the ‘they literally want to rule the world’ kinda evil way. Let me explain…

My little cousin was born with a brain 3x bigger than a normal person, however they must have been born with a heart 3x times smaller because they are just plain evil. Anyway, I could tell you an endless number of crimes and naughty things they have gotten up to over the years, but this one tops the list. This one was the worst, let me tell you about the time they decided to prank call the cops and how it all went completely wrong!

It all started on a cloudy, windy and pouring day. For me, rainy, inside days are boring days. When it comes to days like this I just watch tv, read and play. But it wasn’t the same on that day because I was over at my cousins house. Yes the evil little genius. My sisters stayed at home with the rest of my family while I was over at the wicked little girls house.

It was kinda weird that she was an evil girl not a boy but that's not the point. Their house is like a mansion over 4 stories! Her parents say only the best for our “angel”. Please, anything but an angel. Okay, so we went upstairs and she took her mother's phone with her. I didn’t think she was going to just play games and stuff because she's, um evil.

Anyway, she's the smartest little girl I have ever met in person. She knew all of her family's phone numbers, emergency numbers, and she basically knows all her relatives phone numbers. Her mum kept comparing me with her saying how smart her daughter was.

She opened up the phone and opened up the phone call app. I was confused and asked her this,

“ Um, what are you doing. Are you even allowed” Of course I knew she wasn’t but I was seriously confused.

“ Why do YOU need to know? I can do whatever I want plus I am getting my own phone soon that's why I have to know all the phone numbers.” I was SO jealous. She is getting a phone at 3 years of age and there are some teenagers out there without a phone!

“ But that doesn’t mean you have to start practising calling now!” I said.

“ For your information I am not technically calling someone. I am going to prank call the COPS!” She suddenly blurted out.

“ What, anything BUT the cops or emergency services! Maybe um, call the pizza place instead!” I said as I tried to get the phone off her.

“ TOO LATE!” She said as she pressed the last digit, 1.

“ NO!” I was going to have to either tell her parents or I could stay to make sure she wasn’t going to say something crazy and fake an emergency or something.

I decided to stay, and if anything went wrong I would go to her parents which would be running down at least 5 staircases.

“ Hello, what is your emergency?” oh no, they answered!

“ Hello, I would like to order 1000 pizzas, asap!” I was SHOCKED!

“ No, sorry um, bye” I stuttered as I ended the call.

I rushed down the endless, literally ENDLESS stairs. That’s what I called it. I named it that. Anyway I ran down and went to her parents ASAP!

“ Auntie, uncle your Sorana prank called the police!” I said while gasping for breath.

“What, no. She would never and even if she would you should have told her not to!” She said as she tried framing me instead. I couldn’t believe it!

“ Well you better go upstairs now!” I said.

So both my aunt and uncle and I ran upstairs. After a million years, we finally got to the floor she was on. My aunt took the phone off the so-called “ angel”.

“ My little sweet sugar plum what happened?” Her dad said.

“ More like an evil little brat” I muttered.

“ She told me to prank call the police so I did it cuz I was scared” Sorana said while accusing and pointing at me.

“ My poor little baby! Is this true?” Her mum said while looking at me.

“ Y, yes” she pretended to stutter and I knew it!

“ I think your mum better pick you up.” Her mum said while calling her.

And that was that. I got picked up. SO unfair! If you think that was not at all evil then come back and ask me to tell you about what other things she has done!

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Holiday blogging day: 8

HELLO THERE. For today's holiday blogging task I have to draw a logo for the team 4 blogging site! The teachers might choose someones design! So I also gave it a go and drew this. Let me explain. It is like a badge sort of shape that says T4HB. T4HB stands for...
T: Team
4: 4
H: Holiday
B: Blogging
There are blue, yellow, pink, green spots on it to make it pop and stand out. So yeah. I hope the teachers vote for my design, even if they don't I am very proud of what I created and I am glad I tried.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Cybersmart Tips For Your Password

Crazy Cucumber Slice Night!

Last night was very fun and crazy, let me explain.

My younger sister, Yi Yi watched lots of life hack videos, etc. One of the videos she watched included putting cucumber slices on your eyes. Many people do this for refreshing eyes I guess. Yi Yi begged my mum to let us have cucumber slices on our own eyes! After begging my mum let us!

Later that night, my mum got a cucumber and sliced it up to thin pieces. Some of them turned out thick and looked kind of weird. We were SO excited because it was our first time! Then my mum said,

"OK, grab 2 slices each." But she said that in our language.

So we each grabbed 2 each, and held onto them until we got inside the bedroom. My mum said that we have to put them on our eyes and relax, so we did that. It felt cold and refreshing at the same time.
I felt different and weird I was giggling and so were my sisters.

My mum took some videos and photos on her phone of us. After she finished taking photos and stuff my other little sister, Shwe Shwe ate both of her cucumber slices! All three of us were laughing.

My baby brother also got cucumbers but then he lost one and only had 1 one his face! He looked silly and I laughed even more!

After my mum turned the lights out and said

"now it's time to sleep girls"

I was shocked, I thought we were only going to leave them on for a while and then eat them but my mum was letting us sleep with them on! I was very excited!

I tried to get some sleep but it was actually hard with 2 cucumber slices on my eyes. I tossed and turned but it was no use! Eventually I gave up ad just took them off and ate them.

Basically that was it, my crazy cucumber night. If you don't think that was crazy enough you should of have been there!

28/6/21 me here: Can you even eat the cucumbers once they've been on your eyes- oops.

Sliced cucumber on white textile | Pikrepo

Friday, 3 April 2020

Yangon Zoo Myanmar highlight part: 2

Hey guys,
As you know I posted something before about my highlight from my trip to Myanmar, well I have another one for you guys! This time I went to Yangon zoo. There were snakes, bears, birds, monkeys and much more. 1 monkey specifically was VERY funny! It made me laugh so much. It was making noises like this. who, haew, whoo, heow, hoo, ha, go, ga. It sounded as if it was burping, but non-stop! My sisters and I even got a chance to feed the elephants! The photo of the monkey is the monkey I was talking about that was funny. I hope you enjoy this highlight!