Thursday, 25 June 2020

Tomorrow is Matariki day :O

Welcome back or welcome to my blog!
This isn't a post where I have something to share but, I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow I won't be posting anything. Now, don't think I am trying to run away from school or anything but the real reason is that...tomorrow is Matariki day! Matariki is a Maori celebration that is a sign of the Maori new year. 
This is like a tradition in my school but, basically every Matariki day, the whole school has to choose 1 activity that they mostly want to do.
Every class has to do a online survey or tell their teacher which event they want to do. The options for this year were:

Crafting\arts and crafts, movie\performance related, cooking and sports.

I always choose crafts because I just LOVE art, I got into art when I went to kindergarten. So this year, I chose the same, but the order I chose was arts\crafts, cooking, movie\performance related and then sports. I am not much of a sports fan and I don't really know what the "movie\performance related" thing is. I really hope I get crafts or cooking!

Enough about me, basically Matariki day is tomorrow and all the students that have Chromebooks won't take them to school as we don't need them. We will be doing the thing we chose for the whole day! Awesome, right? OK and so that's why- but; I will FOR SURE post a recount of how the day went and what I did! I can't wait, especially my sisters! It's their 2nd time. 

I will keep you updated, Aye :)

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