Friday, 14 February 2020

Caving narrative

The writing below me is my writing task for the week.
I have been working on it for the whole week!
I hope you guys think its good.
If there are any mistakes please feel free to comment!

My heart was pounding.
At a slow pace I made myself get in the cave.
Inch by inch, moment by moment. 
Then I delicately touched the ground.

I explored the cave step by step.
I could see and hear the water rushing. 
Rocks were neighbouring me.
“Wow!” I echoed

The cave was painted in darkness. 
Splashing little sparks as the most admiring glow worms that showed the way. 

I gulped.
Every time I took a step it felt like the cave was swallowing me in.

I made the decision and ‘splash!’ went the cold water. 
Some of the water managed to crawl inside my mouth. 
It was a disgusting lasting taste.

The water was the slightest bit deep so I decided to float and swim around.

I was terrified but it was still very adventurous!

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