Monday, 4 May 2020

Star Wars Facts - Questions

Welcome back guys to my blog! For todays learning my class and I are learning about Star Wars. Yes, the great movie we have all probably heard of, but not ALL of us that have heard of it have actually seen it. One of those people are me. Lot's of people have seen Star Wars though.

I don't know much about Star Wars other then the Lightsabers, BB-8, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and Yoda. Some of those charcters I don't know much about them, I only know their names and looks. That's it :)
Well we had to answer some questions about the movie, Star Wars. Mr Goodwin put a link up on the class site to a website talking about Star Wars. Here is the link. Now I will let you check out the rest. Have a nice day :)


1) Who created Star Wars?:
a) George Lucas b) John Williams
c) Luke Skywalker d) Mark Hamill

2) As of 2019 how many Star Wars movies have been made:
NOTE: This answer I am not sure because I haven’t watched Star Wars. (Sorry to break your hearts, Star Wars fans)
a) Nine b) Ten             
c) Elleven d) Three

3) In the Star Wars universe what is the “The Force”
a) A Hair Gel b) Magic-like powers
c) Super Powers d) Energy

4) Which of these is not a special power of the force?
a) Telepathy b) Telekinesis
c)  Precognition d) Telecommunication

5) What are the Jedi?
a) Goodies b) Baddies
c) Police d) Criminals

6) What are the Sith?
a) Goodies b) Baddies
c) Police d) Criminals

7) What is a Lightsaber?
a) A dangerous weapon b) A powerful weapon
c)  Lazer sword d) All of the other answers

8) What powers a lightsaber?
a) The Force b) Jedi or Sith powers
c)  Kyber Crystals d) Batteries

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