Saturday, 4 April 2020

Crazy Cucumber Slice Night!

Last night was very fun and crazy, let me explain.

My younger sister, Yi Yi watched lots of life hack videos, etc. One of the videos she watched included putting cucumber slices on your eyes. Many people do this for refreshing eyes I guess. Yi Yi begged my mum to let us have cucumber slices on our own eyes! After begging my mum let us!

Later that night, my mum got a cucumber and sliced it up to thin pieces. Some of them turned out thick and looked kind of weird. We were SO excited because it was our first time! Then my mum said,

"OK, grab 2 slices each." But she said that in our language.

So we each grabbed 2 each, and held onto them until we got inside the bedroom. My mum said that we have to put them on our eyes and relax, so we did that. It felt cold and refreshing at the same time.
I felt different and weird I was giggling and so were my sisters.

My mum took some videos and photos on her phone of us. After she finished taking photos and stuff my other little sister, Shwe Shwe ate both of her cucumber slices! All three of us were laughing.

My baby brother also got cucumbers but then he lost one and only had 1 one his face! He looked silly and I laughed even more!

After my mum turned the lights out and said

"now it's time to sleep girls"

I was shocked, I thought we were only going to leave them on for a while and then eat them but my mum was letting us sleep with them on! I was very excited!

I tried to get some sleep but it was actually hard with 2 cucumber slices on my eyes. I tossed and turned but it was no use! Eventually I gave up ad just took them off and ate them.

Basically that was it, my crazy cucumber night. If you don't think that was crazy enough you should of have been there!Sliced cucumber on white textile | Pikrepo

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