Thursday, 2 July 2020

An Octopuses daily Routine :P

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!
Today, my class and I for writing had to pretend we were octopuses and we had to write a day in the life of one! I just made up a fake routine and it turned out well.
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“Aah, another day to catch myself some yummy crabs for breakfast! Hmmm…..but, which type of crab?” I wondered to myself.

“Perhaps my fancy go-to ‘Underwater Luxury’ restaurant would know” I said as I swam around and out of my den.

It’s hard being an octopus. You ALWAYS have to camouflage yourself whether you're just getting a snack or swimming around! I always have to camouflage whether I see my predators or not, just in case. I look kind of stupid just waddling over to one rock to the other but, don’t get me wrong, it’s the best for my safety!

Enough chitter-chattering now, I spot ‘Underwater Luxury’ just over there! If you have no idea what I am going on about, ‘Underwater Luxury’ is only the fanciest underwater restaurant for ONLY sea animals, so don’t you dare humans come inside!

“Welcome, welcome to ‘Underwater Luxury’! How may I help you today?” said Mr Adam. He spoke in only the most poppy french accent ever.

“Good day, good day Mr Adam. Umm..I don’t know what i’d fancy today. Perhaps a cup of crab juice and any 4 crabs” I said back.

Mr Adam was an octopus himself and he was also a Giant Pacific one so, when crabs come along to this shop, they often get frightened but don’t worry, he doesn’t eat the customers up! Unless, he was hunting for food and accidentally caught one of his customers….

“Ah yes, the finest! I will certainly have your dish prepared and served to you roughly around 10-15 minutes?”

“Thank you, that is perfectly fine” I said as I swam over to one of the waiting tables and found myself a nice comfy chair to sit on.

Mr Adam had workers of course. Miss Gucci, Miss Visco, Miss Chicago and Mrs Pacific. They are all the lady workers but there are men too. Mr Rolex, Mr Louis Vuitton and Mr Dos. In total (if you don’t want to count or don’t know how to) there are 8 workers in total, like how many arms I have.

None of them were crabs (thankfully) or else, they would have passed out at the thought of knowing that I was gonna eat a crab!

13 minutes passed and the fanciest of the fanciest delicious meal came out and was served to me.

“Thank you SO much for this. Absolutely WONDERFUL!” I said with happiness.

“No problem, it is our pleasure to serve customers!” Mr Adam and his workers said back in sync.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I dived into my dish (not literally).
Nom, nom, nom went the crunchy crabs.


“Ahhh, delicious! Thank you so much for this delightful breakfast!”

“It’s our job! Enjoy the rest of your day and oh- your meal is free as you come in here all the time!” Mr Adam said with a smile.

“What! NO, NO, NO! I am going to pay! How much is it?” I said back.

I didn’t think that it was fair how I ordered some good food and I got it for free! I had to at least leave a tip! But then Miss Visco said,

“No, we insist!”

“You sure? I mean….if you insist but I am STILL going to leave a tip!” I said.

“Ok, Ok, but you don’t have to,” Mr Adam said.

I gave them 25 sea dollars. It may seem like a big tip and it probably is but, I GOT A MEAL FOR FREE! I just had to!

“Most kind” Everybody said as I left the tip.

“We’ll see you next time!” said everybody as I walked out the door.

“Yes, you too!” I kindly said back as I closed the door behind me.

So that’s probably the day of MY octopus day! I hope you enjoyed, I really liked writing this story and I hope you enjoyed it!

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