Thursday, 25 February 2021

Interview with Prime Minister!

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Today the Prime Minister of New Zealand is visiting Pt England School and me and Nadia get to do an interview with her! She will be coming super soon and me and Nadia will be having our last practise of what we will say and the questions we'll ask. See you guys after the interview and i'll tell you if it goes alright!


We just finished the interview and it went SPECTACULAR! Me and Nadia were mentally screaming when she came and sat next to us and meanwhile a lot of students were gathered outside the fence that we were in. It was so fun and she was so relaxed and easy to talk to! She came to our school because Room 21 Emailed her a video that was about us enjoying the free lunches!

"You don't need to be old for people to care what you think" is one of the things she told us! Here were the questions we asked her and her answers summarised!


Aye: How is your family doing?

"My family is great!"

Nadia: Speaking of your family, we saw Neve on the news from Waitangi Day. How do you manage being a mum and prime minister at the same time?

"Yeah well a lot of people have daughters and sons while also working and being busy so I feel I am just going through that too."

Nadia: Why did you decide to give out free lunches?

"Well I got a lot of Emails from kids about lunches."

Aye: What is Wellington like?

"It's great but it's quite cold."

Aye: What is working in The Beehive like?

"It's really awesome and I feel privileged to be working in a office there!"

Nadia: What is your favourite thing about being a Prime Minister? Who is your role model?

(Answer for who is your Role Model?). "My mum and dad of course!"

Aye: What is your favourite song? Why?

"Tidy up Time because when I play it, Neve (her daughter) cleans up her toys!"

Nadia: Has being Prime Minister been a dream of yours since you were young?


Aye: Random question: What is an item you cannot live without and why?

"My phone, unfortunately because I can use it to connect to people I work with" 

Nadia: What is something you are most proud of?

"I'm proud knowing that I am helping others lives."

Aye: What would be some advice for someone our age who wants to become Prime Minister one day?

"You can do it. I think that's very important!"

Nadia: What has been the most challenging part of leading the country through the COVID-19 pandemic?

"Worrying about making the right or wrong decision."


Overall, me and Nadia felt very privileged to have the chance to speak face-to-face with the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern!

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Maths Visual- Dimic

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Today we had a Dimic session! This session was my favourite and my group was Cherish, Lincoln and Kris. It was super fun and we think we got it right!

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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

The Deca Tree- Maths

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Today for Maths we had a Dimic session in groups! My group was with Jane, Austin and Simon! Our problem is this:


We had so much fun doing the task and we worked it out correctly! 8,889 was the answer. We didn't get the answer but we did work it out correctly! 

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Monday, 22 February 2021

Maths Vocab: Number

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This is my maths task for today! It is about maths vocab! It features squared, square root, greater than and and less than too. I hope you learn something new.

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Friday, 19 February 2021

Maths Recap Week 3

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This is my maths task for today! It was quite hard but I hope you like it. I don't know if the answers are correct so yeah.

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This is my literacy task for today! It is about symbols and also The Key Game story by Ida Fink. I hope you enjoy- this was a fun task!

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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Quote Painting 2021

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For the past month, we have been working on art! We had to paint a background and then choose a quote that inspired us and basically represented us. 

I chose my background colour to be light purple with some hints of dark purple! I accidentally put one black dot on my painting so I improvised and added some more and it turned out pretty good! My quote was, "BE REAL, NOT PERFECT". I feel like being yourself is important rather than trying to be perfect because nobody's perfect and it's better to be yourself and not let other stop you from being you! I also added a small sunflower smiley face in the middle. 

This is what my finished art looks like!

If I could've changed one thing, it would probably be making my paper not as wrinkly because I added a bit too much water to make the light purple and it made my page super close to ripping- luckily it didn't rip of course! But when it dried up, it made the page quite wrinkly but I managed to smooth it out a bit.

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Level Up Multiples and Factors

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This is my maths task for today, it is about multiples and also factors! It was slightly hard- specifically the last page so let me know if I got anything wrong so I can edit it because my understanding of the last page isn't the best.

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Multiples and Factors

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This is my maths task for today! It is called Multiples and Factors! It's quite short but enjoy!

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Multiplication Magic 2.0

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This is my maths task! One of the questions was an area question and I am bad at area so I decided I would try work it out at home!

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Time Capsule

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This is my literacy task from in Level 3 yesterday as well and it is a Time Capsule! I had to write to someone in the future about Global Warming. 

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 This time capsule will explain to someone in the future how global warming is affecting our world currently and what we are doing to try and solve some of the problems that are contributing to global warming, 

Hello to whoever is reading this in the future!

This is a Time Capsule that will explain how Global Warming is affecting the world currently and what we are attempting to do to try and solve some of the problems!

Global Warming is caused by riding an automobile, using heating or cooking food on a stove etc because, when we burn coal, oil, and gas to create energy, we are sending gases into the atmosphere! Those gases trap heat and that cause the planet’s temperature to rise..

We are trying to stop this from happening as experts believe that Global Warming causes natural disasters like wildfires! We are doing little things, one by one like using less energy and water. We are slowly preventing Global Warming by turning off lights and water when we’re not using them. We also try to walk instead of riding in cars when we can. Many people already currently use solar and wind power. This can lower the use of coal, oil, and gas!

I really hope that everybody in the future will do those things to so we can prevent Global Warming slowly! 

Here are a few questions for anybody reading this in the future:

-Is there more people visiting Mars now? 

-Are there any new technologies or devices?

-Is the world not polluted?

Global Warming

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This is my Global Warming task for literacy. This was for during Level 3 yesterday that I didn't finish! For the last page, I will be editing that page and will do it at home!

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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Ready for learning

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Well this wasn't expected at all was it? Auckland is now back at Alert Level 3 in Lockdown. This means Online Learning for 2021! This task was about getting ready for home learning. I hope you enjoy, it's quite short though.

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Friday, 12 February 2021

Writing Challenge

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For Literacy, Mr Moran created a writing challenge, this is how it works! He will be giving us 3 random pictures and words that we must use in our stories. However, you are only allowed to write 6 sentences but at the same time keep it interesting! So here is my story and I hope you like it.

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Spongebob was getting bored of his Pineapple home under the sea because nobody visited him so he went to look around the globe to plan an adventure! Squidward stopped him and he smacked Spongebob with a broom making him bruised. “How dare you” said Spongebob as he ran out of there. He was now on land and saw an adorable little girl and he thought she was treasure and so he kidnapped her. When Spongebob returned back home to Patrick, Patrick said “Spongebob what is this girl doing here”. Spongebob then got another smack but from Patrick and he was forced to return the girl, the end :)

Rarotonga Research

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For Literacy, my class and I had to do a research presentation about my reading group but I accidentally did a whole presentation about Rarotonga instead but Mr Moran allowed it! Anyways, I hope you enjoy and learn something new.

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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Dimic Lesson 11 Feb

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Today for maths, we had a Dimic lesson and it was fun. There were lot's of groups and mine was with Austin and Jane! Our Dimic task was VERY hard and basically we had to use 4, 4's and use them with equations to equal a number from 1-20. If that makes sense? Anyways, my group only managed to do 3 of them- they were WAY to hard! I just wanted to do a recount about it!

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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Discussing Wind Energy and Wind Turbines Extension

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Today was the first day for Year 7 and 8 Extension and we learnt about Wind Energy and Wind Turbines. We were split into 5 groups of 3 and one group was split into 4. My group was with Atawhai and also Finau. Each group was given a pen and a paper and we had to brainstorm about what we think wind energy is used for. My group thought of wind turbines and windmills first, so did other groups. We sketched a fair bit of Wind Turbines on our paper and then we thought of some other ways wind energy is used!

Finau thought of a Wind Blower which I thought was pretty smart because, obviously, it uses wind! So we sketched out a wind blower. Next we thought of heaters, air conditioning, hair dryers and also a compass! We weren't sure if compasses had anything to do with wind but we put it down just in case. We thought maybe the wind had something to do with how compasses know where north, east, south and west are!

When it was time to share our ideas, I had to present it and it went out pretty smooth. My group and I also thought of sailing/surfboarding because in order to move while doing those activities, you need air to push you on the water. No air, no moving! 


This activity was really fun and each group is working onto a google slide presentation about Wind Energy/Wind Turbines. Each group had to take out a piece of paper that either said 'against' or 'for'. If you get 'against' then you have to go against Wind Turbines. If you get 'for' then you will be supporting Wind Turbines. My group got 'against'! We were really happy with it and we are working on the presentation that we will share on our blogs later on the term!

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Marshmallow and Spaghetti Tower!

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This morning, my class and I did a challenge in groups! My group had four people (including me) and it included, Jane, Nadia and Tsai! 

In year 5, I did this same thing but our tower was a complete fail..

But now, it was time to redeem myself and try to improve from it and we created this amazing tower!Everybody had around 2 minutes to plan what they would want to do to make their tower the tallest. My group were not really planning at all, it was more.. awkward? When we started building, we just did random things and hoped it would work and.. it did! 

Here's how we did it:

1: We got the Spaghetti and doubled them by getting two and sticking them together. We did this twice and we positioned them leaning into each other to balance. We taped them both together and added 2 single Spaghetti piece to balance it on each side that didn't have a Spaghetti bit yet!

2: We taped them all together and added as much tape as we could to the bottom to add as much balance to support the Marshmallow and the Spaghetti piece that hold's the Marshmallow needs!

3: We FINALLY managed to get it to balance after around 2 minutes maybe? We then got 2 Spaghetti's to tape on top. We did that and then added two more, we didn't want to risk breaking our tower and so we figured we should just add the Marshmallow on now. We did that and it balanced!

4: We were pretty much finished so we just kept adding tape on top of tape when time was up...

5: We looked over at other groups' towers and we were a bit un-sure if we'd win but we still had hope!

6: We looked at other people's towers as Mrs Stone measured them while still keeping an eye on ours! Finally it was my groups' turn and we were nervous!

7: Our tower ended up being 60 centimetres if I am correct! 

8: Something we did that helped us win was that we each had a role. Tsai helped tape the construction and also cut tape! Nadia helped tape and add things. Jane helped add ideas and put tape on! I helped by holding onto the tower while they taped it and also I added tape!

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My 2021 About Me

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Yesterday, we started school again and I am now a year 7! I can't believe I have completed Primary! Today, my class and I had to write our About Me's for our blog and here is what I have came up with. Let me know if there is anything I could add!


Welcome or welcome back to my blog! My name is Aye and I am a year 7 student at Pt England School. For this year, my literacy teacher is Mr Moran and my home room teacher is Mrs Stone. My culture is Rakhine\Arakan from Myanmar! 

In my free time, I enjoy drawing, reading or writing. My favourite movies are Dora and the Lost City of Gold and also Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! My favourite author is David Walliams because he writes interesting and funny books that you just can’t take your eyes off! If i’m being honest, my closest friends would describe me as a crackhead, (a wild and fun person), that loves to laugh with friends! 

When I grow up, I want to be a actor or somebody who voices over cartoon characters or just animated characters in movies! I love making new friends and I would love to hear some of your feedback on my blog posts! 

I can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring us! 

Aye :)