Monday, 4 May 2020

A short piece of writing of my favourite Star Wars charcter :)


Yes, I am back and with another task of course. Now this time it is a….writing task! So like I said I have no taste in Star Wars really, meaning I am not a fan. So for writing I just chose to write about my favourite character!

My favourite character is Yoda. He has a nice, inspirational type of personality. It is kinda hard to explain but he is a very nice person or alien or whatever species he is. All I know is that Yoda’s DEFINITELY an alien! Crazy and weird, right?
Anyways, Yoda is light green and has some pretty long ears. Who am I kidding, he’s an alien! He wears a sort of robe that, sort of reminds you of Ancient Egypt or something, I don’t know. He speaks backwards. Not like “sdrawkcab skaeps eh ekil” (try figure out what that says!) but like “speak backwards I”. Like I said he’s an alien, can’t blame him for it. 

This is probably going to be a REALLY short piece of writing so, before you go ahead and leave my blog, comment down whats your favourite character and least favourite character? Also tell me why that is? Are you a fan of Star Wars or not, like somebody I know? ;)

Enjoy your day and stay safe!

BYE!!! :)

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  1. Hi Aye,

    This is a great piece of short writing. I had no idea who Yoda was until I read this piece of writing. I have to agree with you I am not a Star Wars fan either (don't tell Mr Goodwin) and I haven't seen any of the movies! Well done you for finding out some information about Yoda. It was very interesting to know that he speaks backwards I had no idea. Do you think you will watch any of the Star Wars movies like Mr Goodwin suggested? Did you enjoy learning about Star Wars?

    Miss Parrant