Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Hanson - Questions

Hey! So I know this is a bit of a late post but I had to answer some questions about the boy, brother band that was from the 90s, Hanson. Hanson, if you don't know, search it up. Just kidding but you can search it up for more information, they are 3 brothers that made some songs in the 90s. Anyway, enjoy reading these questions and my answers! Also let me know in the comments your answer to the last question :)

Hanson - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What was Hanson?
 -> Hanson was like a boy band with 3 boys who were brothers.

2) Which of these people were not a member of Hanson?:
a) Taylor      b) Isaac
c) Zac      d) Carl

3) Where are Hanson from?
-> Tusla, Oklahoma, United States.

4) What is Hansons most popular song?
a) Hold on b) End of the road
c) Strive to succeed d) MMMBop

5) Which of the Hanson brothers is the oldest?
 -> Isaac

6) Zac Hanson plays which instrument for the band?
a) Drums b) Guitar
c) Keyboard d) Tambourine

7) Which of the Hanson brothers does not sing in the band?
a) Taylor b) Isaac
c) Zac d) Trick question

8) What do you think the song MMMBop is actually about?
->  I don’t really know? Maybe something about dancing around or around the topic of dancing?

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