Saturday, 27 June 2020

Matariki day RECOUNT: Part 1

Hey guys; Welcome back or welcome to my blog!
Yesterday was Matariki day,; I did not forget but just didn't have time to write a recount about everything that happened yesterday. You see, after my sisters and I were all ready and we got out of our house to go to school, my mum said that after school we would go to Nadi and Nu Nu's house. Of course, I was excited and I thought I would have enough time to write about Matariki before we went to their house. Speaking of the trip to their house, we stayed there until like 9:00 PM! I am going to have to write about that too!

Anyways, here's what happened during Matariki day!

First, as soon as I got into class, I got hand sanitiser on my hands and then Mr Goodwin came over to me, looked through a printed out book kinda thing and said,

"Your doing arts and crafts in room 4 with Miss Stone".

I was glad because every year I do arts and crafts and, it's my passion. Maybe next year I will do something different, oh well. Anyway- I was relived also because room 4 was literally just across my classroom. I could see the entrance through the window beside me! After everybody got told their room and what they will be doing, we had an assembly. The korero was "Matariki is awesome". After assembly, everybody went to class and then got ready and, if you came late or forgot which room your going, the teachers told you. About 25+ minutes later and my class was ready to hit the road!

I ran over to room 4 and lined up with the other seniors. There actually wasn't any little kids from year 1 and 2 in this years group which, was different! There were mainly year 7 and 8's. Miss Stone is very lovely and friendly and she gave us all hand sanitiser and then she told us to find a place to sit and put your bag in. The year 7 and 8's room were VERY different so, the students whose class was in the space we were in, showed us and told the others everything. But anyway, after everybody found a spot, we all watched a video which was about the story of Matariki.

Once, the video finished, Miss Stone (and Mrs Carruthers, I didn't know she'd be here but yeah), told us and showed us pictures of what we had to make. Basically, we had to paint a background (any background but, just has to include a sky) and we had to colour in some stars and cut the stars out. Then we had to stick the stars on the background. We even could make a kite if we finished early (some people made kites but, I took my time to make my stars and didn't have enough time to make one. BUT I did finished my stars and stuff but just not the kite). Everybody was handed out a nice sheet of 7 stars to colour and a big white blank paper so if you used vivid to colour, it wouldn't go on the tables. 

After the instructions were told to us, we were able to start! I coloured and made patterns on my stars and, I was pretty happy with it. I kept on going and, when I finished one that I could cut out....I accidentally cut a big piece in the star beside it and...I drew a beautiful pattern on it! But, before that happened, I just finished my first star when I was called out to start painting my background. I blended it as much as I could and I even made some grass!

It is getting late outside guys so, I think this is it from me. I better get ready for bed but- I will post a part 2 after Sunday school tomorrow! So, until then.....

SEE YOU :))))

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