Saturday, 25 July 2020

Ambassadors :)

Hey guys; Welcome back or welcome to my blog!

You might've already known this but I am one of the 2020, year 6 ambassadors! There are seven of us. Every then and there, us Pt England ambassadors have to practise or scripts and rehearse, actually talk in front of visitors and then we go back to our classroom! When we ambassadors are going to talk in front of visitors, about 30 minutes before that, we have to change into these new outfits that specify who in the group it belongs to. 

Anyways, this is one of our biggest groups that we have talked to so far! They were some people from Auckland University. I think (if I remember correctly) it was AUT, Auckland University of Technology (I think that is what it stands for). But, normally we talk to visitors at our school!

So yeah and before we went to talk in front of over about 30 people, the university was SO nice and they gave us free food! Not just any food, sushi, ice cream, juice and water and LOTS of nice dishes!
So here are the pictures (Shout out to: Lord Somerville\Mr Somerville).
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Here are some photo's with our most recent visitors:

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