Friday, 22 November 2019

Ambassador Application

Thaliswoba, kna namei ga Aye Myat. What I just said was Hi, my name is Aye-Myat in my language but YOU can call me Aye. I am 9 years old.

 My cultures are Rakhine and Myanmar. I have a family of 6, my dad my mom, younger twin sisters and my baby brother.. So that makes me the eldest child.

 Why I want to be an ambassador is because it will make my parents, family and myself very proud. I also want my siblings to apply to be an ambassador as well when they grow up.

 I am pretty confident if I do say so myself, so I would make an AWESOME ambassador!

 My friends describe me as Funny, crazy, very responsible, smart and weird.

I am part of extension and PENN school news.

 And there you have it, I hope you choose me for one of the ambassadors for 2020;

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