Thursday, 27 July 2017

Matariki light trail

In the school holidays  my family and I drove to the matariki light trail. First my mum gave us some warm jumpers and cosy hats, also gloves to wear cause it was freezing outside. Next we got into the car and drove to Matariki lights one of my little twin sisters said "look a glowy rose" I said back to her "wow cool" I was also wondering how long it took them to make everything. After that I asked my mum if we could buy some glowing light sticks. Finally we ordered pizza and ate it at home and I said "yummy".

Monday, 3 July 2017


Once upon a time there lived a princess called  Rapunzel and she lived in a palace with her family. Rapunzel was a young young baby. One day an Evil witch called mother gofol came along and stole a very special elegant flower that was rose and glowy. Next at night mother gofol sneeked into Rapunzels palace and stole baby Rapunzel. Baby Rapunzel was crying. Rapunzels parents heard her. Then Rapunzels mother was sick so Rapunzels father took the glowing flower and the flower made some nice fresh water  for the mother. After that in the tower Rapunzel now lived in mother gofol said "you shall never get out of this tower here it is a dangerous place with selfish people". Finally it was Rapunzels 18th birthday. Rapunzel said "can we celebrate my 18th birthday" mother gofol said "don't you think about celebrating your 18th birthday outside reamber what I told you" Rapunzel  said "fine" suddenly mother gofol went down the tower and went to get cherrys and berrys and also strawberrys mother gofol said"stay here well I go outside" while mother gofol was outside Flynn Ryder came along and climbed up the tower when Flynn Ryder got up Rapunzel heard a noise  so Rapunzel quickly got a fry pan. Once Flynn Ryder got up the tower and got hit by Rapunzels fry pan. Flynn Ryder quickly took the crown that belonged to Rapunzel.Rapunzel was astonished that her crown was found but Flynn Ryder took out his sissors and cut Rapunzels hair. Rapunzel said "what was that for" Flynn Ryder said "I have a good idea to rescue you out of this tower" so Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder worked together. First the hair Flynn Ryder cut out they tied it onto Rapunzels bed then Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder  swung down the Goldilocks of hair. Now Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel lived happily ever after the end.

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