Monday, 11 May 2020

Life in the 90’s Interview

Hi! So I had to interview somebody from the 90's. I decided to interview Miss Parrant! I emailed her the questions and she emailed back the answers. Here is the whole interview. ENJOY!

Life in the 90’s Interview

Who are you interviewing?
Miss Parrant :)

What is their name?
Miss Parrant :)

How old were they in the 90’s? (they might say something like “in my 20’s” or “a teenager”)
My age :)


Tell me about what School/ Work was like for you in the 90’s? :
I was at school during the 90's and it was very different. We didn't have computers, we had books and each had our own desk that had a lift lid that we had to keep clean.

What was your TV like in the 90’s?
We had a big clunky TV. It had lots of things going on in the back and they were really, really heavy. You needed more than one person to help move it around. We also had an aerial which we had to move around to get TV reception.

How did you contact your friends in the 90’s?
I called my friends on the landline or because all of my friends lived so close we would just walk over to each other's houses. When I moved to Auckland my friends from Wanganui used to write me letters.

What was your family car like in the 90’s?
Our car was a pretty normal family car, pretty small but we didn't really use it much because we walked most places.

What was your favourite thing about the 90’s?
I loved 90's music, there were so many great bands in the 90's I loved the Spice Girls and The BackStreet Boys! I also loved just playing with my friends and sister for hours outside. We would invent the most creative games because we didn't have much technology.

-----The next questions are extra ones I wanted to ask----

How did you feel when you received your pen licence?
I was so excited! I was a perfectionist with my writing when I was at school so it was always the greatest day when I got my pen licence! My mum would make a big deal out of it and put our license on the fridge at home!

Did you have a favourite childhood toy?
My doll Sandy, I was given to her on my first every christmas. I still have her at home and she has been repaired a few times now. I also used to make toys with my Dad. My favourite one was the Flintstones car, I actually still have that too!

Did you have a tamagotchi toy?
Yes I did have a tamagotchi, we thought we were so cool when they came out! We weren't very good at keeping them alive though unfortunately but we would have competitions with my friends to see which one of us would have the best pet.

How do you feel about the diffrence from the 90's to 2020 ( like how TV's and phones and all that stuff improved)!
I think the technology we have now is great and we can do so much with it. Phones and TVs are so different and we use them all the time now it seems weird to think about what they were like when I was growing up. I do like most of the changes that we are seeing. I am just really glad that I was able to see the change in technology rather than only knowing what it is today. Growing up and playing outside was my favourite thing to do and it is a bit sad seeing children in front of the TV or a screen all the time so I am very thankful I grew up in the 1990s.

Question for me to answer:

Based on the answers you received.
Do you think you would like living in the 90’s?
- Yes / No

I highlighted both because from Miss Parrants answer it seemed really fun, despite the TV’s and not much internet from now. Tamagotchi also seems like a cool toy, although they are selling a bit of it now, it would be MUCH more fun to play with it in the 90’s. I also ticked ‘no’ because of the ‘no internet’, ‘big, fat, ugly TV’s’, few channels on the TV and you-know, all of that. It probably also would've been quite boring in a way.

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