Wednesday, 15 April 2020

The Three Little..Pizzas?

You probably have heard of the “Three Little Pigs”. Well I don’t think the story is going quite right or maybe my version is just better. Don’t believe me? Take a look. Presenting to you, My version of the three little pigs.

Once upon a time, there were three delicious, amazing, spectacular..Pizzas! There mom (momma pizza) decided that the pizzas were ready to live their live and move out.

Before we get into that, let me introduce you to them.

The three pizzas were triplets. I will introduce you to the youngest pizza first.

The youngest pizza’s name was crust. He was named that because he had the crustiest crust than the others. He is a boy. He is very shy.

Now let me tell you about the middle pizza. Life was easy and hard for the middle one at time’s. Yes, both youngest and middle were boys and the eldest was a girl!. His name is Cheesy because he has the most cheese. He is 2nd responsible other then the oldest.
Last but not least, the eldest. Her name is Pepperoni. Yes you guessed it, because she had the most pepperonis. She was the most responsible and she was VERY smart.

Now, the three little pizzas moved into Deliciouso avenue. It was where food used to live. When I say “used to live” it means this.

Before all pizzas, burgers, french fries, chocolates etc lived there. Not until a girl named Aye came along and ate them! Most of them escaped but some went into her belly.

The three pizzas were only young when the food used to live their so they don't know. Momma pizza forgot to warn them as well!

Anyway, they built their houses. The youngest built it out of crusts. It seemed stable to the little pizza so he was satisfied. The middle pizza made his house out of cheese. LOTS and LOTS of it. He thought it was comfy so he was happy. Then came Pepperoni, the eldest. She built her house out of pepperoni. Now I know your probably like, “I thought she was smart!” Well she is but she didn’t know what would happen. After all they didn’t expect anyone but them on the avenue.

One day, Aye came along and spotted the crusty crust house. She was VERY hungry so she grabbed it and took a bite.

“Ahhh! A girl is eating my whole house! The walls are gone, even the roof has vanished into her stomach!” Cried the youngest pizza. Crust ran and ran, all the way to Cheesy’s house.

“You got to help me! A girl just came along, picked my whole house up and ate it. Let me in please!” Shouted Crust while knocking on the cheesy door.
The door opened and he rushed in.
“Don’t worry, you will be safe in here.” Said Cheesy.

Suddenly poof went the whole cheese house!
“Ahhh! Run lets go to Pepperoni’s house!” Screamed Cheesy.
So they ran, and they ran all the way.

“Let us come in! Theres a girl and she ate up every single crumb of our houses!” Cried Crust.

The pepperoni door opened,

“Come on in. You will be safe in here!” Said Pepperoni.

They waited for the sound of Aye (the little girl). Once they heard the sound of her coming and when she lifted the roof and was about to gobble it up, Pepperoni shouted,

“Hey, little girl! Please don’t eat this house. It is MY house. I really would appreciate it if you left us alone. We can be friends!”

“Huh? WOAH! Talking pizzas cool.” Aye said while putting the house back down.

Soon they all became best of best friends. They introduced each other and then Aye helped them build stable, pretty, comfortable apartment for them so they can all live together.

Then they lived happily ever after.

What did you think about my story? Was it good, bad, weird, entertaining? I hope you enjoyed! See you guys next time!

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