Friday, 8 May 2020

Julian Dennison - Questions

Welcome back, viewers! So for today as you all know, my class and I are learning about Julian Dennison! He is a famous young New Zealand actor. Here are some questions that I had to answer about Julian. ENJOY! Here is the link to where I got the information from!

Julian Dennison - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What is Julian Dennison’s Job?
 -> New Zealand Actor

2) How old is he? (born 26 October 2002)
a) 20 b) 18
c) 17 d) 21

3) In which movie did Julian Dennison play the character ‘Ricky Baker’?
a) Deadpool 2 b) Shopping
c) Air New Zealand advertisement d) None of the above

4) Where was he born and raised?
 -> Lower Hutt, New Zealand

5) Would you say Julian Dennison is good friends with any directors?
a) Yes b) No

How do you know?
 -> He is an actor, of course he has to be good friends with the directors. Also because people keep starring him in cool movies. Not to mention the fact he won the, New Zealand Film Award for Best Supporting Actor.

6) Which award has Julian Dennison won before?
a) New Zealand Film Award for Best Actor
b) New Zealand Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
c) Best Supporting Actor

7) Have you seen any movies that Julian Dennison has been in?
a) Yes b) No

Which ones?
-> I haven’t seen the whole actual movie but I just know that Julian is apart of the movie “Hunt For The Wilderpeople”

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