Monday, 25 September 2017

Maori art


Maori art recount

Last week at school room 15 designed Maori art around flora and flora.

First I got my sharp pencil and drew my design. Secondly I got some greens browns and black pastels and coloured in my drawings. Lastly I got a big piece of black paper and stuck my art on the paper and got some shiny green glitter and decorated my art.

Next I wrote a Maori legend about mere and a pukeko. Finally I went on google and searched for some native NZ bush scenes next I drew my characters and animated my story.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mere and Pukeko

Mere and the pukeko

Once upon a time there was a Maori girl called mere and she lived behind a secret beautiful bush.

In their bush it was full of Kowhai's with beautiful yellow flowers and big rata's. one lovely afternoon when mere was fast asleep, a pukeko flew down and the pukeko saw a beautiful shiny necklace and grabbed it and flew away. Then Mere woke up and got upset because it belonged to her great grandmother, so mere goes to God of the sky Ranginui to ask for help.

Mere explained to Ranginui the promblem so Ranginui called out "pukeko please give the necklace back to mere how would you feel if someone stole something of yours" pukeko felt bad so the next night pukeko sneeked and slowly put it back, The next morning Mere found the neacklace she was so glad.

Finally mere and her family celebrated with a beautiful big yummy feast and said a karakia to Ranginui for helping them.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Lexi and the broken arm

Once upon a time there lived a girl called lexi and she lived up inside a pink and blue treehouse. One day when lexi was up inside her pink and and blue treehouse lexi slipped on some water and she fell all the way down from her treehouse. Then lexis mum heard her crying  so lexis mum took lexi to the hospital. Next when they arrived at the hospital the doctor said "lexis arms broken " so the doctor put a cast on her arm. After that lexis mum made some donuts for lexi.finally lexi ate the appealing donuts and lexi said "delious" the end

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The cross country

On friday afternoon we had cross country. First we lined up in the year 3 lines then mister Burt clapped the wooden clapper and we started running. When I was running my pants got muddy and soaked. Next when I finished I took a cup of water and sat down in my line and waited for Miss Eadie to tell us to go back to class. After miss Eadie told us to back our bags. Finally we went home.