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I am still blogging … 

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Tuesday, 14 December 2021

The Ice Cream Truck

 This is a short narrative I wrote before which I accidentally deleted!

The plot idea is not mine!! I found it online and thought it was very interesting and cool.
This is the plot: You just moved to a new neighborhood and you hear the music of an ice cream truck coming down the street. As you and your family walk outside, you notice all your neighbors rushing inside and locking their doors and windows.

I could maybe turn this into a story but I think I'll just keep it as a short story like this! 


MOVING INTO A NEW NEIGHBOURHOOD was never easy for Jamie and Clementine Miller, yet they’d moved around 6 times in the period of the previous months and now. Clementine sighed as she began unpacking one of the boxes labelled with “Clementine” in big letters on the front. She smiled as her eyes landed on a picture of her and her friends in her previous neighborhood. 

It was hard leaving your new friends, and Clementine had barely any time to make the most of the previous town she’d been at. Her mom announced they’d be moving so sudden that it made Clementine upset. Normally she’d have no problem being told they’d move because there was nobody she wanted to stay in the town for. But this time was different.

Clementine’s eyes scanned what was now going to be her new room. Her hands rested on her hips as she did. It was quite small but there was enough room for her to enjoy herself. The plain white paint coated on the walls were slightly chipped. I’m gonna have to ask dad to re-paint my room later. 

“Clementine! Come downstairs!” Her mother exclaimed, her voice echoing from downstairs. “Coming mom!” She yelled back, making her way out to the hallway and down the stairs. Speaking of, Clementine had never lived in a house with two stories before. This whole experience was new. Well, besides the moving bit.

“Could you please take this box into the first room there is when you get upstairs?” Her mother asks. “Sure.” She smiles. “You’re an angel.” Her mother smiles, going back to continue putting away the toiletries. Clementine lifts up the box and cautiously makes her way up the flight of stairs, trying her best not to drop it. A sigh of relief escaped her lips and she carefully sets the box down.

As she turns around, she is met with her younger brother Jamie, rushing down the stairs. Why he was in a hurry? She didn’t know. Or at least she didn’t know until the music of an ice cream truck rang through her ears. Now knowing why her brother was in such a rush, she jogs down the stairs only to find her brother already begging her mother for some ice cream. 

“Please?” Jamie pleads, attempting to make his best puppy eyes. Mrs Miller chuckles, lightly shaking her head. “Clem, could you take your brother with you to get some ice cream, love?” Her mother asks. Clementine nods happily. 

She watches as her mother digs through her pockets and pull out a ten dollar bill. “A kids scoop is normally not that expensive. Come back if it costs more.” Her mother says, handing Clementine the dollar bill. Clementine nods once more, taking her brothers hand into her own, leading him outside. Jamie jumps excitedly, clapping his hands. “Can I have vanilla please, Clemmy?” The six year old asks his sister. Clementine nods, looking around at the many families and children playing outside.

Jamie and Clementine take a seat on their front porch as they wait for the ice cream truck. Clementine keeps her eyes on a particular little girl and right next to the girl was a woman that Clementine assumed to be the guardian of the child. As the ice cream truck gets closer, she watches in confusion as the guardian spots the ice cream truck in the far distance, grabs her child and runs inside quickly. They weren’t the only one though. As the music became less and less faint, and the truck came closer and closer, she could see more and more people in the neighborhood hurriedly rushing inside, locking their doors, and closing/locking their windows and curtains. This is strange.. What the hell are all these people doing and why?

Friday, 19 November 2021

Stem and Leaf graphs

 Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

This is one of my maths tasks! It's all about stem and leaf graphs. I hope you enjoy :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

The Man in The Painting

Hi :)

This is one of my literacy tasks where we had to write a short story about an artwork coming alive and we could choose any picture for the story to be based off of. I chose the picture down below which I actually realised was Zach King.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short little narrative! <3

KATE HAD ALWAYS FOUND the art museum quite boring. Her definition of an art museum would be, “endless paintings of people and everyday objects.”

Her mother however, would believe the total opposite. Which is pretty much why they were at the new art museum in town. Kate dragged her feet across the floor, exhausted and dying of boredom. Her mother playfully rolled her eyes at Kate’s state. “Fine.” Her mother sighed. “We’ll look at a few portraits in the room ahead and then we’ll go.”

Kate happily claps her hands together and ecstatically nods. The room was empty, just the paintings, Kate, and her mother. Kate decides to do something she would’ve never expected she’d do: She was actually willingly looking at the art. Surprisingly, the portraits were actually very interesting. The contrast between each artists art style for human portraits varied.

Kate’s eyebrows knitted together as her eyes focused on a portrait of a man. The bottom half of his face was painted red, the nose was a mix between yellow and orange, and his forehead, white. Kate wondered why some artists did these sort of things in portraits. It was where they used colors that were quite an odd choice for a human in a portrait. She shrugged it off, turning her head to look at a different artwork.

As she turned her back on the portrait, she felt as if somebody's eyes were on her backside. In hopes of catching someone, or something off guard, she quickly spins back around only to be met with nothing out of the ordinary. She brushes the thought off, heading towards her mother. “Can we go home now, mother?” Kate asks, taking a glance at the portrait her mother was standing in front of. “In a bit.” Her mother replies, taking a picture of the artwork. Kate nods before turning her head back in the direction of the painting she was previously at.

“What the heck.” She mumbles, her eyes widening. She quickly made her way towards the portrait. She swore she had just seen the guy in the painting’s head peek outside of it’s frame, his right hand holding onto the bottom of the frame and his left hand, touching the wall. Much to her surprise, the man placed a finger on his lips indicating for her to keep quiet. But Kate did the total opposite. “Mother- This- The painting, it just moved!” She exclaims, keeping her eyes on the painting. The man silently freaks out, and tenses up as he returns to his original posture.

“It did no such thing, love.” Her mother responds, shaking her head and not turning to look. “But it literally-” Kate began. “Come on, we best be going now.” Her mother says, cutting Kate off. Kate sighed, following her mother out.

I am definitely checking that painting out next time.

Monday, 18 October 2021

Two way probability tables

 Hi and welcome, or welcome back to my blog :)

This is my maths task for today. It features graphs and is about probability!
This task was quite fun to complete.
Also, my exit ticket score ended up being 5/8 because I wrote "100 student's" instead of just "100" and I got the 'name the graph' question wrong, even though I thought it would've been somewhat correct.

But anyway, have a lovely rest of your day <3

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Translating phrases into Tuvaluan

 Hi; I hope you have had/are having an amazing day :)

This is one of my literacy tasks and it was to translate some phrases into Tuvaluan because it is
Tuvaluan language week!

Monday, 20 September 2021

about me – likes, hobbies, etc

 Hi; I hope you have had an amazing day so far :)

This is a presentation that contains facts about me because my about me on my blog
is the most cringe thing ever. Also because I feel like I have changed a bit as a person from then
to now so yeah, that's part of the reason I made this presentation.

Anyway, have a brilliant rest of your day/night <3