Thursday, 30 April 2020

Write your own Mystery story V2

Ah, another day of mysteries. Yesterday I solved more than 10 cases, now I have about 4,606. I am just casually waiting for the 4,607th case. Not long from now somebody would bust through the door. In fact, as soon as I finished thinking that, Mrs Nua came inside.

“Hey Mrs Nua, do you have a case that I have to solve?” I asked.

“Yes, a VERY serious one!” She replied with seriousness in her voice.

That’s when I remembered Mr Burt’s case from yesterday.

“Just before I take a look at your mysterie, please confirm there is no coffee spilled, squashed bananas and most importantly may I ask you, is this case important?”

“Yes! VERY. I don’t know why you're asking me about squashed bananas and stuff but I promise you that this case has nothing to do with it and also is VERY, SUPER important” Her voice sounded sure and plus, either way I'd have to solve the case because I am a detective after all.

“Ok, then please show me where this mysterie took place,” I said, bringing my notebook and pencil with me as I went out the door with her.

“This mysterie actually didn’t take place anywhere.” Mrs Nua told me.

“What? What type of mysterie is this then?”

“You see, one of the teachers faked being sick. There is only one clue I have so far and that is that the Pt England School discount was used.” She said with a worry in her words.

“Can’t you just tell who exactly did it? I mean, wouldn’t the teacher call the office saying that they're sick and can’t make it? It’s pretty simple” I said confused.

“No, most teachers are still doing online learning sessions with their teachers. The person who seems to have ‘faked being sick’ has left NO trace. They didn’t even tell the office. Yet-it could just mean it was very important and they had no time to call OR that they didn’t want any traces.” Mrs Nua confirmed to me.

“Well, do you know who called you to say they were sick?” I asked Mrs Nua.

“Well, Miss Parrant called and hmmm, nobody else.” Mrs Nua replied.

“Weird, well do you know any of the online learning teachers who are sick today?” I questioned.

“Huh? What does it have to do with them? They are at home and plus there's no reason for them to call. Even if they are sick they can still make it to online lessons, can’t they?” Mrs Nua said, she was really confused.

By the way she asked, it seemed as if she didn’t understand. Plus she had a point but this is what I meant,

“Well, basically they can still use the Pt England School discount. So it’s safe to call them, right;” I explained.

“Oh and, can’t you just SEE who used the Pt England School discount. Unless they're a hacker or something?” I questioned.

“Yes, I tried that and like what a hacker would do I saw nothing in the name area. It was VERY strange so the account is at risk unless it’s just a teacher playing a prank or something. Or they could ACTUALLY be using the money” Mrs Nua said scared.

So we went over to her computer. Mrs Nua said that the person that used some money spent it at the movies! I mean really? Out of all the things from food to clothes and jewellery and cars, they choose the movies? Well it is a pretty good thing to spend money on. So we went to the movies and guess who we found there?

The one and only…..drum roll please…..Miss Tuia!!

“Oh, Hey Miss Tuia! Fancy seeing you here!” I said surprisingly.

“Oh hey, I am even more surprised you're here!” Miss Tuia’s voice seemed, uh, a bit off?

I don’t know how to explain but it seemed different. I assumed she was sick and just came to the movies for some nice popcorn and an entertaining movie. It was a coinkydink how we were looking for any clues about the teacher who spent money on the movies from the Pt England School discount and we ran into her here, in the movies. I didn't think much of it but I obviously had to get some clue’s so I decided to ask her some questions.

“Miss Tuia, Did you perhaps see any Pt England School teachers here in the movies, by any chance?” I quizzed.

“Yes I saw yes these two teachers actually not just one two and they went there were here at the movies not too long ago and I was kind of surprised that they were here because I thought I was going to be the only one here and it was very exciting and surprising and then they, a, left and I'm still here so yeah I didn't see any others though but I definitely saw two teachers. Yeah it's not even like making this up I like go” Miss Tuia said oddly rather quickly. I thought it was just another part of her cold or sickness symptoms.

“OK….well I hope you feel better, you seem like you are sick or something. Well we’ll see you around and thanks for telling us some information we really, really needed it. Well thanks, bye!” Mrs Nua thanked.

Then it hit me. I asked Mrs Nua to call some of the online learning teachers. Yes I know, we should have done it earlier but we had to discover some clues before we did because we didn't want to blame people without any evidence. Mrs Nua called Mr Goodwin, Miss Davis, And all the other online learning teachers from Pt England school.

Once we went back the path we came, we stumbled across Miss Tuia again. Miss Tuia said she needed a ride back home because she walked here and we did think she was sick so we gave her a ride home. Miss Tuia brang her popcorn and drinks that she bought.

When we arrived back at school we got out of the car and we went into my office because we called the online learning teachers over to my office. Most of the teacher's were already arriving in my office. We welcome Miss Tuia along with us because we were starting to get suspicious of her and we were trying to figure out a case why shouldn't we call her in?

When I got into my comfortable chair, Mrs Nua leaned against the wall near the door, making sure no one was going to exit the room without being allowed to. That's when I got my computer ready to write down any information I would receive from each and everyone of the teachers.

“This is your second time being a suspect of a crime. Tell me Mr Goodwin. Do you happen to have stumbled across the movies today?” I questioned as I wrote the question down.

“The movie’s? Why would I go to the movies? I've been busy teaching my precious room 6 and room 8 today. I have no time to go to the movies!” Mr Goodwin said.

His voice definitely sounded confident and very sure. He didn't seem like he was a suspect really so I just let him go to the side but I wasn't going to let him go JUST yet.

One after one, I interviewed each and everyone of the online learning teacher’s. None of them except for Mr Goodwin stayed. All the rest had REAL good reasons and they were allowed to exit the room.

I also called in Miss Parrant because she was at school that same day. Everybody left the room one by one and only Mr Goodwin, Miss Tuia and Miss Parrant were left. It was up to me to solve the rest of this mystery.

“Miss Parrant, Mr Goodwin and Miss Tuia. You guys are the last three suspects all the rest of the teachers seem to have really, really good reasons and I let them go, but I don't think you guys are able to go.” I said as I looked every one of the 3 teachers in the eye.

“So tell me, did you really not go to the crime scene at the movie theatres, Mr Goodwin?” I said as I escaped off Miss Tuia’s eyes onto his.

“I said I was busy teaching my beautiful really amazing, smart, talented students from both room 6 and room 8. I don't have enough time to go to the movie theatres and even if I did have enough time, I don't think I would.” Mr Goodwin confirmed.

His voice, the tone-everything about him, he seemed trust-worthy. I didn’t want to look like a bad detective so I kept him there just-in-case he’s a REALLY good liar.

“Miss Parrant, So you're telling me you were at school the whole time teaching your lovely year five and six students?” I asked.

“Yes, why would I be lying if? If it was me then what would my students be doing now? Wouldn’t they figure out I was gone?” Miss Parrant made a really good, strong point. It was up to Miss Tuia, that’s when it hit me.

“Miss Tuia! You're the one who used the Pt England School discount and you're the one who went to the movies! We saw you in the movie theatre and you tried to lead me and Mrs Nua off track by taking us to a whole different area. You were nervous and you were the only teacher from Pt England School at the movies, and you were the only teacher from this school to go to the movies and at the exact same time that this case started.” I confronted him.

“You caught me! I am SO, SO, SO,SO, SO, SO sorry!” Miss Tuia went on and on.

“Look, we are not going to punish you or anything. Just don’t do this stuff again ESPECIALLY using the school discount on the movies!” I said.

Well that was basically the end. See ya in my next case maybe??

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