Tuesday, 22 December 2020

SLJ Treasure Map Code (Kick Start)

 Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

This is my 8th task for the Summer Learning Journey! Today's task is to encrypt and decrypt a beach that is written in Pigpen cipher! I have never heard of this cipher before so it was pretty challenging to understand but I think i'm sort of getting the hang of it but not quite yet! 

Anyways, I did the kick start task and I am working on the step it up one! The kick start is the presentation below me and the step up was for me to write my own favourite beach but in Pigpen cipher... Let me know if you figure out what beach it is!

Please leave a positive comment :)


  1. Hey Aye,

    I’m Daniel from the SLJ Blog commenting team. I’m looking forward to seeing all your amazing blog posts and I hope you’re enjoying your summer.

    Unfortunately I can’t see your google draw cipher in your google slides. I think you may have misunderstood the two parts to this activity. The “Kickstart” is asking you to make a pigpen cipher and then the “Step it up” is asking you to make a video explaining how to encrypt and decrypt a pigpen cipher.

    Looking forward to seeing your next post,
    See you later in the comments.


    1. Hey Daniel!

      Thank you for letting me know! I will update it when I can, sorry by the way!

      Aye :)

    2. Hey Aye,

      No worries, it was an easy mistake to make and it's great to see you are getting stuck in with the activities and doing really well.