Thursday, 7 May 2020

William Wairua - Questions

Good morning! Hey guys, so today is SUPER cold and my fingertips are freezing! But anyways, todays task is another one of those "questions tasks", where my class and I have a person to focus on about during this whole day. Todays person is, William Wairua. We had to answer some questions about him. Here is the link to see where I got the information from. Click me! By-the-way, for the 1st question I wasn't so sure so...sorry if it's wrong! I hope most of these answers are right!
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William Wairua - Questions


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What is William Wairua’s Job?

-> ‘media personality’. 

2) What is Williams last name:

a) Wairua               b) Cribb

c) Rua                   d) Smith

3) Where was William Wairua born?

-> Kawakawa, it’s located in the far North part of New Zealand.
4) Where did he grow up after he was 10 years old?

a) Kawakawa        b) Kaikohe

c) Fielding            d) Auckland

5) How did his teachers describe him when he was in school?

a) Cheeky            b) Mischievous

c) Entertaining     d) All of the above

6) Explain how William Wairua invented his famous “Wairua wave”

-> Before, William Wairua used the wave to greet people. Ever since he worked with Child, Youth and Family, he tucked his index finger. That was to pay respect to a friend there that lost her finger in a “horrific” dog attack.
7) Which famous Reality Tv Show has William Wairua been on as a contestant?

a) The Bachelor                   b) X-Factor

c) Dancing with the Stars    d) PENN

8) When William Wairua posts something on social media how many people could he potentially reach in a week?

-> 1.5 million people!

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