Friday, 29 May 2020

Thanos - Questions

Welcome or welcome back to my blog!
Today, my class and I are learning about Thanos. He is a villain from Marvel Universe.
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Thanos - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Where is Thanos from?
a) Whanganui b) The Moon
c) Titan d) Storm

2) What were the infinity stones supposed to do?
a) Decorate the Gauntlet    b) Wipe out half the universe
c) Destroy the Avengers    d) Diamonds prepared for a wedding ring

3) What were Thanos’ daughters' names?
a) Gamora and Nebula b) Blossom and Bubbles
c) Amaya and Raven       d) Black Widow and Catwoman

4) What else is Thanos known as?
a) Father b) Idol
c) Mr Goodwin d) Lord

5) Avengers and Thanos once worked as a team.
a) True b) False

6) Why did Thanos want to wipe out half of the universe?
a) so he could be the strongest alive. b) people would always bow down to him.
c) bring stability to the universes’ resources. d) so he could live forever.

7) Between what years was Thanos said to be born?
a) 1013 - 1018 b) 2018 - 2023
c) 1990 - 1996 d) 1111 - 1114

8) Team Avengers or Team Thanos - which team would you choose?
a) Avengers b) Thanos

9) How did Thanos die?
 -> He was defeated in mid 2018 and when he travelled in time (October 2023).

10) Explain Thanos’ main objective and what he needed to do:
 -> His main objective was to bring stability to the universe.

Crack the Code-Thanos

Welcome or welcome back to my blog!
Today, my class and I are learning about Thanos. He is from Marvel Universe. He is a villain! Anyways, I had to crack a code for maths.
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Welcome back, or welcome to my blog!
Today, the last and final virus BOSS is Thanos. He is from Marvel Universe. In order to defeat him and save our class site, I had to research 4 facts about him!
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Thursday, 28 May 2020

WANTED: Cruella de Vil

Hey guys!
I had to design a 'WANTED POSTER' about Cruella de Vil. She is cRaZy for puppys, dogs and ecspcially Dalmations! Did you know, she even killed her own mother?! She deserves to be in jail so, here is my 'WANTED POSTER'.
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Crack the Code - Voldemort and Harry Potter

Welcome (or welcome back) to my blog!
Today I am learning about Cruella de Vil but this post is actually meant to be from yesterday. I didn't get a chance to finish it so here it is! I had to crack the code, but first I had to figure out the code...
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Times Tables Test

Hey guys!
So, everyday after lunchtime, my class and I have a little maths-times table test. Not really a test (as Mr Goodwin says so), but like to test ourselves and practise time tables. All of the time I get over 20. One time I got 29\30 which was my higest score (and still is)! Today I got 27\30. I think I did pretty good. At the top of the page I just studied some times tables before the test.
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Cruella de Vil-Is she the WORST villain of all time?

Welcome back to my blog (or welcome)!
Today I am learning about Cruella de Vil, she is from 101 Dalmations. SHE IS cRaZy for dogs, ecspcially Dalmations! She want's to use them to make fur coats for herself! But anyways, I had to write if I think that she is the most horrible villian of all time or not. I voted both. Read my writing to see why I think that.
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I chose both because, she IS truly a HORRIBLE villain; But...there are other villains who have done LOTS and LOTS of more terrible things, am-I-right? Like Jafar from Jasmine, Mother-Gothel from Rapunzel, Han's from Frozen 1 and wAy more!

Like (for an example), The Evil Queen? She tried to poison Snow White with an apple, but that didn’t work so she made one of the huntsmen get her lost in a forest, kill her and bring her heart back, just to be the most fairest of them all? 

I think that Cruella de Vil is a nasty villain but, there ARE other villains that do quite bad things too. Some kidnap, steal and, much more!
What do you think? 
Do you agree with me or disagree? Do you think that she is or is not the worst villain of all time?

Cruella de Vil - Questions

Welcome back (or welcome) to my blog!
Today I am learning about Cruella de Vil, she is from 101 Dalmations. SHE IS cRaZy for dogs, ecspcially Dalmations! She want's to use them to make fur coats for herself, I know what your thinking...harsh! Anyway, I had to answer some questions about her.
She is the virus BOSS today, if you didn't know our class site is hacked by LOTS of villans! Anyways enjoy!
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Cruella de Vil - Questions 

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Who wrote the original book, The Hundred and One Dalmatians?
a) Dorothy Smith b) Donald Sanson
c) Dodie Smith d) Dodie Sanson

2) When was this book written?
a) 2000 b) 1850
c) 1961 d) 1956

3) How could you describe the first 101 Dalmatians movie?
a) Animated b) Live-action

4) Why did Cruella de Vil want the Dalmatian puppies so much?
a) She wanted lots of puppies to make her life more interesting b) She wanted company
c) She wanted to make a fur coat d) She wanted to win a world record

5) What are the names of Cruella de Vil’s accomplices?
a) Jasper and Henry b) Jasper and Horace
c) Wallace and Gromet d) Tweety and Sylvester

6) Who did Cruella steal puppies from?
a) Anita Dearly b) Anita Darling
c) Anita Lovely c) Anita Caring

7) What two characteristics are mentioned in the song lyrics about Cruella de Vil??
a) Her hair and her finger nails b) Her eyes and her nose
c) Her lips and her stare d) Her teeth and her eye brows

8) Who should beware of Cruella de Vil, as mentioned in the song?
a) Children b) Puppies
c) The Prime Minister d) Mr Goodwin

9) Would you like to come face to face with Cruella de Vil? Why or why not?
NO! She is mean and heartless. I LOVE PUPPYS, all kinds. I can’t just let her kill some Dalmations for a thick fur coat, like? Plus, when it’s summer she won’t want to be wearing that because it'll be SO hot? What a cruel being she is :(
Would you like to meet her face-to-face?

Cruella de Vil Research

Welcome back (or welcome) to my blog!
Todays learning is ALL about...Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations. She is a cold hearted unkind person that would kill 99 Dalmations for just a fur coat for herself! But anyways, I had to research 4 facts about her, here they are!
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Going to Hogwarts

Hi guys!
Welcome back to my blog (or welcome to my blog)! This is a piece of writing from yesterdays work. I tried to make it as detailed as possible. It's all about my first day at Hogwarts! I am a Potterhead, Potterhead's are basically what you call Harry Potter or Hogwarts fans. Are you a Potterhead too?
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The train just stopped, the driver told us that it was time to get off. The driver made us line up and get ready to be taken into Hogwarts. It was like the BEST day of my life! I’ve always wanted to go to Hogwarts!

“Alright, this way” said Hagrid, he had a lamp in his hand and came towards us.

“This way, to the boats” he added as everybody got off the train.

Everybody hopped into a boat, there were 3-5 people in each boat.

“Can’t you believe it, guys? We are going to Hogwarts!” I asked Adriana and Julianna. They got chosen to be in too!

“I know right? Isn’t it just CRAZY!?” Adriana replied with glee in her voice.

“Yeah! I can’t believe it!” Julianna smiled uncontrollably.

We were SUPER excited but, i’m sure I was the most excited. Adriana and Julianna were not really a Harry Potter and Hogwarts fan as much as I was. As we arrived inside Hogwarts, everybody stood in a huge group and waited…

All of a sudden, one of the teachers came out and said,

“Ok, we are ready for you now. You may all come with me” she said.

Everybody pushed and rushed all the way into the great hall (thats where they do the sorting). The same teacher then said,

“Now, this is the sorting hat. This sorts which Hogwarts house you are in. The sorting hat is never wrong so, do not complain. You may be with your friends or, separated”

Uh-oh! Adriana, Julianna and I looked at each other and gulped. We couldn’t, we just COULDN’T get separated. Hogwarts has to be memorable and fun, not spent without my friends! I didn’t even really know anybody else. Afterwards, we forgot about that topic and looked at everybody getting sorted into their groups.

1st, slytherin, 2nd, ravenclaw, 3rd, ravenclaw, 4th, hufflepuff, 5th, slytherian, 6th, hufflepuff…
It went on and on. Then I realized who’s turn it was to try out the sorting hat….Adriana’s! At least now I could know which house she was in so, Julianna and I could hope for that house when it was our turns.

The hat shaked from one side to the other and then said,

“You are...hufflepuff!”

“YES!” Adriana said as she got up and went near the hufflepuff group area.

All of a sudden, it was my turn. I looked left and right and then at Adriana.

Then the hat shaked from one side to the other again on my head and then said, 

“You are...hufflepuff!”

“YAY!” I mumbled to myself, phew-I was so relived.

Now, it was Julianna’s turn…

“You are...hufflepuff!”

“YAY!” Julianna said.

After about 18 people went to figure out there house’s, the teacher of each house took their groups and brought them to their dorm-kind-of rooms. I was in a room with Julianna and Adriana!
I was SO excited, I STILL couldn’t believe it.

Everybody was allowed to settle in to their rooms and, if they didn’t know everybody or anybody in their room, they could use that 1 hour to learn about each other. Everybody sat down in circles and talked to each other on somebody's bed, the floor or EVERYWHERE in their room!

“I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE WHERE I AM...WHERE WE ALL AM!” I said with glee and couldn’t stop moving and wriggling.

“I know, right? I am so excited! We will be getting our wands and all that!” Adriana told us.

“Not to mention the fact that, we all are in the SAME Hogwarts house group, hufflepuff!” Julianna added.

Lots of noises and talking could be heard from every-single room. Some were playing, talking, or looking through their rooms. Then I said,

“Adri and Julz, we still have literally more then 50 minutes left...what should we do?”

“Um...maybe...I don’t know actually?” Julianna replied with confusion.

“ either..” Adriana replied.

“Oh-I know! We could look through our rooms and see which bed is whos!” I said proudly.

We agreed and dibbed which bed belongs to who.

“I DIB THIS BED!” I shouted.

“And I dib this bed!” Adriana shouted back.

“Then I guess...I DIBS THIS BED” Julianna shouted back to us.

We all laughed and lied on our beds. Then I thought of this question that was VERY interesting.

“Hey guys? How do you think the sorting hat knows EXACTLY what house your in? Like is there something on your head that says so?”

“Ooo...good question...I don’t know?!” Adriana said with confusion in her voice.

“Yeah, I don’t know either” Julianna said.

“Hmm...should we try...figure it out?” I asked.

“YEAH” Julianna said.

“YES!” Adriana said as well.


(even though I probably won’t write a part 2), hehe :)

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Voldemort - Questions

Hey guys!
Welcome back to my blog. This next task is questions about Voldemort. I hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments, which Hogwarts house are you? I am mostly hufflepuff and gryffindor!
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Voldemort - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What is Voldermort’s name given to him by his parents?
a) Tom Hanks     b) Tom Riddle
c) Harry Potter             d) Ron Weasley

2) What house was Voldermort in when he was at Hogwarts?
a) Hufflepuff b) Ravenclaw
c)Gryffindor d) Slytherin

3) Who wrote the Harry Potter series?
a) J.F. Kennedy b) J.K. Rower
c) J.K. Rowling d) John Snow

4) Who is the archenemy of Voldermort?
a) Harry Potter b) Hermoine Granger
c) Miss Tuiā d) Neville Longbottom

5) In the Harry Potter movies Voldermort is played by only one person?
a) True b) False

6) Voldemort did NOT attempt to do one of the following things to Harry:
a) Get the basilisk to bite him         b) Get him lost in the maze at the Triwizard Tournament
c) Destroy him when he was a baby d) Trick questions, he tried to do all of these things.

7) Who is said to be the only wizard more powerful than Voldemort:
a) Albus Dumbledore b) Draco Malfoy
c) Severus Snape d) Mr Goodwin

8) What year did Voldemort attend Hogwarts?
a) 1991 b) 2020
c) 1938 d) 1931

9) What do many wizards who are too scared to use Voldemorts name call him?
 -> “You know who” and “he who must not be named”.

10) Describe what a muggle is:
 -> Non-magic person.


Hi everybody!
Today, my classmates and I are learning about Voldemort. Yes, the Voldemort from Harry Potter! He is the next virus BOSS that we have to defeat. If you didn't know, I LOVE Harry Potter! I enjoy the books mostly because I haven't really gone to the movie theaters to watch movies.
Anyway, I had to research some facts about him and, here they are (they are really intresting)!
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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Maths T2W7D2

So this is the last task for today, it is maths! I had to figure out what number each charcter equals. If you don't know what I mean by 'charcters', basically like emojis.
I had to figure out by the answer that is already there, what number each charcter represents and use that information to answer the bottom questions.
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Google Quiz - Megatron

Welcome and welcome back, to my blog!
This next task is the...Google quiz! I had to answer these questions with, yup-you guessed it...Google. 1 of these questions I already knew the answer to, without Google.
That is the second question. But anyway, hope you enjoy these few facts about Transformers but mainly Megatron.
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Google Quiz!

Use Google to find out the answers to these questions.
You may need to open links, and read, but the answers are there.

Question 1) What is Megatron’s original name? 
-> Megatronus.

Question 2) What vehicle does Megatron transform into?
-> Cybertronian Jet.

Question 3) Why was the AllSpark important for Megatron to retrieve?
-> So he could rebuild his species with it.

Question 4) What is the AllSpark made of? 
-> Energon, which is the lifeblood of Transformers

Question 5) Who is Megatron’s Nemesis?  Why ?
-> Trypticon. Trypticon is a Decepticon from the Aligned continuity family. He is equally formidable in his alternate form of the Decepticons' fortress of a warship, the Nemesis, even after a space bridge accident sent his personality into stasis. (to-be honest, I don’t know if thats the answer. It doesn’t CLEARLY say)

Question 6) Who was the original voice of Megatron? 
->  Hugo Weaving

Draw the Megatron

Welcome back, or welcome to my blog! Today, my class and I are learning about Megatron, he is from Transformers. Our class site is getting hacked and we have to defeat the virus BOSS's. Yesterday we had to defeat Miss Trunchbull from the movie, Matilda! Anyway, I had to draw Megatron with
Enjoy and please leave me a positive comment!

Megatron - Questions

Hey Guys!
So, I had to answer some questions about Megatron because, if you didn't know already. He is the virus BOSS that is hacking our class site! 
Yesterday it was Miss Trunchbull and now, Megatron? Well, anyway. Here are the questions and answers!
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Megatron - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Megatron is the leader of?
a) Decepticons b) Cybertrons 
c) Trypticon d) Autobots

2) Who was Megatron’s teacher?
a) Optimus Prime b) The Fallen
c) Sentinel Prime d) AllSpark

3) Who was appointed Cybertron's Protector and commander of its Defense Force
a)Optimus Prime b) Megatron
b)Sentinel Prime d) Cybertron

4) Which name is NOT Megatron’s alias?
a) Galvatron b) Ice Man
c) C-81 d) R2D2

5) Megatron is easily persuaded to change his mind?
a)True b) False

6) In the sentence “...feeling exacerbated by spending decades...”, what does exacerbated mean?
a) excited b) worsen
c) Cute d) aggregate

7) What is Megatron’s true goal? 
To destroy planet earth b) To destroy Optimus Prime
c) Restore Cybertron d) Retrieve Decepticon Army

8) What was Megatron’s obsession?
a)To destroy planet earth b) chase after the Allspark
c)  to be the greatest d) to be an autobot

9) in the sentence .. “he has to rule it with his iron fist ..” what does iron fist mean?
 a) to do iron your clothes b) strict and cruel way
c) mixes iron and metals together c) being gentle

Megatron's Hunt

So, my class and I have to defeat another virus BOSS! This time it's Megatron from the Transformers! We are going to be learning ALL about him so we know how to defeat him. This is writing, it's pretty short. 
I had to listen to Megatrons theme music and look at the image below and pretend I was Megatron. I had to write what I could see, smell, hear and feel.
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Walking towards the noisy gates and mini sign of what I see says, Pt England School…
The grand entrance of Pt England was only up to my ankles. The sound of children playing, running and talking, all could be heard from the height I was at. I could lean forward and tower over, to gasp at the variety of little children.

But-whats that smell, it’s the, the sense of coffee from the staffroom.
Tough concrete floor from outside builded up into my legs. I am Interested in the human beings and can’t wait to see what they do...


So today, my class and I have to defeat another virus BOSS! This time it's Megatron from the Transformers! We are going to be learning ALL about him so we know how to defeat him. I hope you enjoy these 4 small facts that could help us.
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Monday, 25 May 2020

Miss Trunchbull-Crack the Code

Welcome back guys!
This next task is a maths task. It doesn't really seem like a maths task but I had to crack a code to reveal what Miss Trunchbull said. It was kind of hard but fun. 
Thanks to Julianna that worked with me! Anyway, here it is, the code is underneath. 
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Google Quiz - Trunchbull

Hey viewers!
So, I had to use Google to answer questions about Miss Trunchbull from Matilda. Miss Trunchbull is mean and HORRIBLE! After you check out this task of mine, check out the other tasks I did today. 
Let me know in the comments, have you watched Matilda? Also, what do you think of Miss Trunchbull?
But anyways, enjoy checking out my...

Google Quiz

Use Google to find out the answers to these questions.
You may need to open links, and read, but the answers are there.

Question 1) Who played Miss Trunchbull in the 1996 movie ‘Matilda’?
-> Pam Ferris.

Question 2) What year did Roald Dahl write the character Miss Trunchbull?
-> 1988.

Question 3) How old is Miss Trunchbull?
-> 48 years old (in the movie), actual current age is 72.

Question 4) Is Miss Trunchbull over 6 feet tall?
-> No, in the movie Matilda, she is 5’77” (170 cm).

Question 5) What are the three formats that Miss Trunchbull has appeared in? I.e. Movie + ? + ?
-> Book, musical and movie.

Question 6) In the story of Matilda, who does the Trunchbull buy her car from?
-> Harry Wormwood.

Miss Trunchbull - Questions

Welcome to my blog!
Today, my class and I are learning about hacking. Of course WE aren't hacking but, our class site is hacked! Take a look at it,

Crazy right? Anyway, today we are also looking at Miss Trunchbull, a.k.a, the headmistress from Matilda. She is VERY scary, violent and more on the eccentric side...
Here are some questions I had to answer about her!

Miss Trunchbull - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What is Miss Trunchbull's first name?
a) Agnes b) Angel
c) Agatha d) Miss

2) What school is she the Principal at?
a) Crunchem Hall b) 1972 Olympics
c) Pt England School d) Trick Question, she is not a principal.

3) Who wrote the original character?
a) Matilda b) Roald Dahl
c) Wikipedia d) Matt Goodwin (Go Green)

4) How do other teachers feel about Miss Trunchbull?
a) They are scared of her b) Normal, she’s only mean to kids

5) In the sentence “...known for her brutal discipline...”, what does discipline mean?
a) Anger b) Horrible
c) Cute d) Punishment

6) Which of these is not a punishment that the Trunchbull would do:
a) Stretch a kids ears b) Lock a kid in the Chokey
c) Throw a kid over a fence d) Trick questions, she would do all of these things.

7) What is Miss Trunchbull afraid of:
a) Ghosts b) Covid-19
c) Spiders d) Miss Parrant

8) Do you think Miss Trunchbull should be a Principal of a school?
 a) Yes b) No

 -> Duh; It’s SO obvious! Who would want a mean, violent teacher as their principal! She doesn’t even let kids wear ‘pigtails’! Throwing kids over fences, locking kids in a chokey, making them eat until they feel sick?! I am surprised she hasn’t gone to jail yet!
Would you like her to be your principal? Who am I kidding? Why would I ask that question; It’s SO obvious, NO!
Don’t answer that questions please, anyway thanks for coming to my blog! Please leave a positive comment.

Research-Miss Trunchbull-Matilda

Hey guys!
Today, my class and I are learning about hacking and stuff. Of course WE won't be hcking but our class site is hacked! We have to solve who did it, how to defeat them and put our site back to normal.
Just look at it!

I know, right? CRAZY! So the first virus BOSS is, Miss Trunchbull. She is from the movie, Matilda. We had to research some facts about her so we knew how to defeat her in what type of way...
Here it is; If you know any other facts, make sure to tell me because it will help our class site!

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Adrian and Batgirl: Training Time!

Welcome back everybody!
If you have seen my previous ‘Adrian and Batgirl’ series that I wrote, then you will understand the stuff in this story. If you didn’t see it, make sure you read them in order, here are the links:
Part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4. Also, part: 5 will be next week, tomorrow or possibaly today.
Alrighty guys, without further ado, let's get into the juicy story!

“You’ll find out, gotta go!” said Batgirl as she flew into the sky,

“I will call you next time there's a super villain to defeat. You're going to become a superhero soon! What is she talking about? You're going to become a superhero soon!You're going to become a superhero soon; What does she mean? Am I going to be a superhero like she is?!?” Adrian said as she realized the chances of that she bounced up and down from one side of her room to the other,

“OMG, OMG, OMG! If that's what she meant then, did I mention OMG?!?” Adrian said with a poppy bright tone in her voice, she bounced on her back and layed down on her bed.

In fact, Batgirl WAS actually going to put her through SH (superhero) training and SP (super power) training. But of course, Adrian had to obtain her powers and figure out what they are.
Everybody has a power, like you and me. Our powers can be being really funny, smart, kind, crazy, and stuff. Being the person you are is a true power so, since Adrian is all of those things she was probably going to have a very good, unique power.

The next day, Batgirl flew down VERY early in the morning to meet Adrian. It was 5:30am in the morning! Adrian could wake up at that time because she was an early bird but she normally woke up at 7:00am on weekends and weekdays. Today was Saturday so she was of course, still sleeping.

“Hello, Adrian!” Batgirl said as she flew in and tapped Adrian on the shoulder 3 times,

“Who’s that!?!” said Adrian without looking behind and paying attention to who was behind her,

“It’s me, Batgirl!” Batgirl said while turning Adrian the other way so they could face each other,

“Oh, I better get ready and eat breakfast.” Adrian said,

“BREAKFAST! How are you going to eat breakfast?!?” Batgirl questioned,

“Easy, I make myself cereal and I leave a note saying that I went out to study out with my friends in a public area or something and tell them I ate breakfast already.” Adrian replied, it was like she has done that more than a million times before.

“Awesome! Meet me on your roof kind of building, ‘k?” Batgirl asked,
“Okay, sure.” Adrian replied.

Adrian got herself some yum Cornflakes and some warm milk, she poured the milk and cereal in and ate it all up. She got a post-it note and wrote:

“Mum and Dad, I have gone out with some of my friends to study for our brains to be smarter. We don’t know EXACTLY where we are going to study so, don’t try looking for us. I also ate cereal already!
Thanks, love you guys!

Adrian <3”.

Adrian then brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, changed and put her shoes and socks on.
Meanwhile, Batgirl was flying up in the sky to keep herself entertained while waiting for Adrian.
Just as Batgirl flew down to check up on Adrian, Adrian burst out the door with exercise clothes and a bag full of food, water and other essentials.

“WOW! Are you ready now?” Batgirl said as she looked up and down at Adrian,

“Yup, don’t you notice?” Adrian questioned,

“No, I do, anyway, come on, lets go!” Batgirl said as she held Adrians hand and they flew away in the bright daylight.

“ you know where we're going and what EXACTLY, we are doing?” Batgirl asked Adrian.

Batgirl, of course, knew the answer to BOTH those questions, she just wanted to make sure Adrian knew so she would be ready when they arrived.

“Well, if I am wrong I am going to look SO stupid I going to become a superhero and train and stuff?” Adrian answered.

Adrian HATED being embarrassed, most of the time the girls and boys at her school would make fun of how she climbs up the tall building, which Adrian calls, ‘her own little roof’. This is what happened…

“Hi Adrian!”  Coini sarcastically said,

“Hi, Coini...are you here to make me an offer so I can do your homework for you?” Adrian replied,

“You're really smart, you-know? You don’t have to come to me just because you're lazy!?” Adrian told her,
“Oh, then I will just tell everybody how you GO ON THAT TALL BUILDING AND SIT UP THERE ALL THE TIME,” as Coini said the ‘GO ON THAT TALL BUILDING’ and stuff, she made her voice louder so others could hear.

“Also, I am NOT lazy! I just..have to go shopping with my mum! Ya-know, the most FAMOUS designer in the world?”

At the time, nobody but Coini and her friends and Adrian's friends knew that she went on ‘her own little roof’, so to have to know the fact that Coini could just blurb it out whenever she wants is embarrassing.

Of course, Adrian didn’t think it was embarrassing for her that she climbed up there, she just didn’t enjoy people talking about her and that ALL THE TIME!
Ever since then, lots of people knew about it. Also, I never introduced you to Coini’s family, did I? Ok, here it is!

Coini’s mother was the most famous designer and model in the world! Her name was Penni. Penni and Coini were very cute names as they were both money names but with a ‘i’ at the end. Penni is famous so, whenever she gets spotted out in public EVERYBODY wants selfies, autographs, interviews and all that type of stuff!

Penni also keeps up with ALL the latest fashion trends. Now, Penni was VERY nice and I mean VERY nice. Just like Adrian! It’s probably surprising since, Coini isn’t what-so-ever.
If Coini gets in trouble at school because of being mean, her mum always makes (or trys)to make sure Coini doesn’t do it again. But since she still doesn’t listen, Penni has had to do that multiple times.

Coini’s father however was like the SAME! Coini’s dad was trendy, fashionable and JUST like her mother! Coini’s dad was very nice too. Coini’s dad’s name is Bucki.
You’ll probably guess what their last names are, but, if you can’t it’s, Money.
Coini is an only child like Adrian.

Anyway, Batgirl said,

“We are here! Superhero and superpower training HQ!”

“YAY! OMG, OMG, OMG-I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED, HEHE!” Adrian said VERY excitedly.

“Welcome to, SHSP HQ. Also known as, superhero, superpower headquarters,” Said the leader of the HQ, her name was Andelion. Like Dandelion but without the ‘d’.

“May I introduce myself. Andelion”

“Nice to meet you, Andelion. I’m Adrian!” Adrian replied while smiling,

“Oh, and Batgirl! Nice to see you here! What brings you two here, Batgirl and Adrian?” asked Andelion.

“Well, I have decided to make Adrian a superhero. Yes, I know. I am not supposed to choose who to make a superhero, you are. But...I REALLY trust Adrian. She is smart, kind, loyal and funny. Please just test her and see!” confirmed Batgirl.

“Of course, no problem!” said Andelion

So, they all went inside the massive modern doors and WOW! It was a huge area with testers and creators of the superheroes gadgets. So many cool costumes that you could choose from!

“Andelion?” asked Adrian,

“Yes Adrian?”

“Why is there a HUGE sign in front of us that says ‘Costumes’?” Adrian asked.

“Because, in there we have every single one of the designers that create the superhero costumes and style of their superhero items. That is also where all the default costumes are for trainers” answered Andelion.

Adrian didn’t really understand what Andelion meant by “default costumes”, so she asked her.

“What do you mean by ‘default costumes’, exactly?”

“You’ll find out,” she said as she walked towards that area.

When they entered Adrian’s jaw dropped, again…


Friday, 22 May 2020

Rainbows End - Questions

So, if you saw my last 2 posts, you know that my class and I are learning about Rainbows End! Rainbows End is a tourisim attraction and if you saw most of my other posts from 3-4 days ago, you know that we have been looking into tourisim and where tourists go in New Zealand. One of them are Rainbows End, hehe.
Well now, may I present to you,.....

Rainbows End - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) How many acres does Rainbows End have?
a) 9.3 acres b) 23 acres
c) 8 acres d) 300 acres

2) When did Rainbows End first open?
a) December 1982 b) June 2001
c) December 2004 d) December 1982

3) What was not part of the attraction during the opening of Rainbows End?
a) Video Games b) Mini Golf
c) Pirate Ship d) Mirage Cars

4)The park is run and owned by?
a) Rangi Ltd b) Rangitoto Ltd
c) Aniwaniwa Ltd d) Rangatira Ltd

5) Another word for crowd puller?
a) Nobody b) Highlight
c) Magnet d) Unknown

6) It took 4 months for the Freefall to be assembled.
a) True b) False

7) From which country did the Jumpin Star arrive from?
 a) Sweden b) New Zealand
 c) Italy d) Australia

8) Which of the following things was NOT part of the rebrand for in September 2014 for Rainbows End?
a) New state of the art entrance way b) Park logo change
c) Added a new adventurous ride d) New website

9) What is Rainbows End?

--->Rainbows End is a fun amusement park for adults, teens and kids. Rainbows End is a hot tourism attraction. Rainbows End has a fun variety of rides, from scary heights to bumper boats. If you want a thrilling adventurous ride, check out the FEARFALL! It is 90 feet tall and goes up and down fast!

10) Would you like to go to Rainbows End? Why or why not?

--->Yes, I would LOVE to go! It would be so much fun but...most of the rides are REALLY scary and can make you dizzy and want to vomit in, NO TIME! I have never gone on any of the Rainbows End rides so, why not?

Would you guys like to go to, or already went there? If so how many times? How was your experience? What was your favourite ride and scariest ride?!?

Message of Support-Rainbows End

So, if you saw my previous post, you know that I am learning about...Rainbows End! Rainbows End is an amusement park for adults, teens and kids!
There are SO many thrilling, fun and family friendly rides. Rainbows End is also a tourisim attraction. My class and I have been learning about tourisim for the past 3-4 days and it has been REALLY fun! I hope you enjoy reading this letter to them!

Please leave a positive comment on my blog :)

The Team at Rainbows end

Hey guys!
So, todays learning is about...Rainbows End! If you have seen many of my recent posts, you know that my classmates and I have been looking and tourisim.
One of the most hottest tourisim attractions in New Zealand is, Rainbows End! Rainbows End isn't an ACTUAL end of a rainbow, it is a fun amusement park and has rides for adults, teens and even kids. Most rides, you need a height approvel. There are 5 VERY scary but thrilling rides at Rainbows End too!
Check out this task about it.
Please leave a positive comment :)


Thursday, 21 May 2020

Nurses and Doctors Research

Hi guys!
So its pretty dark out, its around 8 something PM right now. I haven't been able to finish this task and this was from like 2-3 days ago when my classmates and I were learning about nurses, docters and Adam Brown. This task was VERY long, even just to look at it!
The first few slides are really nice, bright and intresting but once you get to the 6th slide it gets all black-and-white and just SO many words.
I tried my hardest to put the information I got in my own words.
Credit goes to Google and these 2 sites I went on: Types Of Doctors! and Types of Nurses!
Please leave a positive comment :)

White Water Rafting Activity

Hi guys!
The time I am posting this is at night time, so this is a late post! Anyway, I had to make a white water rafting area in G.I, G.I is the area that Pt England school is at. This task was VERY fun and I enjoyed it, I hope we can do more AWESOME things similar to this.
In the presentation I had to write things, construct things and design things! I designed a raft and a t-shirt.
Enjoy! Please leave a positive comment!

White Water Rafting Story

Hey guys!
So I had to write a story about me going white water rafting with some of my friends. In this story, my friends are, Adriana, Julianna, Jade and Finau! (click their names to check out their AMAZING blogs)
I have never gone white water rafting before, let alone rafting. I have gone kayaking though 2 times (at camp, hehe).
Anyway, tell me in the comments if you have ever gone rafting or white water rafting + your experince!
Please leave me a positive comment :)


“Are you guys coming or not?” Adriana demanded as she took a few steps further into the water…

“Ok ,ok...we are coming!” we all replied. We weren’t very scared but we were not VERY confident either.

‘We’ is me, Adriana, Julianna, Jade and Finau. We were going...white water rafting! If I had to say if I was confident or not, I’d say both...but mostly confident. I took a few steps into the water, behind me was Julianna then Finau and Jade.
Adriana was the most confident, she hopped into the raft like she did it a million times!
Julianna, Jade, Finau and I hopped into the round inflatable raft.

We had helmets on, life-jackets (of course), paddles and boots.
There was also one raft guider that was going to go raft with us. When we drifted off,  we all had to paddle.
There was a gorgeous view everywhere we paddled. Julianna, Jade, Finau and I weren’t a bit scared anymore.

Thats when we saw was coming towards us, or were we going towards it…
We all looked at it and then at each other, there was a downward stream! This was one of the parts we didn’t want to go through, we were so scared we gulped and waited for us to get over it.

When we slid down the slope that when it happened.
The raft tilted from one side to another…

“Uh oh..” Julianna said with a scared face,

“When the raft tilts from one side to another…” Jade and Finau said with a gulp at the end…

“We FALL!!!” Adriana and I screamed, after that we all did!

Luckily for the raft instructor he was still on the raft, so when we fell he was able to help us a bit.
But we also knew what to do, we had to try grab ahold of the safety rope that was attached to the raft.
The raft drifted away so we had to float on our backs, we stayed as calm as we could.
If the same situation happened to you YOU CAN NOT swim so we only floated on our backs.
We also didn’t let go of our paddles because that is also what you have to do if you fall out.

Eventually, we all got ahold of the safety rope and the raft instructor helped us get on.
We were all completely, soaking wet. We all looked at each other and then laughed!

“Hahaha” laughed Jade,

“Hehehe” giggled Finau,

“Hehehe” giggled Julianna,

“Hahaha” I laughed

“Hahaha” laughed Adriana.

We were all having a very nice time after that, no more falling into the water. This time when the downward slopes came we simply bounced and paddled our way out.
So make sure that if you ever decide to go white water rafting and if you want to know what to do if you fall out,

Try to grab the rafts safety rope (every raft has one).
Float down the river on your BACK, feet first!
Of course, stay calm.
DO NOT try to swim!
DO NOT try to stand up!
DO NOT let go of your paddle.

Those are all ACTUAL safety rules that you MUST follow if you do experience falling off your raft!
I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to check out Adriana, Julianna, Jade and Finaus blog!

Message of Support-White Water Rafting

Welcome back, guys!
So as you know I have done quite a lot of these inspirational, supportive and kind letters to different people.
Today, I had to write to white water rafting instructors\guiders and workers. I hope you guys enjoy!
Please leave a positive comment :)

White Water Rafting - Questions

White Water Rafting - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Who is believed to have created white water rafting?
a) John Key b) John Ferguson and Harry Daily
c) Alexander Paul d) John Fremont and Horace H. Day

2) When was white water rafting introduced to the Olympics?
a) 1970s b) 1980s
c) 1990s d) 1960s         (the exact year was 1972)

3) Which level rapids can sometimes be impossible to maneuver?
a) Level 4 b) Level 1
c) Level 6 d) Level 3

4) Which level rapids are considered to be family friendly and the easiest?
a) Level 4 b) Level 1
c) Level 6 d) Level 3

5) Which river is there white water rafting available in the Manawatu-Whanganui area?
a) Wairoa River b) Kaituna River
c) Mohaka River d) Rangitikei River

6) Lake Taupo's Tongariro River is home to two sections of white water.
a) True b) False  --> (it has 3)

7) What is another activity that is similar to white water rafting but it is completed in caves?
 a) Black water rafting b) Bungy Jumping
 c) Surfing d) Green water rafting

8) Which of the following things would you NOT require to go white water rafting?
a) Life jacket b) Rubber boat
c) Paddles d) Flash Nike’s

9) What is white water rafting?
-->White water rafting is like rafting. You raft on a stream that can go downwards, the water froths a lot so the water appears to be  white.

10) Would you like to go white water rafting? Why or why not?
-->No and yes (again), it seems a little bit scary. IMAGINE falling off, there is like around 40% you will fall. I also would like to because I never had before!

The Team at Mohaka Rafting

Hi everybody!
Today, my classmates and I are learning about, white water rafting. We are still going on about toursim. You may ask,

'why does toursim affect white water rafting instructors\guiders?'

Well not JUST tourists, students from schools go too but because of the pandemic, unfortunately there isn't enough people coming.


Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Bungy Jump Story

Hey people!
So, its currently like 7 or 8 pm and I am finishing off my work! I didn't really finish my work at school today so tomorrow I hope I only have to finish 1 or 2 things!
Anyway, I had to write about my experince of bungy jumping haven't gone bungy jumping EVER in my life. So, I had to make-belive of course. I made up this weird but pretty realistic story about...

My Experince Of Bungy Jumping!

I’m standing on the edge. It’s too late to back out now. The rope and harness feels tight around my legs, yet my legs feel like jelly. I can’t believe I’m about to bungy jump…

All I could do now was, look behind me, look in front of me and then below me.
Speaking of below me, there was a pretty big river sort of stream under me! I was so glad that I wasn’t going to touch that water because that would be really scary.
It all started when my mum and dad wanted me to do something fun, something I have never done before. I am not that person that was planning and wanting to bungy jump every since they first knew about it, I was more like,

“Wow, that’s probably pretty scary….”

I was definitely not like,

“YESSSSS!! That is the next thing I am doing!”

I don’t think anybody would l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y, say that….if they did then…um...interesting.
Anyway, so my mum and dad didn’t tell me what was going on and where I was going. I thought I would go somewhere like a trampoline park, which I had gone before a few times but, it could’ve been?

When we arrived I saw we were in like a bridge area. I also saw that there were people with cords and straps.
Thats when it hit me,

“WHAT! No, no, no….this isn’t bungy it?” I asked while I was shocked, confused and regretting that I ever went in the car.

“I don’t know...maybe you can find out…” my mum replied.

Oh-no, I wasn’t going to even TRY to find out..until...I basically had no choice. The bungy jump instructors were waiting and they knew I was coming anyway, so, it would be pretty rude to back out when I was already there! So I got out of the car and definitely WASN’T ready to jump.

The instructors tied a sort of cloth around my ankles and then the rope….
So thats where I am at now.

I tried not to look down but I couldn’t help it!
Thats when the instructor said,

“I will be counting down from 10, ok?”

“Ummmmm…..sure..I guess” I replied nervously.

Thats when he started..

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4..” I gulped, he was JUST about to reach 1….

“3, 2, 1!” He said and I blasted off, I could feel the air going towards me and I felt my heart beat every time I went down an inch!

That was my experience. If I actually did go bungy jumping my mum and dad wouldn’t make me but it is a probable thing I’d do. Let me know if you have bungy jumped before and your experience! Tell me if you haven’t before and if you want to or don’t want to!


Bungy Jumping - Questions

Bungy Jumping - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Who started up the activity, bungy jumping, as an activity to make money?
a) Harry von Asch b) The Prime Minister at the time
c) Alexander Hackett d) AJ Hackett & Henry van Asch

2) When was the first bungy jumping company started up in NZ?
a) 1960s b) 1920s
c) 1980s d) 1970s

3) On which River was it started?
a) Kawarau River b) Waikato River
c) Manawatu River d) Clutha River

4) In which city of New Zealand was the first permanent bungy jump made?
a) Auckland b) Palmerston North
c) Queenstown d) Gisborne

5) How high is the Nevis Bungy jump?
a) 200m b) 134m
c) 90m d) 47m

6) In New Zealand, we call the activity Bungee Jumping...
a) True b) False

7) An activity in which Pacific Island is known to have inspired the invention of Bungy jumping?
 a) Fiji b) Vanuatu
 c) Niue d) Samoa

8) What material were AJ Hackett’s bungy cords made of?
a) Vines b) Latex Rubber
c) Plastic d) Rubber bands

9) What is Bungy Jumping?
-->Bungy jumping is where your connected to latex rubber on both your ankles and you jump down a high distance.

10) Would you like to do a bungy jump? Why or why not?
-->Yes and no please! Yes because, it seems fun and I have NEVER done it before and have NEVER thought of doing it until now. No because it’s quite scary, I mean like, only having a latex rubber on your ankles and jumping super far down!

Darren Jarrett Message of Support

Welcome back, viewers!
So if you have seen my previous blog post you guys can see that today my class and I are learning about bungy jumping and Darren Jarrett. Darren Jarrett is a person that works at a bungy jumping area in Queenstown. He works there for mainly tourists who come and visit Queenstown.
I had to write a letter to him since because the airports and airplanes are closing, Darren Jarrett and others aren't earning enough money and might go out of buisness.

Darren Jarrett

Hey guys!
So today, my classmates and I are going to be learning about bungy jumping and Darren Jarrett. Darren Jarrett is a person that works in a bungy jumping area, he mostly bungy jumps with tourists. Darren Jarrett is 26 years old.

As you guys know, this week my classmates and I are learning about being kind, supportive and putting ourselves in others shoes (not literally but, you-know).
You may be like, "what does bungy jumping, tourists and Darren Jarrett have to do with that?"
Well, people like Darren who work for tourists that come to their country work for the tourists, right?

Well...people like him can't do that since airports and airplanes are closing. Tourists can't come now. People like Darren Jarrett, are worried they have to go out of buisness since they aren't earning enough money!


Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Jacinda-Research Task

Hey guys!
I had to do this task yesterday but I didn't finish it!
This is like the research task I did for Adam Brown. Enjoy :)

Researching About Adam Brown

Welcome back to my blog! you probably know, today my classmates and I are learning about being a docter\nurse during this time. We mainly focused on Adam Brown, a nurse working at Middlemore Hospital which is in Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand. He works in the ICU (intensive care unit), the ICU works on people with life-threatning medical conditions, or, other serious scenarios.
Anyway, I had to research about Adam Brown, here it is.
(If your wondering why I had to research about Papatoetoe and other things, just know that everything I researched about is based around Adam Brown)

Face Mask - Questions

Welcome back, viewers!
Today, I am answering more questions. This time it is about face masks. Lots of people are wearing these when they go outside or out in public. But anyways, enjoy!
Please leave a positive comment :)

Face masks - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.   


1) How did this woman hurt her face?
a) Boxing b) Fell over
c) Wearing a mask d) Allergic Reaction

2) What does Frankly mean?
a) Like Frank b) Looking
c) Honestly d) Candy

3) What do you call the clothes that Nurses wear?
a) Scrubs b) Work Clothes
c) Overalls d) Gucci Sweater “Darling”

4) Which country is the nurse in the picture from?
a) New Zealand b) Australia
c) Italy d) United States of America

5) This Nurse stated that during this pandemic response she can’t go to the toilet or have anything to drink for how long during her shifts?
a) 1 hour b) 2 hours
c) 3 hours d) 6 hours

6) Are these normal working conditions for nurses?
 a) Yes b) No

7) Have the New Zealand Nurses been under the same pressure and workload as the nurses in other parts of the world?
 a) Yes b) No

8) Why did Adam Brown feel stressed and worried?
a) His mum could get sick b) There was lots to get ready
c) Hospitals were filling up d) He forgot his lunch, and it was KFC, his brother might eat it.

9) Which of these things was something the hospitals had to do to get ready?
a) Create PPE training videos         b) Convert operating rooms into training rooms
c) find accommodation for staff d) All of the above

10) Why have NZ Nurses not got sore faces from the masks?
a) Better masks b) NZ Covid-19 cases are low, and hospitals are coping
c) NZ Nurses are tough d) Face cream