Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Furby - Questions

Welcome back, viewers! I had to answer some questions about Furbys this time so enjoy!
Comment down below, did\do you have a Furby?

Furby - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What is a Furby?
-> An American Electronic Robotic Toy

2) Which company first released the Furby toy?:
a) Tiger Electronics b) Toyworld
c) Pt England School d) McDonalds

3) What year was the Furby first released?
-> 1998

4) How many Furbies were sold in 1999?
a) 1.8 Million b) 14 Million
c) 1.4 Million d) 40 Million

5) What is Furbies language called?
a) English b) Furbese
c) Furbish d) Furben

6) Which company later released Furbies in 2005?
-> Hasbro

7) What language could Furbies be programmed to speak?
a) Samoan b) Spanish
c) Japanese d) At least 24 of them

8) According to the article, why did people love Furbies?
 -> Because the Furby’s seemed to have “intelligence”.

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