Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Holiday blogging day: 8

HELLO THERE. For today's holiday blogging task I have to draw a logo for the team 4 blogging site! The teachers might choose someones design! So I also gave it a go and drew this. Let me explain. It is like a badge sort of shape that says T4HB. T4HB stands for...
T: Team
4: 4
H: Holiday
B: Blogging
There are blue, yellow, pink, green spots on it to make it pop and stand out. So yeah. I hope the teachers vote for my design, even if they don't I am very proud of what I created and I am glad I tried.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Aye Myat, its me Finau and I just want to say I love your logo. Its so bright and colourful. And I love how you used numbers and letters. You know how you commented on mine and you said that you don't think it's actually for our blog, yeah I hope it is because I really like mine. I think that you logo is awesome.

    From Finau