Thursday, 16 April 2020

The real story of the Little Red Riding Hood

We have all heard the tale of little red riding hood. The story sounds completely fake, as it is. First of all wolves can’t talk and if they did then why was little red riding hood talking back? Of course its a story and its for children and children don’t think of those things. So I added a few twists and turns to the story as if what I would do if I was little red riding hood….

Once upon a time, there was a lovely girl named Little Red Riding Hood. Of course her name wasn’t really that, it was a nickname because she ALWAYS wore a red hood\cape.

I’m surprised she hasn’t worn a blue cape or a purple cape or no cape at all yet! Does she not put it in the laundry or something?

Anyways, she had silky, thin strands of light blonde hair. Luxury, blue, crystal ocean eyes. But her looks weren’t everything because Little Red Riding Hood was kind, smart, sweet, funny and filled with personality.

One day, her mother made her get a basket of muffins and deliver them to her sick granny. Her granny was feeling ill and tired. Muffins were her energy because when she ate them she was happy again.

In the forest there was a wolf, he could smell her from a mile away.

“A little girl happening to stumble across this empty forset I sense. With (sniff, sniff) a bunch of muffins according to my nose” The wolf said.

He waited for the perfect chance to jump at her and grab the muffins. But he didn’t want to blow his cover and he was waiting to just have a conversation with her and convince her for the muffins.

“Hello young one” said the wolf.

“What do you want?” replied little red riding hood. She wasn’t stupid to have a real conversation with a wolf.
“I want your scrumptious muffins” answered the wolf.

“Last time I checked my grandma wasn’t a wolf” she said as she put down the muffins and wrestled him down.
“AHH! What are you doing? I just want some muffins” Cried the wolf.

“To bad, to sad” She said as she jumped on him.

“Oww! Get off, I won’t annoy you again!” Shouted the wolf in pain.
“Hmph, okay” little red riding hood said as she hoped off.

“If you annoy me again, get ready for the pain” she said as she grabbed her basket of muffins and went off.
“Man that hurt, what is she made of, stone, bricks?” He said straightening his back.

Little red riding hood had taken 2 years of karate lessons! You can probably NEVER beat her. Even if you had 3, 4, 5, 6… years of practise you just can’t beat her. Not even if your older 20, 30, 40, 23. NOBODY can beat her.

She skipped along all the way to her granny's house.

“Thank you my dear. It is very brave of you to go through those woods by yourself!” Her granny said as she took a bite.

All of a sudden, her granny received her energy again and started jumping on the bed. Little red riding hood also joined and jumped.

So the moral of the story, or morals of the stories are,

NEVER talk to a wolf, bear etc. If you do then defeat him\her with karate.
Always bring muffins to your sick granny.
And last but not least, don’t mess with girls who, know karate and wear capes. I am talking about you wolf.

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