Friday, 10 April 2020

My Uncle is a sailor Narritive T4HB


My Uncle is a sailor. Like pretty much a real life Pirate. He doesn’t have a house, or a car, or even a job. He lives on his boat, sleeps on his boat, and travels on his boat. He doesn’t need a job because he catches his food from the sea. Sometimes he does need to trade some of his catch for various supplies to keep his boat afloat, but most of the time he just sails around on the water living his best life.

One time he took me out on his ship. We sailed right up North along the East coast. One night we were sitting up late fishing off the boat when we heard this beautiful singing. It sounded like an angel. We looked out to see and there she was, sitting out on a rock singing up to the stars. A mermaid….

He saw it first so when he showed me a I was GOBSMACKED! He was running up and down, round and round with joy. The mermaid however didn’t see her side f things this way.

The mermaid was actually terrified and scared. She tried getting herself out of the net but with my uncle dancing from here to there it was impossible for her to even get her tail out!

The mermaid however was brave she didn’t cry or anything. I told my uncle this,

“Hey uncle, I think that you should let go of this mermaid” I said.

“Let go of this mermaid? That would be the last thing I do now! I can make billions, millions, trillions of money!” My uncle said while imagining money was showering over his head.

I couldn’t talk back, that would be even ruder then burping or farting in public. I had to keep my cool and plan something out.
The next day, my uncle kept the mermaid in a HUGE container filled with water and decor that he bought straight away yesterday. Everyone in the store looked at him like he was crazy. At the checkout the woman asked why he needed this, and if he was opening an aquarium or something. My uncle just laughed, making himself not look crazy but look like a PSYCHOPATH! I got to admit he made me embarrassed, so when the lady looked at me I shrugged my shoulders.

In the morning well actually 4am I woke up to help th mermaid. I wen to the container. She was still inside swimming. Then this is how the conversation went.

“Hey, um I am so sorry my uncle captured you. I didn’t expect a mermaid to be caught. I want to set you free-” I said before getting cut off by the mermaid.

“Oh great, thanks so much set me free please!” The mermaid said excitedly.

“Like I was saying, I want to set you free but I can’t do it just like that” I said clearing myself up.
“Why not? It would be much more quicker and you would get it done and we can pretend nothing ever happened.” The mermaid said without thinking of the consequences.

“Well number 1: I have to get to know you better. Number 2: I have to make a plan to get you free. Number 3: I need to also plan a backup plan. Number 4: I need to think of a lot of excuses so he doesn’t know I set you free!” I said.

The mermaid now understood why I couldn’t do it now. So I asked her if she can introduce herself. But I needed to remember everything so I grabbed my notebook and a pencil. SO this is what I wrote down.

Her name is Mintisia but her nickname is Minti. I knew that made sense because her mermaid tail was a minty green.

She had 1 older sister who was ALWAYS on her shellphone a.k.a cellphone in mermaid code. Speaking of mermaid code I will tell you some words I learnt from her.

Her favorite color is minty green (of course).

She wanted to be a photographer when she was older. In mermaid fantasy photographers take photos of famous artists, mermaids etc. They also take photos of what they think is art or cool new creatures that they spotted.

Her mothers tail color is a beautiful faint yellow with some blue and white. Her fathers is a fantastic blue and white tail. So combine all of those colors equals minty green!

Thats all the facts I can write on here there are much, much more! Anywho we talked about each others lives and compared similarities and differences.

2 weeks passed of getting to know each other and making the plan. It was the day to set her free tomorrow.

It was the next day I woke up at 2am to sneak up and get Minti out of here! I grabbed her out of the container. She sat down and waddled all the way to where she first got caught by my uncle. We made a lot of noise. We were so glad that my uncle didn’t wake up, there were a few false alarms that scared us.

We arrived at the seaside and we said our goodbyes. The end.

JUST KIDDING you really think this would end sad and stuff, nope! We told each other to meet the day after tomorrow. So then we could hang out and then plan next times hangout. So NOW it’s the end.

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