Monday, 18 May 2020

Prime Minister - Questions 2

Hi viewers!
So I am back at school and this week (or only today), my classmates and I are learning about how to be kind and supportive. The first task we had to write a positive, small letter of support to Jacinda Adern.
As you probably know (if you have been sticking around my blog), during learning at home, most of the time Mr Goodwin made questions like the ones below.
Yes, I know. The questions are about Jacinda Adern again. Thats because todays learning features her in it (they are different questions relating to a different topic).
Anyway, enjoy and please leave me a positive comment :)

Prime Minister - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What is a Prime Minister?
-> A prime minister is the head of government. The prime minister makes and is responsible for all the government’s policies and decisions.

2) Who is the Prime Minister of New Zealand:
a) Jasinda Ahdern b) Jacinda Ahdern
c) Jasinda Ardern d) Jacinda Ardern

3) How do you say Prime Minister of New Zealand in Te Reo?
-> Te Pirimia o Aotearoa

4) Which Political party is the current New Zealand Prime Minister the leader of?
a) National b) Labour
c) NZ First d) Pt England School

5) What date did Jacinda take office?
-> 26 October 2017

6) The New Zealand prime minister is considered the:
 a) Head of State b) Head of Government

7) In New Zealand, the Queen of England is considered the:
 a) Head of State b) Head of Government

8) Would you want to be prime minister?
 a) Yes b) No

-> It would be hard work and I am sure there would be so many things to do. If I was the prime minister I would know that pretty much all the decisions are on me! It would be quite hard.
But if I wasn’t the prime minister, I would live a normal life with no pressure on me.
It would be easier to not be a prime minister, but I wouldn’t mind trying it out for 1 day?!?

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