Friday, 17 April 2020

The real story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Yes, as you can see by the title I am doing another one of the “my version fairy tales”. This time it’s Goldilocks and the three bears. We all HAVE to know the story otherwise your living under a rock! If you don’t know well its a girl who wonders into 3 bears home etc, etc. Well like always here is my version of Goldilocks...

Once upon a time, a young blonde haired sweet girl was walking amongst the woods, she was actually lost. Everyone knows that in a childhood being lost is a pretty scary but for Goldilocks it seemed like she was living her life and she was totally fine!

She walked over this path and then over that path until she reached the three bears house. The three bears only just got out of their houses to wait for their pizzas to cool down. Goldilocks said,

“Oh look, a house. (sniff) Mmm, pizza. I am going to go in”

Wow a little girl is breaking and entering, well technically entering but still! She got inside and she went straight to the dining table where the pizzas lay on shinny glass plates.

“Don’t mind if I do” Goldilocks said as she grabbed ahold of the pizzas.

She grabbed Papa bears pizza,
“Mmm, nice, hot and delicious!” She said as she ate the whole thing up.

Then she picked up Mama bears pizza,

“Yum, this is super good” She said as she stuffed it all in her mouth.

Last but not least she grabbed Baby bears pizza,

“MmmM” As she gobbled it all in one single go.

She then wanted to sit down on a chair after eating so she went into the living room.

“Ow, this ones a bit hard” Goldilocks complained as she sat on Papa bears chair.

“Ohhh, this ones nice and soft, oh no a bit too soft!” she said while dissolving into Mama bears chair.

“Oh this ones just right” Goldilocks said while making herself comfy in Baby bears chair.

All of a sudden, “crack” went the sound of the chair as it broke into hundreds of pieces. You know about that part, I’m surprised a BABY BEAR has been sitting on that chair longer than Goldilocks and he hasn’t broken it but a young girl broke it!

Anywho, after the incident Goldilocks completely ignored it and just headed upstairs to the bedroom. Yep, three beds and you guessed it. Papa bears bed was to hard, Mama bears bed was too soft and baby bears bed was just right. She slept for like 20 minutes until she woke up by a sore back (not surprised). She got up and got out of the house.

Just in time, the bears only just arrived as soon as Goldi left. Yes of course, they noticed that the pizzas they left to cool down (for like how long) had disappeared, they noticed that baby bears chair was destroyed and they didn’t notice anything in the bedroom expect for messy cushions, blankets etc.

There you have it the amazing version of Goldilocks and the three bears. Let me know what you think of this story?

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