Monday, 8 April 2019

Extension eels animation 2019

Hi this is my Extension animation for term 1. this Animation will be talking you through into what days are great to go eeling and what day's are not.Feel free to leave a comment and at the end of the video there will be a Few facts about eel's.

Kia Pai Te Kotahi Animation 2019

This is my Animation for this term.It's about Kia Pai Te Kotahi (better together).My first animation is about Putting up the chairs.My second animation is about sharing ideas all the time.Last but not least my third animation is about help tidying up. By the way it will mean so much to me if you leaved a comment!.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Aye-Myat Explanation - How to work well as a team

It is really important to be able to work in a team. Working well in a team includes being able to share ideas, listen to others, communicate positively and include everyone. It is important to work well in a team so that you can achieve your goal, succeed when you didn’t succeed and it is also important to work well as a team because different people have different skills and knowledge.  
The first reason why it is important to work as a team is so you can achieve your goals. Achieving your goals is important because if you succeed it will mean you get the things you want and get a job you wanted. Also if you achieve your goals people will look up to you as a great role model.
Another reason why it is important to work well as a team is so you can succeed even when you didn’t succeed.The reason for this topic is because you won't achieve the things you want and there for people won't look up to you as a role model because you did not work well in a team And if you didn’t achieve your goals and succeed and if people look up to you as a role model they will end up not succeeding as well.
Last but not least it is important to work well as a team because different people have different ideas and skills.Why is this important well it is because different people have different strategies,Ideas and skills that could help you and your team succeed even if you don't succeed by yourself you might be be able to succeed together because Different People,Different brains,different knowledge.
Therefore, the conclusion is that working well together in a team means Strive to succeed, choose to believe and speaking of choose to believe that’s another great way of working in a team.

Human Link and Human Square

Last week on Friday morning after assembly, Room 10 and room 9 marched out of the hall into class.
When we got into class Miss West had us line up on the middle space mat (big mat) in a very suspicious way.
Why do you say that you might be wondering well because usually she had us line up in 3 lines for room 10 and 3 lines for room 9,but today she had us line up in 4 lines each Ms West even made us shuffle back,way more than casual witch for the students of room 9 and 10 fond very suspicious of her.
"Can some people go and grab 7 chairs" Ms West asked and as soon as she said that "ping!" went a light bole in my head shes diffidently planning something like a game for us to play as I saw Ms West set up the game everyone got excited "oh,oh,oh I know this game" exclaimed Angelica who is my classmate.
On the other hand I had no clue until Ms Sio was given the opportunity to chose 4 boy's from room 9 and 4 from room 10.
Next Ms west said"Were going to do room 9 boys vs room 10 boys." then ms West told the boys to sit on a chair and as they were doing that I noticed that the chairs were put in a funny looking pattern they were placed in a square shape.
The next instruction provided was for the boys to lay down one on top of the other but they still  had to sit on the chairs in the square shape.
The challenge was for Ms West and Ms Sio to pull out the chairs and the boys laying on those chairs had to hold onto each other forming a square.But no matter how many rounds the boys were given they did not succeed.
A couple of rounds later it was the girls turn and the girls from room 10 succeeded.
Sadly I didn't get a turn to take part in this activity.
The fun did not stop there because when the square shape game witch I call the human square finished we had to go to the home mats and from there we did an other activity where you had to get into pairs of two and sit down and link arms facing backwards from each other then you and your partner had to stand up without un linking arms. My partner for this activity was Shayna we had a lot of fun during that activity.
I didn't know the exact specific name for that activity so I called it the human link.
And that was my tiring,challenging but of course fun day.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Puzzling shapes

Dmic blog post

this is my dmic problem for this week My group and I spended 3 minutes working on this.By the way the picture is not so clear sorry about that but her is the Problem we had to solve.

Dangerous games

This is my reading task for this week. My reading group and I are trying to find out information from the text this reading task is similar to that Topic. Hope you enjoy!.